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Adventure Time Comics #11

Publisher: Boom! Studios
(W) Grace Kraft, Patsy Chen, Jarrett Williams, Lucie Ebrey (A) Grace Kraft, Patsy Chen, Jarrett Williams, Lucie Ebrey (CA) Chase Van Weerduizen, Jen Wang, Renato Faccini

Finn and Jake face off in the ultimate showdown, Tree Trunks forgets how to bake pies, and Marceline gets lost in her own home.

In Shops: May 17, 2017

When the wonderlandians went back to Wonderland High to find out more about the mysterious invasion of the Red Kingdom, there weren’t aware of that they actually had to attend school again. A lot has changed since last time and with Alice being the new headmistress, there are new rules to follow.


Being the leader of his troop of the and the former vice principal of WH sure were some hard jobs, but being the new teacher of several subject, sure wasn’t something he wanted to write down on his curriculum vitae. But after all, these new rules must be followed. And who wouldn’t love to have this handsome guy as your history teacher, right Alistair?


Maddie already has been a master in mixing chemicals and creating shrinking potions back at Ever After High, but Wonderland High gives her new opportunities to create bigger and much more exciting potions the world has never seen before


Lizzie of course HAD TO join the Art of Fashion-Club, where she met another passionate fashionista, Edelyn Van Cœur, a Jupjup Cat from the Kingdom of Hearts. A few sketches and measurements later they became friends and rivals. Let’s see what the futur holds for them :3

Bang bang alley ~ Part seven, series two

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A/N ~ Ok so I’m not exactly 100% happy with this but I know I’m probably just being fussy. This part starts off from Seung hyun’s point of view from the end of the last chapter. As always things written in italics are spoken in English. I hope you enjoy the finale.

Theme ~ Mafia/Gangster AU

Pairing ~ Choi Seung hyun x Reader

Featuring ~ Bigbang x Bangtan boys x Block b

Rated ~ Action/angst/fluff

Warnings ~ Violence/Abuse/Language/Death/Wanted suicide

Series one

Series two

Seung hyun watched your hand shaking as you held the gun at him, he couldn’t help but think to himself how this was all his fault. If he had just stayed hidden in the darkness of the alley that night, your father would have never found you, but if he had stayed hidden you would have been bound to a life of misery and abuse at the hands of Dong-won. He smiled as he thought about the last few months you had spent together, he had gotten a second chance to be with you again and he was sure this was the reason he was brought back from death.

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Not ready to leave. It really was a perfect trip, Andy was a great traveling companion and we struck up a good balance of planning on the fly and spontaneity. The first day we gave up our plan to drive the whole ring road in favor of taking our time and hiking, getting from Rekyavik to Hofn and back. The weather hid and reveled the landscape differently on our way out and back. We did about 43 miles of walking. I’m sore and bruised all over, I used sooo many bandaids, and the foot I sprained 2 weeks ago wasn’t very happy with me.

We only did one tour, a ride on a boat in the glacier lagoon. I broke part of the van, chased waterfall rainbows, stumbled across the most beautiful newly weds getting photos taken, gave up my aversion to leggings (I wore thermals and sporty leggings 80% of the time), hiked into the clouds, found geodes, and perfected taking a 3 minute shower before the water would cut off (coin operated).


Shows that should exist - S c o o b y  D o o

Bad puns, unsettling pastels, neon monsters and the contrast between kids who pile up in a van chasing their dreams and nightmares lurking in the suburbs.

Nothing ever happens here, not really, but monsters still find a way.

“Mom, I’m going out to chase ghosts!”

“Alright, honey, just be back in time for dinner!”

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Free Him//An Ahkmenrah Imagine

Summary: You’re Nicky’s older cousin and he and Larry show you the museum and you go into the Egypt exhibit and hear Ahk screaming and pounding on the lid, but Larry and Teddy both tell you not to open it, but you do it anyway. (Story line’s a little wonky, but you get the general idea behind it. I kind of skipped the Dick Van Dyke chasing them scene, I hope you don’t mind. The tablet’s still stolen though.)


“Okay, so tell me again why we’re sitting in the security office at the Museum of Natural History waiting for the museum to close?” you asked your cousin. “I didn’t come all the way out here from San Francisco to sit in a security office.”

“Just wait. It’ll be awesome, I promise,” he said, bouncing in his seat like he was three. 

“It better be,” you said. “What do you wanna do?”

“We could watch a movie,” he suggested. “Finding Nemo?”

“You got it.” You pulled the movie up on the computer screen and for the next few hours, you and Nicky watched Disney movies until Larry came to get you.

“Okay guys, you ready?”

Nicky nodded, bouncing on the balls of his feet.

“Kid, you gotta stop bouncing. You’re gonna go straight through the roof,” you joked.

“Nick, why don’t you go wait for Jed and Octavius to wake up? Here’ I got them a new car, seeing as Rexy stepped on the last one.” Your uncle handed his son a remote car and the kid ran off.

“Who are Jed and Octavius? And why are they sleeping in the museum? Also, who’s Rexy?”

“You’ll see in about twenty seconds,” was his response. You sighed and sat on the desk.

“Get off,” he said, not looking away from the T-Rex skeleton. You stuck your tongue out at his back, but did as he asked.

“Larry, it’s been twenty seconds and I don’t see any holy shit," you gasped as the skeleton came to life and nuzzled your uncle’s face. "Larry what is going on?”

“Long story short, there’s a magic Egyptian tablet that brings all the exhibits in the museum to life.”

“This tablet wouldn’t happen to be in the Egyptian section of the museum, would it?”

“Where else would it be?” He turned around and saw the look on your face. “(Y/N), don’t you dare.”

“I’m gonna touch it.”

“No, you’re not.”

“I’m gonna touch it!” you yelled, laughing gleefully as you took off down the hall.

“Who’s that then Lawrence?” Teddy asked, riding up on Tex.

“My niece. I have to find her before she deliberately breaks all the rules.”

Teddy laughed. “I like her. She’s got spirit.”

“Yeah, well Attila might not see it that way when she braids his hair when he’s not looking.”

Teddy laughed again. “Hop on Lawrence. Let’s see if we can catch her." 

The two of them took off down the hall after you.

You were already in the exhibit, looking around at all the cool artifacts. Then you saw the tablet. You walked up to it, skirting around the sarcophagus in front of it. 

You examined the thing, admiring the handiwork of whoever had made it. Something in the sarcophagus began pounding on the lid and screaming, nearly giving you a heart attack.

"What the fuck!” you yelled.

“Language (Y/N),” Larry said, coming through the door on horseback sitting behind Teddy Goddamn Roosevelt. 

“Are you gonna let him out or what?”

“Are you kidding me?” Larry laughed. “No way! He’s gonna try to take over everything. That’s what Teddy told me at least.”

You glowered at both of them. “It’s not fair! I saw Attila the fricking Hun running around with his Mongols. You’re telling me that one pharaoh is gonna cause more trouble than he is?”

“I don’t know (Y/N), but we aren’t letting him out, do you understand?”

You vaguely registered that the screaming had stopped, but you were too pissed off to care. “Hey Larry, let’s stick you in a sarcophagus so you can hear everyone else running amok and having fun while you’re stuck in a coffin!”

You stomped out of the room, Larry and Teddy following, but at a great distance. “Dicks,” you muttered under your breath, and went off to find Nicky.

You were successful in your mission, finding him on the back of the tyrannosaurus, trying to find the guys who had stolen the tablet. “Hey Nick! You wanna go free a 4,000 year old pharaoh?” you shouted.

He shook his head. “We gotta find these guys. Besides, Dad says we aren’t allowed.”

You were surrounded by morons. You were gonna have to do this yourself. Running back down the hall, you successfully avoided Larry and Teddy, but you ran into a pair of twenty foot tall jackal headed guards.

“You have got to be kidding me,” you groaned under your breath. “Look, guys, I’m here to let him out!” you yelled, pointing at the sarcophagus. “I’m gonna free him!" 

By some miracle, they understood you and let you pass. You shoved the heavy marble slab off the coffin and it landed on the ground with a crash. Yanking the pins out from around the edges, you jumped back as the person inside pushed off the lid and sat up.

"Oh fuck,” you mumbled, taking in the mummy in front of you.

It began to unwrap its bandages. “Abort, abort, abort!” you hissed.

The guy pulled the last of the bandages off, and coughed out a bunch of dust. Oh man this guy was a babe.

“Never mind.”

“You would not believe how stuffy it was in there. What was that you were saying?”

“Nothing. You’re Ahkmenrah, right?”

He nodded. “Fourth king of the fourth king and the ruler of the land of my fathers.”

“I’m just gonna call you Ahk. How do you know English?”

“I went to Cambridge University.”

You went to Cambridge.”

“I was on display in the Egyptology department,” he clarified.

“Ah okay. I’m (Y/N). I’m Larry’s niece.”

“(Y/N), I heard you arguing for my release earlier. I am forever in your debt.”

“Not a problem.”

“Now, bestow the tablet upon me so I that I may assume command of my kingdom.”

“Oh Christ,” you muttered. Larry and Teddy were right.

“Uh, yeah about that. I don’t actually have the tablet on me. Some guy stole it. You can come with us to recover it, I guess, but you gotta promise you won’t go batshit crazy on me and start trying to take over everything.”

He looked confused, but nodded nonetheless. 

The jackals busted down a wall and you climbed through. You looked over your shoulder for Ahk, but he wasn’t there.

“Where the hell is he?" 

Your question was answered when he came around the corner with his crown and hopped over the rubble, his robe flying out behind him. "Thanks guys,” you told the guards. “I’ll get him back in one piece.”

.   .   .

He followed the girl in front of him, thinking about how kind of her it was to free him. Also, she was quite beautiful, so waking up to her face wasn’t that bad. The two of them rounded a corner to see Nick and Larry staring out at the havoc being wreaked by the exhibits.

“Larry, what’s going on?”

He turned and saw the two of them standing there. “You released the pharaoh? I told you to do one thing. One thing, (Y/N). What was it?”

“Don’t release the pharaoh.”

“Don’t release the pharaoh! Ans what did you do?”

She hung her head. “I released the pharaoh.”

Ahk felt bad that she was being yelled at on his account, but then he caught sight of her smirk and realized that she knew exactly what she was doing.

“His name is Ahkmenrah by the way. You can call him Ahk.”


She cut him off. “Ahkmenrah is too much to say all the time. We’re calling you Ahk.”

He liked her.