van der bijl

Italy, c.25 April 1945: these commandos showing off captured weapons - including a Panzerfaust and a Beretta SMG - are from the Half-Troop raised in Italy by Normandy veterans of No.3 Tp and attached to 2nd Cdo Bde at Lake Commachio. Kneeling on the right is Pte ‘Allan White’ (Adolf Weiss). Born in Berlin to Jewish Polish parents who moved to England in 1939, he enlisted into the Pioneer Corps in 1944 and transferred to 5th Bn The Buffs, serving in Italy before volunteering for the Half-Troop in April 1945.

Photo & caption featured in Osprey Elite • 142 No.10 (Inter-Allied) Commando 1942-45 Britain’s Secret Commando by Nick van der Bijl BEM