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Van Gogh and Gauguin
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Vincent van Gogh, Chemin près d’Arles (Lane near Arles), May 1888. Oil on canvas, 61 x 50 cm. Pommerisches Landesmuseum, Greifswald, Germany (F 567, JH 1419)

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okay okay so I've been reading about the Intellectual™️ Otayuri au that's on your blog and I did a Model UN like once in my life so I'm like totes filing this away and writing a fic I'm so excited !!!



-Otabek tutoring Yuri before Yuri convinces him to ditch the session and go to an underground party with him.

-Yuri starting a book club at his school and becomes discouraged at how unpopular it is. Otabek, the resident king of high school, and who has a secret crush on Yuri, convinces all the cool kids in school to join the club.

-Otabek and Yuri arguing over a tiny detail for four hours straight before Phichit just googles it for them.

64 days in heaven and hell (33)
Van Gogh felt alone and isolated after a couple of months in Arles. But now that he had hired the yellow house, old plans resurfaced: having his own studio, inviting friends to work side by side, creating a community of painters. Why not invite Gauguin? Or perhaps Bernard or Laval? Perhaps in time they could all join him? The little yellow house had some spare rooms after all!
And wouldn’t it be cheaper to share costs?

Such thoughts ran through his mind when he painted this fine landscape with irises.

Vincent Van Gogh, Vue d’Arles avec iris (Field with Irises), May 1888. Oil on canvas, 54 x 65 cm. Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam (F 409, JH 1416)

They’re “the best" at what they do.

And my personal favorite:


What is a kiss without a kiss?
It was a tablecloth tugged from beneath a party service.
Every thing jumbled against everthing else in just a few chaotic moments.
Fingers in hair, hands cupping necks
mouths dragged on cheeks and chins in dangerous proximity.

Blue Lily Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater x Paintings by Vincent Van Gogh [insp]

He would make three studies each session, getting bogged down in impastos, constantly starting all over again on new canvases, painting the model from all sides, while the pathetic students who laughed at him behind his back took eight days to make an idiotic copy of a foot.
—  Émile Bernard remembering Vincent Van Gogh at work in Fernand Cormon’s studio
No one has ever written, painted, sculpted, modeled, built, or invented except literally to get out of hell.

Antonin Artaud, Van Gogh, the Man Suicided by Society

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