van dahl

Hi Everybody! Firstly, thank you very much for your support and likes! :) I really glad you enjoy my artworks. :)))) Now, I show you my newer artwork, what I making. :) I will finish this in a short time, I will shading by pencils. :) This is a heavy metal bands crossovers, I drew Metallica, Rammstein and Sabaton band members. :)


Gotham s3e12: Clayface, aka Basil Karlo
In s2e21, Basil was reanimated by Dr. Hugo Strange. Hugo talked to Miss Peabody about how due to the trauma of rebirth, Basil had no memory of his former life; and, about how the “octopod DNA” he used gave Basil his shape shifting powers.

Fish Mooney became ill from using her powers, as did the other meta-humans with her. How is Basil using his powers, yet he seems perfectly healthy? He’s proof that at least one of Strange’s creations can use his special powers with no ill effects. And that means, there may be others.