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Joshua was deep in thought. Having completed his paperwork, his dark violet eyes wandered over to the sleeping form of his wife.

He was thinking of how they’d met.

How long had it been since he’d locked her up in Dres Van castle against her will.

It all started with his weird thinking of mistaking her for Lord Michel’s grandchild.

He eventually realized…. she was different.

Unlike most other women he’d known of, she had no interest in him or his position.

She was a simple foreign exchange student who was befriended by Prince Edward.

Then there was that one time he’d stopped her from leaving because he wanted to have those rice balls she made.

Then there was the issue of Prince Leonardo chasing after her. Quite shamelessly. (He still is, though).

Then the harsh Princess Training nearly did her in.

His father and Franz were extremely hard on them. (They weren’t allowed to see each other during her training.)

Then there was the issue of some laws being changed due to her input.

Her bravery threw him off when she joined him to go and meet the residents of Pesta, a small colony by Nerwan.

Heck, she even let them stay in their log cabin as they tried to get back on theif feet after the volcano incident.

He hated the fact that the others tried to ask her for a dance during a Christmas function at Lord Michel’s castle.

But he knew one thing: they were perfect for each other.


“Mm. Joshua?” Her voice shook him out of his reverie.

Smoldering dark eyes looked up at him, a tiny yawn escaping her lips.

He looked at her, happiness evident in his eyes and a ghost of a smile on his face. “Perfect. For me.”

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imagine writing scenes as heart wrenching as Eva and Jonas breaking up in the skate park, as beautiful as all the girls supporting Noora while she goes to the doctor, as emotional as Isak finding Even in that schoolyard in the middle of the night and as groundbreaking as Yousef and Sana discussing religion after playing basket ball together and still picking William stepping out of a car as your favorite scene. imagine that!