van doo

The 50th anniversary of Scooby-Doo is in a couple of years, and when it comes out, I want it to have episodes that have cameos by: The Boo Brothers, The Grimwood Ghouls, Vincent Van Ghoul, and The hex Girls. And it would be nice if Shaggy went back and fourth between his current out fit and his Red Shirt Blue jeans outfit from “13 Ghosts” to “Reluctant Werewolf”.



the two mischievous boys goofing around

having fun like best mates do…

what happened?

why did everything suddenly change?

remember he was your best mate once.. remember you love him as a brother.. a best friend.. family…your partner in crime

you bought a van together, scooby doo van? Mystery machine?


i’d always save you

since you’re my bro and i love you

we fight

but its only for a while.. eventually we make up

and everything is ok again

cause all bros fight…. right?

1. Shaggy sits next to a picnic basket in the back seat.

2. Cut to the front seat. 

-Shaggy disappears

-The basket loses its handle and changes colors

-Velma makes a face a bit like a turtle while holding a pamphlet that appears to read “ROAO MAP”

3. Cut to the back seat again.

Shaggy’s feet have been brutally chopped off.

4. Scooby pops out of the basket, makes this face…

5. …and then proceeds to eat a celery stick, a tomato, and a dandelion, sandwiched between two pieces of styrofoam.