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Príslušník SA stráži zatknutých komunistov, Berlín, 6. marec 1933. Represálie voči komunistom vyvrcholili potom, čo bol dňa 27. februára 1933 zapálený Reichstag. Za tento čin podpaľačstva bol zodpovedný holandský komunista Marinus van der Lubbe.

Member of the SA, guard arrested communists, Berlin, 6th march, 1933. Reprisals against communists culminated after being on 27th February 1933, when the Reichstag was alight. For this act of arson was responsible a Dutch communist Marinus van der Lubbe.

I Like This Game We’re Playing

Part 1

Oh Sehun x Reader

Summary: You have been working as a spy your whole life but you never expected to be the one spied on.

Genre: Mafia AU

Word Count: 2,990

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You were driving for good 30 minutes, not daring to slow down, hoping they’re not following you. After circling around you finally reached your destination. You rested your head against the steering wheel and sighed. You did it this time. You got out of the car with your equipment and went to the door. You started knocking on it, louder with every bang until they finally opened.

“Y/N?” Yixing asked in a husky voice, you probably just woke him up. You brushed past him, throwing your stuff on the floor and went to the nightstand, taking his car keys.

“I need to use your garage, can you take your car out?” you asked, giving them to him.

“You come here so early and start ordering me around? Why do you think you are?” he crossed his hands on his chest. “Why are you even here? Shouldn’t you be watching him?”

“I screwed up, okay? He has my phone. I need to block it before he finds out anything but my car can’t be seen in the streets either.”

“Were you followed?”

“I’m not sure…”

“And you still came here?” he spoke louder, clearly getting angrier and annoyed. “If you mess things up for me…”

“I won’t. I promise,” you put your hands together like in a prayer, hoping he will help you out. “I lost contact with the HQ, you’re the only other agent in this area.”

“Ugh, fine,” he took the keys and went outside. “Don’t blame me if I don’t park it the right way.”

“If you as much as scratch her!” you shouted after him but he had already left. Trusting he won’t take it out on your car, you shuffled around and picked up one of the many tablets from the floor filled with tons of tech and electrical devices. If Sehun manages to get into your phone, he can easily track you as well. Somehow turning off that phone is your top priority. It won’t be easy though, seeing how protected they were. You took your laptop out as well and checked the cameras. Off. Of course. What were you expecting? In a company with security like that, it’s strange he didn’t notice them sooner. Or could it be he did it on purpose?

Yixing was supposed to watch over you and was only an emergency contact but since this got slightly out of your hands, you had no other choice. Your phone was connected to his place, so you should be able to at least see where it is from Yixings’ tablets.  You glanced at the screen Great. It’s right there where you thought it would be. Sehun’s workplace. You sighed in frustration and opened up the program that should let you take over. You started typing the codes in when the screen flashed and everything disappeared. ‘No signal’ appeared on the black screen.

“Fuck,” you shouted, smashing the tablet on the floor.

“Hey now! That’s expensive stuff you’re breaking!” Yixing said as soon as he came in.

“He cut me off,” you hissed.

“Shit,” it seemed he was just as surprised to hear this as you were. “Do you think he?..”

“I don’t know,” you spoke before he could finish. He went to the table and pushed piles of papers and documents off. He sat down in his chair and turned his computers on.

“What are you doing?”

“I need to tell this to HQ.”

“But I can fix this! If you tell them I could lose my position! I have nothing besides this,” you slumped down on his bed. “I have been trained for this my whole life… I don’t know how to live a normal one…” you whispered.

Yixing looked at you with a worried expression before he stood up.

“You know what will happen if you don’t report this…”

And at that moment you’re computer beamed up. You got a message. You quickly ran to it and opened it up. It was HQ. It seemed they always knew what you were up to. Like they were watching. You read past the few short sentences over and over before you turned to Yixing.

“What does it say?” he asked.

“They’re giving me ten days.”

“For what?”

“To finish the job,” you answered.

“Are you serious? You have been watching him for more than a month and they expect you to wrap things up in ten days?”

“I have to do this.”

“Or what?” you paused for a while, before speaking again.

“They will kill me. They don’t need a spy who can’t even do it’s job right.”

“They won’t actually do it, will they? You’re the best one out there, they made you this way!” you saw how angry he became with each second you two talked about this.

“Actually…” you started. “They won’t be the ones to kill me. You will have to do it.”

“What?” he pushed you away and took your laptop from your hands, to read the letter. “Because I’m supposed to be the one who watches over you and controls your movements? That’s exactly the reason why I could never do it!”

He looked at you and his eyes narrowed. He picked you up and carried you to the bed. You were about to protest when he took out his med kit from underneath it.

“You’re hurt,” he said ripping, a piece of bloody cloth from your back. You hissed from the touch of his cold fingers and quickly jumped up. You turned your back to the mirror. Your shoulder was bleeding badly. Sehun probably scraped you with the bullets he fired at you before. From all of this adrenaline rush and panic you didn’t even feel the pain, much less noticed it. That asshole. Yixing sat you down on the bed and started patching you up.

“It doesn’t seem too bad,” he said. “At least you won’t need stitches.”

You bit down on your lower lip. Something you used to do whenever you were nervous. Which didn’t happen often because you have never messed up before you met Sehun.

“What are you planning?” Yixing asked.

“I’m going back,” you said and he started laughing.

“To do what exactly?”

“I’m getting that phone back! Besides he already knows my face so now I can approach him for info head on. Use whatever means possible to get this over with.”

You stood up, put your jacket on and started gathering your things again.

“Do you have any spare vehicles?”

“You can take my motorcycle,” he sighed.

You went to the door and turned back for the last time.

“Yixing, promise me one thing. If push comes to shove. Kill me. I would rather it was you than anyone else.”


Sehun’s POV

A few hours earlier

I spun her phone around in my hand. Maybe I shouldn’t have let her go but I know she will come get it sooner or later. Too bad this was not only multiple passwords protected but also needed a fingerprint.

“You wanted to talk?” Jongdae asked, as he walked in. I threw him the phone and he just barely managed to catch it. He looked at it.

“Is this what I think it is?”

I nodded.

“Can you unlock it? She mentioned a code of some sort 7040589. Maybe that will help you out?”

“Is that where you actually were during the board meeting? You actually went after her?”

“I got bored. I thought it would be nice to at least say hi,” I shrugged.

“And how did that turn out for you? Because I remember you saying she stood you up,” he laughed.

“It takes time,” I said coming to the front of my table and leaning on it. “You can’t get a girl to like you in a day.”

“In a day? How long would it take you then, huh?” he lifted his eyebrow and looked at me before he continued.  “Anyway, we should just catch her and finally find out her true motives. Isn’t she from ‘Anexis’? I have no idea why is Junmyeon delaying it for so long…”

“She is and I’m sure he has his reasons but she was watching me only and I must say I got pretty fed up with her being on my tail all the time and that’s one of the reasons I took action.”

“The others have to know.”

“But you won’t tell them, will you?”

We had a silent stare down before he sighed and finally gave in.

“I will help you with this,” he said, lifting the phone up. “But after that you’re on your own until you tell them.”

“That’s all I needed to hear,” I smiled and took a seat in my office chair again. “Oh Jongdae,” I shouted after him before he exited.

“What else?” he asked, annoyed.

“Ten days.”


“I think I could get her in ten days,” I smirked. He looked at me in surprise for a few moments before he chuckled.

“Whatever you say…”

I leaned my head back and looked at the spot she was usually hiding at. Only a few of my men were still searching the roof for any more clues. She was not there. Of course she wouldn’t be there, she’s too smart for this. I like this game we’re playing. We will see who gets who first.


You lied. It was actually a really big disadvantage that now he knew what you looked like. You can’t just waltz into his office like nothing happened. That’s why you hijacked this cleaning company’s van. How convenient that they came to clean the building at this hour. You undressed one of the men quickly and put on his uniform. Taking the tools, you looked around and got out of the van. The guard at the door let you in easily not even looking at the photo on the ID. Lucky you. Now you only need to get to the roof. You noticed from the outside that there was practically no lights on in the building, including his office. It was on the 4th floor from the top. You didn’t want to draw any suspicion going through the doors that will probably be locked anyway and decided that the other easiest way would be through the window. You threw the disguise you wore aside as soon as a strong gust of wind welcomed you to the roof. You took the rope out and secured it to a metal pipe. You slowly went to the edge and breathed out. You have been on higher places. Doesn’t mean this will be any easier. You gripped the rope tightly, checking for the last time if it was fastened enough and began descending, the darkness of the night covering you. Once you reached his floor you saw the ever familiar desk and chair you have been watching through your scope all this time. You thought about doing this quietly and just cutting out a piece of the window but time was not on your side and you decided to just smash it open. You prepped yourself up and bounced of the window, flying back with as much force as possible. After a few kicks you were finally in, you rolled over avoiding the shards and then quickly stood up. You unlocked yourself from the rope and let it dangle outside while you looked around. Nothing out of the ordinary. Yet. You ripped open the locked drawer you remembered he put something in, the last time you watched him. Everything that you needed was inside. A bunch of business plans, weapons, drugs, human imports and exports. Not a simple company after all but they must be real good at this, to hide all of it so well. You should have done this sooner. You spread the papers around, taking ever little detail in, in case something happened and you can’t take them with you. After all, you had a good visual memory, a must for a job like yours. You took out the last folder in the drawer and opened it. It had ‘ANEXIS’ printed on it in bold letters with a confidential stamp on it. What the heck? Why would something like this be here?

“I thought you were looking for this,” you looked up to see the same smug grin from before, approaching the table. He was holding your phone. “Or did you already found what you wanted?” he said, glancing at the papers. In a rush you jumped over the table in an attempt to get your phone back but he evaded you quite easily.

“I knew you would visit. After all I did tell you to come get whatever you want,” he smirked. You clenched your fists and went for his stomach but he caught your hand midway.

“Why so aggressive, dear? I never said I won’t give it back to you,” but you didn’t listen, instead swung your leg at him which he jumped over and took a few steps back, resting against a glass bookcase. You punched the shelf near his face, missing him by a centimetre but breaking the glass in the process. He was better at this then you thought.

“Sehun, what the hell are you doing in here? What’s up with that noise?” another young man walked in through the door and froze in his spot. It was dark but his eyes soon adjusted so he could see the two of you.

“Ah Jongin! Meet-“ Sehun started but you knew if one of them walked in, there are probably more. No use staying here any longer. You ran to opening you made in the window just recently and grabbed onto the rope when Sehun pulled you inside, tugging on it with such force he ripped it off. You watched it fell down to the bottom of the building, as cars alarm’s began ringing, weight like this falling from so high up will do more than just bent your roof. He pushed you to the window but you braced against the glass that was still left with both your legs and your arms. The sharp glass digging into your skin even through your gear.

“Still want to jump? Go ahead,” he mocked. You broke off one of the pieces from the broken window and slashed against his chest but not enough to draw blood. You got yourself in a pretty tricky situation again.

“Dangerous. I like that,” was all he said.

The two men began circling around you. You needed to get rid of the one who just came in first and with all your force you pushed him into the wall, smacking his head against it, hoping he passed out. You turned back to Sehun and switched the glass piece to your other hand. You attacked him straight on, evading his fists the best you could but missing the one directed at your stomach. You fell down to your knees and coughed. It was not everyday someone actually managed to land a blow on you.

“Sorry dear,” he said, coming over. You waited till he was close enough and aimed the shard at his abdomen but he put his hand right in front of it at the last second, saving himself from the deadly blow but the force was so strong it went right through it.

“Ahh fuck,” he shouted, hitting the wall. He gripped the shard and pulled it out from his hand in one go, blood started gushing out from the open wound. You smirked. He won’t be using that hand for a while. You bent down and picked another piece of broken glass, this one was way smaller, but at least there were plenty of them around for you to use. You slowly came up to him. Enjoying the feeling of finally having advantage over him.

“Give it back,” you spoke, aiming the shard to his face. “Or there goes your eye,” you said, now only a step away from him. He chuckled and pretended to pull the phone out from his pocket, when all of a sudden he smacked the sharp piece away and pulled your body to him, your hands on his chest. How he still had so much strength was beyond you. You stirred in his grip trying to get away.

“Now what?” you mocked.

“Now this,” he said, getting a hold of your chin with his healthy hand and roughly clashing his hot lips with yours. You could take in his air as he licked them and nibbled on your bottom one afterwards. You were so shocked you only pushed him away when he grinned against your mouth.

“What the heck are you doing?” you shouted, free from his grasp.

“Distraction,” he smirked and you barely noticed the man, you thought you dealt with before, swing something over your head. You fell to the ground. You could feel the blood dripping down your forehead. Sehun was at your side in seconds. He got your hands behind your back, his knee pressing into you hard and it felt like he will snap your spine in half any minute now. You winced in pain.

“Two against one is not a very fair fight,” you breathed out, a small teasing smile playing on your lips.

“And since when do we play fair? It’s more interesting if you do things dirty from time to time,” he said, tracing the skin on your neck with his fingers. “I’m sorry dear but I never thought you will be the type to like it rough,” he whispered into your ear, his voice dark and low. “And I never wanted for it to end up this way,” he said, now louder. “But you gave me no other choice…”

He pulled you up by the hair and smacked your head against the floor, knocking you out.

“Sleep well, sweetheart,” you heard him coo before you passed out.


~ Part 3 ~

A/N: Ahhh I hate when I have to reupload. Anyway, I have decided to turn this one into a series!! And you know what? I even planned out the story from the beginning to the end, something that happens as often as a lunar eclipse 😂 I’m proud of myself 😂 So I guess look forward to the other parts~~


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AOMG Gang AU // Word Count; 1,897

AOMG x Reader - Angst // Part 2

a/n; this is part 1, idk how long this series will be but I had fun writing it! <3

“Mmm, what a delightful looking snack!” A deep voice sneered while circling your chair in the dim lit room.

“Hello!” You giggled not afraid of the current situation you were in. The male that was circling you stopped behind you and tugged at your hair, forcing you to look at him. The only thing that was visible was the smirk he held over his face, you giggled once more finding the whole situation entertaining.

“You won’t be laughing when we torture you.” The deep voice resonated through the room, causing you to shiver at how deep the voice of the male was and how close his lips were to your ear.

“Threats, empty threats!” You breathed out, your chest rose and fell as you took deep breaths. Your heart beat quickened and your smile only grew when he growled in your ear, letting go of your hair.

“Do you know who we are?” He questioned in anger that his threats didn’t frighten you. “AOMG a very well known gang, I’ve stolen from you before” You beamed while eyeing the blonde haired man who was now standing in front of you.

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Green With Envy- Chapter Four

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Bruce Banner x Daughter! Reader and Peter Parker x Reader

Summary-You and your little brother Wyatt have been living on your own since your mother ran out on you two years ago. You hadn’t seen your father since you were 10 and now 7 years later he shows up on your door step asking for your help. Him and the avengers need a place to lay low for a while. Everyone is shocked to meet you and your brother. They never expected Bruce to have kids. Let alone enhanced ones

Message- Here’s part four! It’s kinda a filler chapter!  Sorry if it sucks!!!

Warning- Mentions of child abandonment and a drug addicted mom, reader gets arrested

Background  Chapter One  Chapter Two  Chapter Three

Word Count- 948

“What is your brother doing?” Danny asks. “I thought you said that he drew pictures of the future.”

“He does.” You say as you move to look at what your brother was doing. He was writing a list of names. “Wade Wilson, Peter Parker, Jessica Jones, Sam Wilson, Luke Cage, Steven Strange, Danny Rand, Miles Morales, Y/N Banner and Wyatt Banner. This is a list of who their targeting.” You murmur as you watch your brother write more names.

“We need to warn everyone on that list. Tell them all to hide.” Peter murmurs as your brother continues to write names.

“Or tell them to join us and fight.” You mutter.

“Woah, hey. I never agreed to anything.” Jessica says.

“This is too big to ignore, you have to realize that.” You say.

“Okay, I’m in or whatever.” Jessica says as she rolls her eyes.

“I’ll call a friend of mine and he can start warning the people on the list.” Matt says as he grabs the disposable phone from you.

“I need to call Aunt May, she needs to get somewhere safe.” Peter murmurs to you.

“Can she take Wyatt with her?” You ask and Peter nods. He uses the phone when Matt is done and gives may an address down the road. May took Wyatt and left for an unknown location minutes after she arrived.

“Okay, what’s the plan?” Luke asks you.

“Me and Peter get arrested.” You say to them.

“How is that going to help anything?” Danny asks.

“We need to know where they are holding the Avengers, right? So odds are if me and Peter are apprehended they would take us to where they are. If for no other reason than using me to get to my Dad and Peter to get to Tony. So we put trackers on Peter and me, that way the four of you can break everyone out.” You say as you cross your arms over your chest.

“That’s….actually a really good idea. Stupid, but good.” Matt says.

“Thank you.” You say.

“Your both okay with this? Getting arrested? This will completely blow any chance at anonymity for either of you.” Luke says. You look at Peter and he nods his head.

“Yeah, I mean they obviously already know who we are, so it’s not like my secret identity is actually a secret anymore.” Peter says as he takes your hand in his.

“So how do you plan on getting noticed?” Jessica asks.

“Oh, I have a few ideas.” You say as you smirk.

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Cost of Freedom (1/??)

Summary: After a heist gone wrong, Kaitou KID has finally been caught. Now imprisoned, Kaito’s trying to survive until he can figure out a way to escape. His cellmate, ex-detective Kudo Shinichi, might be able to help. As the day of their planned escape nears, only one question remains in Kaito’s mind - Is Kudo really the criminal they claim that he is? Prison!AU.

@detectivegeekshin and I started talking about this AU yesterday. Now it exists.

Icy wind slashes at Kaito’s face, rain dancing on his head, but he doesn’t notice. Goosebumps spread down his arms, but he’s far more interested in the whimper of the man beside him - one of his new, fellow prisoners.

“Oh God,” the other man sobs. It belongs to another prisoner, with the number 035823 on the prison overalls he’s been supplied with, “I don’t belong here. I don’t, I really don’t.”

Water drips from Kaito’s nose as he glances across to the blonde haired man. He’s got short stubby legs, and a pudgy structure and Kaito decides that he’s not going to last long, not before the man breaks down completely.

Kaito shivers against the cold, “Dude. Shut up.”

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Can Hell be Heaven?

Note: So remember when I asked about if I should split something or not? Well I didn’t split it, but this just Chapter 1. It has some tecnical bits I’m 90% sure are accurate but if the 10% happens, please do bare with me. Hope you enjoy it.

Synopsis: Against Oliver’s express request Felicity uses her hacker skills to help him and gets caught. As Prometheus plan for Felicity and Oliver unfoils it becomes clear how twisted and evil they really are.

Part 2

The cling echoed inside her head, a spark that spikes the wave of panic to surmount her self-control. Standing with the sheets, a pillow and an ragged blanked she took a deep breath before facing her roommate. The dark haired woman sent her a single glance and kept on ignoring her, laying still on the top bunk.


An answering cold look, a mocking glance, no other acknowledgement.  Felicity knew this was going to be hard, still nothing had prepared her for this. The undressing, the washing, being nothing more than a number; being stripped from anything that made her a person.

Laying on her bed Felicity reminisces on how she got here. Could she had avoid it?

She knew the answer was yes, but then Oliver would be the one in an orange jumpsuit; Oliver would be the one with his life wrecked. He had worked hard to get a life for himself, she would never allow it to be destroyed, not when it was in her power to prevent it.  

Oliver’s demand for her not to ruin her life sounded has hollow now as it did when she heard it the first time. To have a life being ruined she had to have a life and she didn’t, not anymore. Still it was painful to recall Oliver’s harsh words, he didn’t want her to do it, he didn’t want her taking the risk, she could be caught; he was right, still their last talk was a fight and she wished it wasn’t. She wished she would recall Oliver, if not smiling, at least, not antagonizing her.

“Prisoner 3851”

It takes a moment to register that it’s her new “name”. She stands while the door lock chimes every twist and turn of the key ominously.

Felicity takes a step out the door and waits still for the guard to close the door again. The sight isn’t much better out here, in front of her a row of gray metal doors that she knows mirror the ones behind her.

“Let’s go. You have a visitor.”

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It’s hard to put down Ragnar into words. I signed up knowing it would be a huge challenge for me. After my surgeries, my running abilities nosedived to just about zero. I’ve worked to come back, but it hasn’t been as easy as I thought. Still, I needed to prove to myself I was capable.

I drove down from Connecticut on Thursday where the lovely @read-run-knit-drink picked me up at the Philly airport once I ditched my rental car. I was the last to arrive in Philly, so once we returned to her house, we were ready to head to Lancaster (emphasis on the KISS). Quick unpacking at the hotel and some van decorating followed, with an abundance of goat pictures and pizza slices. As I learned on the course, portable lights are also a fun option, and I fully plan on stealing that idea next time (because yes, there will be a next time).

Once finished with van prep, we headed to the local brewing company to grab a bite to eat, including our fallen teammate @kaylarunshappy, and I’m so very glad she did! We were so sad to see her injured just before the race, but she still very much remained a part of our team despite her absence. I hope she’ll be able to join us next time!

After what felt like a cat nap, the Van 1 runners got up at 4 AM and off to the start at 5. I was runner #1 following Kayla’s injury, so I was first out the gate. It felt like a nice easy run through generic urban environment, with a short but very steep downhill on one block that was a blast to hustle through. I ended up in the regional park, where we were directed to a trail setting. I was expecting a paved trail (I don’t know why, probably because it had a fancy name - the “Garden of 5 Senses). It was very much not, as it was actually a very steep trail section with exposed rocks and tree roots. I basically hiked it, and only panicked once when I reached a T-intersection with no signage. Fortunately, I went the right way and found my way to exchange #1 after 3.9 miles to pass off to teammate Lauren. (Side note: Ragnar should just call exchanges check-in points that coordinate with the leg that is starting. Ie, checkin point #2 is where Runner #2 starts. After lack of sleep, we kept getting confused.)

Our van continued to run and I hopped in for an extra leg mid-morning to help fill the open slots because we were down a runner. It was a short 2.8 entirely in the sun. It was WARM, but even as I was feeling a bit overheated (humidity guys, it does terrible things), a local Amish woman practically sang good morning to me. It was a mood booster for sure (as was the sound of a horse and buggy catching up to me), and I closed out the run to pass off to readrunknitdrink for our final leg of rotation #1.

We used our free time to grab lunch at a local market (peanut butter whoopie pies are totally acceptable running food) and try to nap before our second rotation. I didn’t nap at all, but the breeze was really nice and I did enjoy the quiet. Around 5:30 PM runner #12 passed off to me and we were back at it. While my run was only 3.7, it was definitely the most soul crushing of all the running I did. The uphills just never seemed to end, and it’s where I really wished I’d done better at hill training. Honestly though, as my first really hilly race, it was hard to know what to expect. I think I know much better how to train and what to expect. I finally got to the top and literally FLEW the downhill section. It was shady and cool and relatively steep. It felt awesome! The culmination was captured in one of my favorite photos from the weekend - my pass off to Runner #2.

Again, we continued through our legs, eventually finishing around 10:15 PM and meeting back up with Van #2 (Guard llama, where are you?!?!). We grabbed sandwiches at a WaWa and went to park at the next major exchange. We stayed in the van and I did my best to sleep, but I estimate I got no more than 20 minutes. I was paranoid we’d miss being ready to take over from Van #2 runners. I got up about an hour before they rolled in, stretched and downed a couple shot blocks because I felt like I needed some fuel, but just wasn’t up to food. The caffeine blocks helped quite a bit.

At 4:30 AM I was told to get my ass moving by Runner #12 (😂) and set off for 5.5 miles in the rain, apparently the fault of @runningforbiscuits. While it was chilly, once I started running it was perfect - the rain was refreshing, but not heavy, and it’s something I don’t get to experience where I live. The downhills were a nice break to start on, and I started climbing about halfway through. This was when I realized how fatigued I was from the previous hills. I just didn’t have gas left in the tank. My van checked on me about halfway through, but I struggled the second half. Still, the scenery was beautiful, the air smelled fantastic (I was running through Christmas tree farms in the rain, how could it not?!?!), and I was about to be done. I did the best I could and promised to myself I’d use this as an opportunity to learn from my weakest running abilities and how I can train better.

I passed off to Runner #2 once I finished, ate a delicious bagel courtesy of @breatherunlive, and tried to get warm. We found a gas station and got hot coffee, which was AMAZING at that point. It kept raining through most of the early morning, and finally broke during our last Runner #5 open leg. We were all feeling pretty tired, so @read-run-knit-drink, myself, and our Michigan runner split the mileage. Unfortunately, due to safe van parking for handoffs, I was only able to take over 1.35. Still, it felt like the quintessential "team” approach. It got sunny (and HUMID), but we were almost done. Our last runner set out and we finished up by late morning. Van #2 had already started by this point to ensure we’d finish in time, so we headed out to find @er1nruns on her brutal 10.5 mile Ragnar leg. We eventually parked at the bottom of her mountain descent and right before her last big uphill with about 2 miles to her finish line. It was fun rooting on the Ragnar leg runners until she came by, and I’m hoping it was encouraging for them.

After visiting @er1nruns, we drove to the finish to browse the merchandise tent for any new items that hadn’t been at the previous location (nothing), and grab a bite to eat. A quick stop at a local tavern for lunch, and we were off to pick up @breatherunlive at her exchange point. From there, it was just a short while at the finish line while we waited for our last runner to finish up. I have mad respect for the folks that did far more hill climbing than me and more miles, and I’m proud of pushing myself to do a “scary” race.

It was a fantastic weekend and I am so fortunate to have done it with the people I did. They made the experience. It’s a good sign when you’re perusing other races on the drive back from the finish line. :)

I finally got home last night around 8 PM west coast time, and finished out my weekend with 17.35 miles, about 1,000 feet of elevation gain (that’s HUGE for me), and about 8.5 hours of sleep total between 5:00 AM Thursday morning to 9 PM west coat time Sunday. I was exhausted and a bit delirious by the time it all ended, but I’d do it all again in a heartbeat.

Thank you @runningforbiscuits, @breatherunlive, @read-run-knit-drink, @er1nruns, @go-with-a-smile, and @mynewnormaluc for an amazing race experience and letting this less advanced runner join your team. It made my heart incredibly full to be a part of this experience with all of you.

Bet On It - Murphy AU Imagine*

*Kind of.

This was supposed to be a present for a secret santa exchange in the writing crew that I’m in, but I ended up doing another one for the girl. So now you guys get to have this one. 

“Bet on it”

“Y/L/N!” A voice snapped at me. I looked up from the book in my hand, behind the bars in my room stood one of the guards. I think his name is Simon…or maybe it’s Michael. He was short, greasy hair fell on his beady eyes, he pushed it back only for it to fall forward again, his lanky figure was so tall that it seemed to fold into himself. “Stand up and hold your hands in the air.”

“Why?” I couldn’t help but question as I did what I was told, months of beating when you didn’t do as told making me execute orders.  

His laugh sent chills down my spine. Simon or is it Michael? opened the cell door and walked inside while taking out his handcuff. “It seems you’re one of the lucky ones to enter the 100 program.” He jerked my arms down and pulled them behind my back, pain burst in my shoulders. Cuffing them he pushed me out of my cell, once outside I could see a few more people being pushed out of their cells, some questioned the guards and other just complied in silence.

We were all pushed into a line, armed guards stood walking besides us, behind, while some stood in the higher levels guns pointed toward us. It was all a little too much most of us where kids, the oldest one barely reaching 18. Once outside the prison we were pushed into a waiting van.


I turned to the excited voice besides me. A guy waved at me, or as much as you can while handcuffed, a smile crossing his face. He was pale, strands of dark hair fell into his face while the rest of it was pushed back by…goggles?

“I’m Jasper, and that besides you is Monty.” He points to an Asian guy besides him, who’s also smiling. I waved as much as I could. “So… do you know where we going?”

“I’m Y/N, and nop,” I responded with a ‘pop’. “I know as much as you do,” I turned back to Jasper, “which is nothing.”

He shakes his head. “Damn, these dudes don’t tell us anything.” Jasper leaned in, an air of accomplice around him. “I heard they’re trying a new program.”

Program? Why would they take us out of the prison for that? It might be the same one Simon or Michael told me.

 “What program?” 

Jasper opened his mouth to answer when our seat shuddered, our heads snapped to the side. A slight guy scowled at us, he nodded his head to the side, standing a few feet’s behind us stood Simon… Michael? While his back was turned to us, he stood still while his face was slightly turned toward us clearly listening to our conversation. I looked back to the guy, his scowl seemed to had deepened and a sneer was grazing his lips as he looked over to the guard.

“Eric, come here!” Another guard stuck his head inside the van, Simon or Michael turned around. So, his named was Eric, who would’ve thought so. Eric went over to the other guard, both muttered quietly on the door. Eric motioned to the inside of the van while the guard frowned at him, with a sigh Eric seemed to give up and walked out of the car leaving us all unsupervised. Moments later they returned with another guy in tow. A prisoner. He was tall, wavy hair framing his tanned skin, hos brown eyes scanned the van as if to look for something.

“Get moving, Blake.”

The guard pushed him forward. Walking down the van his eyes kept flickering around looking like he wasn’t being pushed around. he was pushed to the back of the van, once the boy was secured, the guard positioned himself in the front, and we were on our way to whatever they were taking us.

After what it seemed like an eternity, we’ve come to a stop. Looking around it seemed like we were in the middle of nowhere, trees surrounded us from every side while looming overhead was a seemingly old building. The guards up front muttered to themselves, the words road, lost, and angry drifted through the air a few seconds later the van started moving again following a partially hidden dirt road.  This honestly looked taken out of a horror novel, and not a very good one.  “Hey, does this feels strange to you too?” Jasper leaned over as he whispered. I kept quiet. A few minutes passed and the looming building came into view, a sing hanged from its gates; ‘Grounds Reformatory’. The van came to a stop once it reached the building, the guards started pulling us out and pushing us into the reformatory. The inside looked a little upgraded from its front, but the cobwebs and dust hanging in the air told us all we needed to know, this wasn’t going to be pretty.

“Welcome to Grounds Reformatory, I’m doctor Grounds.” A man came down a flight of stairs as if this place needed more clichés. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one who thought like that, snickers and snorts resonated all around the room. Dr. Grounds glared at us for a moment before smiling once more. “You’ve been selected to form part of a social adaptation program. You’re the first group to ever form part of it, history is in the making.”

“Guinea pigs more likely.” I heard someone mutter behind me. looking back, I came face to face with the guy from earlier, he gave me a smirk before turning back to the doctor. Sweeping over the group, I saw the last guy to enter the van, he was looking at something in his right. A girl stood staring straight ahead, her wavy hair and tanned skin mirroring that of the guy. Family, maybe? With a shrug, I turned back to Grounds.

“You will all be wearing these wristbands,” He said holding one up, “with these we will be able to track your movements, it will also track your heartbeats.”

His smile when he said that sent chills down my spine. Everything after that was a blur of showing us to our rooms, taking the handcuffs off, and slapping the wristbands on. Apparently, everything we might need was provided, as it became clear once I entered my assigned room. Two beds where pushed to opposite sides of the room, two closets at either side of the door, books, notebooks, pens, and more miscellanies where placed on top of two desk. I walked to one of the closets and opened it up. averaged sized clothes lined the racks, a few pair of shoes took up space on the floor, as I was about to touch one of the items a door opening and shortly closing sounded besides me.


I looked to the side, a blonde girl was standing in front of the closed door. She gave me a smile.

“I’m Clarke. Nice to meet you.” She extended her hand, after a second of consideration I shook it. We hit it off from there. After a few hours of just checking out the clothes provided, and swapping them when the sizes didn’t match we walked out to explore. The more time I spent with her the more I was befuddled as to why she was here in the first place. It seemed almost comical imagining her doing a crime. Well, everyone has some secrets. I smiled to myself at the thought.

“Hey, Y/N,” I looked up at my name, googles boy stood in front of me, his friend standing a foot behind him. “It seems we have a leader.”


“Yeah, that guy that was last to enter the van. He’s giving out orders in the common room.”                        

Clarke got a pensive look at that, she turned to me a second later. “We should probably check this out.” I thanked Jasper for the information, and followed Clarke to the common room. The guy from the van stood in the middle of the room while a group of people surrounded him. murmurs of agreement seemed to run across the group as people started to take their wristbands off.

“Wait, wait, wait!”

Clarke stalked to the center of the room. Standing face to face with van guy she faced the group. “Those wristbands are our only communication with the outside. Without them they can’t monitor us.”

“That’s why we’re taking it off.” Van guy interjects. “and you princess are gonna do the same.”

Clarke scoff at the guy. “And who are you exactly?”

The guy stands to his full height at the question as he stares down to her. “Bellamy, the leader of this group.” He stares at Clarke silently challenging her on his decision, she just stares up at him, a challenge clear in her eyes.

“I bet they’re gonna hook up in a week time.” A voice sounded from besides me, looking to the side the guy from earlier stood with a smirk. I looked again to where Bellamy and Clarke stood facing each other. Well, this certainly seemed interesting. I turned to the guy again. “Well…”


“Well, John, I’m not one to back down from a bet. What are you betting?”

He pulled out a swiss knife from his pocket. I wasn’t really interested in the knife, but seeing how sure he was made me want it. “Give it two weeks.” I gave him a smile and left the room.

A week passed after the bet was made, Bellamy and Clarke fought on every decision made, mostly on the wristband still adorning Clarke’s wrist. Today was no different, their argument could be heard all over the house, and to Murphy this seemed to mean things where progressing. If that’s what it could be said from the way he liked to smirk and wave the knife around as he was doing at this moment.

His cockiness was draining fast as the days come and went and the week was rapidly approaching. Bellamy and Clarke only seemed to keep fighting as they were doing right about now, with a smirk I turned to Murphy sitting on the table behind me.

“It seems you’re losing Murph,” I said with a laugh, “I can already see what’ll do with that knife of yours.”

He sneered in response.

By the second week, Murphy scowled each time Bellamy and Clarke appeared together. His annoyance making winning the bet sweeter and sweeter, I quickly turned to the couple in front of me and lifted my eyebrow to Clarke. A sign passed between us and without a second thought she turned to the man besides her. One hand grasping his neck while the other pulled on his shirt. Bellamy was cut short as Clarke’s lips crashed on his mouth. Everything seemed to still for a second as everyone watched the scene unfolding before them, Bellamy stiffening for a second before sighing into the kiss.

I could only smile as Bellamy and Clarke kissed, what made it even better was the annoyed look on Murphy’s face as he looked on. Breakfast couldn’t get any better.

“Murphy!” One of his friends called him. Standing up he walked out of the room; I put out my hand when he walked pass. The cool metal of the knife made my grin grow, bets are certainly interesting little things.

Watching You (Part One)


| Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven | Part Eight | Part Nine | Part Ten | Part Eleven | Part Twelve | Part Thirteen |

Pairing: Reader x Park Chanyeol (featuring BTS) 
You draw the attention of someone you have admired for a while, but it doesn’t turn out how you expect it to.

You stared out the window, watching the clouds roll out below you. The sun was just beginning to rise on the horizon, pillowing everything in a soft peach. You sighed, you weren’t ready for this.

‘Y/N! Y/N' 

You jumped at the sound of your name and the feeling of a hand landing on your shoulders. You looked around in surprise to see a young guy and girl grinning goofily at you from their seats. You pulled your large headphones from your ears and smiled tentatively at them.

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Van - Floating

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You and Van stumble in from a late night out drinking with his friends. You aren’t drunk just yet but you are both a bit giddy from all the alcohol. After you remember the keys were in your hand all along you unlock the door and both fall down onto the bottom step after the long walk home. You let out a deep sigh and are both glad to be home. You take off your jackets and shoes leaving them dotted about the house that the future you will have the pleasure of cleaning up.
You lean against the wall rubbing you eyes. Van locks eye contact with you and smiles, putting both his hands on the wall above your shoulders leaning close so you can’t escape. Smiling, you wrap your arms around the bottom of his spine and pull him against you for a long sloppy kiss. You push your tongue into his mouth catching him of guarded; Van reciprocates happily exploring your mouth.
You run your hands along the back oh his neck as Van’s lips move down to your neck leaving hot kisses all over your body. Van’s hands trail down from the wall and squeeze lightly on your breasts. You giggle and he rips open your shirt revealing your chest. You lift his top up over his head and it falls to the floor with ease. Your run your nails along his chest as he yanks off your bra with one simple pull. Your bodies coil around one another and the heat grows.
Van starts to unzip his jeans as you pull off your skirt and soon you’re both down to your underwear. Van goes in for another kiss and you feel his bulge press up against you. You nibble his neck as you whisper kinkily: “Maybe we should take this upstairs honey…” And with that you feel Van lift you up and you let out a laugh of joy as he quickly carries you to the bedroom door letting you down softly. You open the door and push Van inside your tongues wrap around each other. You push him down onto the bed running your hands along his legs making him tingle.
You waste no time with pulling off his boxers and pulling down your own underwear.
Van pushes you down as the duvet falls onto you both feeling cold, cooling down your two bodies. He lays his hands on your hips kissing you roughly as you squeeze his body tight.
Then without any warning Van pushes his erect length into you making you get a rush of heat and passion moaning loudly. Van rides you fast laying kisses all over your body making you feel so many emotions at once. As he pushes deeper he whispers your name in your ear sending a sexy shiver down your spine. You grab the bed post as it bangs against the wall; Van biting down on your neck. As he pushes as far as he can go you both orgasm digging your nails into each other as the climax runs through your veins hitting you hard. Van lets out a loud scream as he stiffens on top of you cumming deep and fast. Van’s thrusts slow down and his sharp breaths hit your neck. He pulls out of you leaning against the wall trying to catch his breath. “Fuck…” You laugh as Van stares into your eyes happily. “I am so happy you’re my girlfriend; you’re so fucking awesome !” You both laugh and fall into each others arms.

Gaining a Foothold- Day 2

(Blood, gore, and violence warning)

The maps and information that had been provided by Soroes and Demetrius had proved to be of exponential value, as they contained the locations of not only a more ideal place to situate the Vindicaar, but also the locations of potential villages where Draenei who were unable to flee had taken residence.  Chatting quickly again with the two, as well as with Dallio, Inregra turned her head to the soldiers of the Oathsworn Vanguard and The Stormwind Guard.
“Alright, listen up. We’re about to move far east of here where we will reconnect with the two recon groups as well as the base. Finish tending to the wounded and pack up”, she said with a rather authoritative voice. She had commanded both Colonel Bennas and Marshal Percy to strip from their armor so it could be washed free of any acids and other juices that the people-eating Eredar had in its system, and the soldiers were all still snickering over that matter.

Limbs had been splint, cuts had been seared shut, and blood transfusions had been given. When the blended unit was ready, they set off to rendezvous at the Vindicaar. About half a mile into the trail, a soldier on the right side of the unit emitted a blood-curdling scream. She had stepped on and set of one of the traps that the captured and tortured Eredar back home had spoken of. The poor woman was already dead; a long metal pike having jetted out of the ground, running her through lengthwise as the end of it protruded a few inches out of her neck, her head lulled back with her mouth still open as if she was still screaming. “Everyone stay back, watch where you’re walking”, Inte commanded, the units closest to the dead soldier getting a bit of a distance away. As silence came over the unit a sort of high pitched clicking was heard, getting faster and faster. Gere knew what it was, and shouted “Everyone down! Get down fucking now!” Fortunately without question the command was obeyed as a bomb went off from the inside of the pike. The woman exploded with it sending a shockwave of fel-fire and blood through the air. Those closest to the explosion managed to get away with a few minor burns.

 After composing themselves and healing Yenyay from the explosion, the units continued to make their way to the new location of the Vindicaar.  From that point, all the traps fortunately were able to be seen and disarmed properly, until a mass of explosions were heard from behind them. Turning and looking, missiles were being launched at them, and the group began to run. There was no real way to cautiously check for traps as they did this, and a few infantry were lost in result.

 The units arrived at the ground under the Vindicaar, taking the time to heal as necessary as well as set up a triage camp, courtesy of the efforts of Av’laa and Opal. Soroes and Deme arrived at the location first, and Dallio about an hour after that. The five leaders of the attack would excuse themselves from the main forces to discuss what had been found and what had been done. However, they did not have much time to discuss anything as they became aware that some of their unit members were seeming to slack off; Sybil, Wallace McCree and Scathsiuloir all began laying down, taking their armor off and tossing their weapons aside. Except for Opal, who began cursing up a storm that would cause a sailor to even feel uncomfortable. “Something’s wrong.. obviously”, Inte said as she turned to face the troops while Percy stormed over shouting and swearing, calling all the slackers ‘pigfarts’ and threatening a field execution. Something was then seen in the shadows, and through his shouting Percy noticed it. Shooting at it, a succubus shrieked before falling dead; Wallace regaining his composure.

Integra saw this. “There’s more of them! Get them out of hiding!”, she said, as more demons began rushing them from the side. Soroes and Demetrius vanished, heading to the east to skirt around the attackers while Dallio headed west to flank around them as well. Gere wasted no time in calling a gas shelling in, yelling for all gas masks to be on before the smoke of the exploded canisters forced the remaining succubi out of hiding. As the Vanguard and Guard fought, eventually there was an explosion behind the line, and the demons attacking the Van-Guard ((lol, get it? I’m the worst)) seemed to diminish for a few minutes before a group of fel-hounds came running in, focusing on the casters Emmy Bluefire, Opal, and Summy, which one of them grabbed by the head and attempted to run off with. Marshal Percy managed to stop this by cutting off the tracks of the beast. Gereion was able to pry the hound off of Emmy’s leg, and Opal was inadvertently saved by a felbat who scooped her up, only to drop her and cause her skull to crack.

Integra would later learn that Soroes, Demetrius, and Dallio had a harder experience, having to down a large Eredar that was barking out orders to attack her and Percy’s units. When the three squads reconvened together, they all knew that an even bigger counter-attack was imminent.


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Thank you again to all who came to the event!

Jail Break

This took WAY too long for me to post, and for that I’m incredibly sorry. But here it is, the jail break of the century with some not-so-subtle references to Heathens by TØP! (Disclaimer: I know nothing about how prisons actually work, so if there’s any sort of detail that doesn’t make sense you know why)

•Jack, Roger, Maurice, Simon, and Ralph are all in jail
•Jack and Roger are the only ones who knew each other before prison; they were partners in crime, and are in for attempted robbery of a bank
•Maurice is in for breaking/entering and trespassing
•Ralph is in for hacking into secure government files
•No one knows what Simon is in for…he seems too innocent, but rumors say that he killed somebody
•(He didn’t actually kill anyone, someone framed him very convincingly)
•Jack quickly establishes his dominance among the other prisoners; they were skeptical of him at first, not dealing with outsiders very well, but after winning a few fights and having Roger secretly threaten anyone who didn’t follow his rules, he clawed his way to the top
•Maurice got mixed up with the two of them when he challenged one of Jack’s rules, but for some reason Jack liked him and took him under his wing
•Ralph tries his best to stay out of everything, and found himself gravitating toward Simon for some reason
•Simon is like a breath of fresh air in the prison, his gentle voice and calm nature could make anyone forget the amount of trouble they were truly in
•And it’s ironic that Simon is the calmest out of everyone there, since his supposed crime is the one that could result in the most severe punishment
•One day Ralph finds Simon in tears, convinced that he’s going to be sentenced to death for a crime he didn’t commit
•Seeing the genuine fear and innocence in the boy, Ralph begins to devise a plan to escape
•Piggy visits Ralph right when he needs it most. The two of them have been close for years, and Piggy was actually Ralph’s partner in crime (only Ralph got caught for breaking into the files though)
•The two of them have even invented their own variation of language to communicate secretly
•They use this method to work out an escape plan
•Word gets around the prison of the intended jail break, and Jack takes particular interest in this
•Ralph has trust issues, not to mention he’s good at smelling people’s intentions, so he is reluctant to let Jack on board with the plan
•He fears that he may do something to endanger him and Simon in order to save himself, or at least something of that extent
•Plus they’re all sketchy af, which says a LOT considering they’re all in a prison (Ralph has even secretly dubbed them the Murderer, the Psychopath, and the Freak-Show)
•However, Jack and his gang are much more physically fit/intimidating than Ralph and Simon, so Ralph agrees to let them in on the plan to have more man power
•Finally the night of the escape arrived; Piggy had previously bribed three of the guards, who then let Ralph, Simon, Jack, Roger, and Maurice out of their cells late at night
•They walked them toward a back exit, near where Piggy was parked with the get-away van, but four other guards noticed this
•A fight ensued, and Ralph took this opportunity to grab Simon and lose Jack, Roger, and Maurice (whom he didn’t want escaping with them anyway)
•Jack wasn’t about to let his one chance of escape slip by though; he left Roger and Maurice in the fray and sprinted after Ralph and Simon
•Through the hallways he followed them, listening for their footsteps as Ralph tried to find a second exit
•Just when Jack thought he was about to round the corner and come face to face with them, he was caught by three other guards
•They took him back to his cell, and relocated Roger and Maurice to different cell blocks entirely
•Ralph and Simon made their way to the roof, from which they scaled down the building and sprinted toward Piggy and the van
•They knew they were spotted, but they kept going anyway
•They escaped by the seat of their pants and ditched the van on the side of the highway
•The three of them ventured deep into the woods to hide out for the night, and to hopefully put some more distance between them and the prison the next day
•A massive man hunt was launched to find the escapees, but they were never found
•And Jack promised himself, as well as Roger and Maurice, that one day Ralph and Simon would pay for leaving them behind