van brunt


They had always been the best of friends, growing up together in the same village and seemingly inseparable. They were the golden boys, born after the Great War, the world theirs for the taking. When war returned to their country, they went off together to learn to fly, wanting nothing more than to feel the freedom of the sky and impress the girls with their heroic tales.

This freedom came at a price and on one horrible night, their Lancaster crawled back to Lincolnshire after a bombing run over Germany. Out of the seven-man crew, only Flight lieutenant Crane and Flying officer Van Brunt made it out alive, both seriously injured.

While convalescing at a nearby hospital, they met the beautiful American nurse, Abigail Mills. Both men fell for her but her heart quickly belonged to Crane. And nothing would ever be golden between the two men again…


I was tagged by @somethingwickedthiswaylives ( Thank you so much for it :) )
to list 10 Favorite Characters from 10 different fandom’s. ( In no particular order).

1. Daryl Dixon from the walking dead series. He is a very good fighter and a nice guy :)

2. Ezio Auditore da Firenze from Assassin’s Creed. I think he is still the best Assassin ever :3 i Love his humor :)

3. Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones. She is so tough and strong.

4. Garrett from Thief. I love his style and he is so mysterious. The best thief i have ever seen.

5. Peter Pan from Once upon a Time. He is the best Peter Pan i have ever seen and i love so much his eyebrows action :D

6. Loki Laufeyson from Thor Movies. He is the best villain and his humor is so great.

7. Reggie Rowe from Infamous Second Son. I love his normal character.

8. Jacob and Evie Frye from Assassin’s Creed. ( again ;) ) I love so much the Twins :3 they are so funny and gorgeous.

9. Josh Levison from Being Human US. He is for me the best werwolf :) and He is very cute.

10. Abraham van Brunt from Sleepy Hollow. I love his determination and his fight style :)

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