van help

  • Wylan: Alright, I call this...wonderful spot.
  • Kaz: You didn't bring a tent?
  • Wylan: Well I don't really go camping ever, Kaz, so I'm not gonna spend 150 kruge on a tent. I'm just gonna sleep on the floor.
  • Matthias: It's called the ground when its outside.

sometimes depression is greasy hair and 6 missing assignments and “I haven’t seen you in weeks!”. sometimes depression is puffy eyes and showers that sting. sometimes depression is looking into the mirror and not recognizing your reflection. sometimes depression is staring at your ceiling at 3 in the morning and wondering why you’re alive. she is messy and she is chaos and if you’re lucky she grants you the occasional masterpiece but is it worth it? is having your soul dragged through glass and salt worth some oil on a piece of fabric? sometimes depression is art but she is always, always destruction.