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Comic-Con: Disney XD Sets 'Milo Murphy's Law' and 'Phineas and Ferb' Crossover (Exclusive)
The episode will premiere in 2018.


(It’s extremely hard seeing this headline at work; I had to clamp my hand over my mouth to keep from screaming).


@pjosapphicweeks Sunday: Firsts…

  • Rachel and Annabeth’s first kiss is on Rachel’s balcony. Annabeth was studying, Rachel was painting, and it just felt right. Paint ends up everywhere and neither of them regret it.
  • Their first date was dinner at Rachel’s favorite hole-in-the-wall diner and a marathon of Annabeth’s favorite movies in a pillow pile. Gratuitous cuddles are all around and they stay up way too late.
  • Annabeth’s first coming out is with Rachel by her side. Her dad takes it well, her step-mom does not. Athena leaves a rainbow flag folded at the end of Annabeth’s bed. 
  • The first time Rachel participates in capture the flag, she nearly gets past Annabeth to the flag, but they both end up on the ground in the mud. Annabeth’s team still wins. 
  • The first time Annabeth meets Rachel’s parents she nearly throws up. She’s faced monsters, ran away from home, and won two wars, but nothing seems more terrifying than her girlfriend’s parents.
  • Their first anniversary is celebrated at Pride. Rachel wears a rainbow flag as a cape and paints both her and Annabeth’s cheeks. Annbeth pretends it’s cheesy, but she can’t stop smiling.
Markiplier Ego Imagines (pt. 7)

(Well, it’s raining outside, and I happen to like rain quite a lot. So here, have the Egos on a rainy day!)

Imagine weatherman Jim trying to warn the other Egos ahead of time, but nobody listens to him because he’s only right half the time anyway. When it actually does start to rain, he just sits in the corner looking smug and mumbling to himself about how weathermen are so underappreciated. Newscaster Jim usually cheers him up by asking if he wants to grab the van and chase the storm, which weatherman Jim is always absolutely giddy about.

Imagine Dark standing in his office, looking out his window at a world made grayer. He admires thunderstorms for their power, and the sound of the rain hitting his window actually calms his scattered thoughts. Thunder doesn’t bother him, even when it sounds like a gun going off right by his ear. He likes it all, and the dreary mood that descends on the entire building doesn’t hurt his spirits either.

Imagine King of the Squirrels being absolutely terrified by thunder and lightning. He doesn’t know what it is, but he doesn’t like it. And it’s most likely going to kill him. He’s sure of it. They never find him hiding in the same place twice each time a storm blows in, and eventually they designate a single Ego to search the building for him and keep him from having a panic attack. It used to be Dr. Iplier, but the good Doctor’s bedside manner is really quite terrible.

Imagine Google trying and failing to keep the lights in the building from going out. They’re on backup power, and Oliver has been on the roof for the last thirty minutes trying to fix the satellite because Darkiplier is missing the new episode of “Sherlock” and is not too happy about it. Green is keeping the wifi up with some sort of black magic, and Red is now in charge of finding King of the Squirrels.

Imagine Wilford Warfstache being absolutely insulted that anything, even Mother Nature, would try to mess up his perfect hair. He’s just walking along, happily singing about murder, when the sky opens up and dumps a ton of water on top of him. The others try to explain to him that it’s nothing personal, sometimes the sky just does that, and Dark even sits him down for a lesson in meteorology. But Wilford keeps looking around and posing every time the lightning flashes because he thinks it’s someone trying to take his picture.

Imagine the Host loving rain more than anything. He loves the sound of it—even though the thunder can sometimes hurt his sensitive ears—and the smell. It’s the only time that the Host will go out onto the roof, and he just stands there in it for a while, letting it completely drench him. Oliver finds him up there when he’s fixing the satellite and freaks out because, “Host, you’re going to get struck by lightning!” Oliver forces Host back inside, and tells him to go visit the Doctor after he changes clothes. “You’re going to catch pneumonia,” Dr. Iplier warns him, but it’s one of the few things that makes the Host happy. So, none of them really know what to do about it.

Imagine Bim Trimmer, little plant boi that he is, opening the windows in his room, and giving all his babies a drink, “The natural way.” He has to mop up all the water afterwards, but he doesn’t mind. Usually Red ends up at his door, asking if Bim will come and talk to King until the storm passes. Bim obliges, and he quickly realizes that the King isn’t as vapid as the other Egos assume he is. He just needs someone who will listen. Bim begins to seek out the King even when there isn’t a storm, and they quickly become best buds.

Imagine Yandere, covered in blood as always, standing outside the doors of the building getting drenched. He doesn’t know whether or not he should come in because the last time he trekked blood and dirt into Wilford’s main entryway, the other Ego made him dust the catwalks above the studio. So, he just stands there, waiting for the rain to stop. People give him a wide berth as they run for shelter, and when the others find him after the storm is passed, Yandere is curled up against the wall asleep.

When the wonderlandians went back to Wonderland High to find out more about the mysterious invasion of the Red Kingdom, there weren’t aware of that they actually had to attend school again. A lot has changed since last time and with Alice being the new headmistress, there are new rules to follow.


Being the leader of his troop of the and the former vice principal of WH sure were some hard jobs, but being the new teacher of several subject, sure wasn’t something he wanted to write down on his curriculum vitae. But after all, these new rules must be followed. And who wouldn’t love to have this handsome guy as your history teacher, right Alistair?


Maddie already has been a master in mixing chemicals and creating shrinking potions back at Ever After High, but Wonderland High gives her new opportunities to create bigger and much more exciting potions the world has never seen before


Lizzie of course HAD TO join the Art of Fashion-Club, where she met another passionate fashionista, Edelyn Van Cœur, a Jupjup Cat from the Kingdom of Hearts. A few sketches and measurements later they became friends and rivals. Let’s see what the futur holds for them :3