van decals

I’ve over-engineered my sheet music

I left my hard copy score for a gig on Sunday on the bus. So instead of printing out a new score, I:

  • Bought an app for my laptop that displays sheet music
  • Uploaded all the PDFs of the score and labelled them in the app
  • Went to the art store and got supplies to build me a custom laptop binder cause my laptop is currently silver with a Van Gogh decal and I’m not changing that
  • Stuck Velcro permanently to my laptop (okay, with command strips but still) to attach the binder to the back of it
  • BUILT A GOSHDANG CUSTOM BINDER, complete with using exacto knives and a level because I’m a perfectionist

All because I left the perfectly good sheet music I had on a crosstown bus.

Not gonna lie though, I am prouder of this binder than I was of my senior recital and that’s saying something.


For @themoonshinemariethings…enjoy the angst!

You chuckled into your phone. “Relax, Spence. I’m on my way there.”
You could hear his smile. “I know. I just can’t wait to see you.”
“It has been while since you’ve started this case.”
“This is the only free time I’ve been able to grab.”
You smirked. “I know. I’m just down the street-oh!”

Your phone dropped to the concrete as you were yanked off your feet. You started to kick and scream in the middle of the day. You scratched desperately at your attacker as they pulled you to a van. You craned your neck to look at it.

You bit at your attacker’s hand. He groaned as you were momentarily freed. You shot toward your phone. Unfortunately, your attacker grabbed you by the waist before you could grab it.

“Spencer!” you screamed, “Red van! No decal! Copper rims!”
Panicked, your boyfriend tried calling to you, “Y/N? Y/N, answer me! Y/N!”

Tires screeching was his only reply. Immediately, the young agent shot from his desk, catching the attention of his co-workers. Derek raised a concerned brow.

“It’s Y/N. They’ve been taken.”

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