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Blair’s ice skating outfit is white pink and checked heaven with pom poms on top. Blair Waldorf can wear a Zara kids skirt with white tights and somehow not look like an 8 year old? Jealous. Also we HAVE to talk about her ice skates having pink pom poms. An icon. {s1e11 - Roman Holiday}

‘‘Don’t do it. I love you, I’m your mother.’’

Alain van der H. (38) woke up on Saturday the 16th of April, 2011 with thoughts that wouldn’t leave his mind. It’s enough, he thought. The voices in his head said it as well: it’s enough. He walked to the kitchen and grabbed one of the knives from the drawer. Then he went to his mother’s bedroom. It was early, it wasn’t even 6:00am yet. His mother was still sleeping. Alain was worried. For several weeks, he had been convinced that his and his mother’s life would end soon. They would both be shot dead. That’s why he called her often. Sometimes ten times a day - just to check if she was still there. His mother called it stalking but to him it is concern. That’s why he was standing in her room with a knife. Alain stabbed his mother several times in the neck, but she pushed him off her and ran to the front door. The front door was locked. Soon after, the neighbors heard her shouting: ‘‘I’m going to die!’’ She fled to the kitchen, but Alain managed to push her to the ground and sat on top of her. ‘‘Alain’’, said his mother. ‘‘Don’t do it. I love you, I’m your mother.’’ But Alain wanted to finish his what he had started. With the knife he cut her throat, from her left to her right ear. Then he took two scissors and stabbed them into her neck. The struggle lasted for eight minutes. Alain closed his mother’s eyes and sat confused next to her. The police found him in a house covered in blood.

Alain was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia but never got the help he needed, which sadly resulted in his mother’s death. He was sentenced to life-long detention under hospital order.