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j e s p e r fahey & w y l a n van eck

Jesper’s mind emptied. He wasn’t thinking of what had happened before or what might happen next. There was only the reality of Wylan’s mouth, the press of his lips, then the fine bones of his neck, the silky feel of his curls as Jesper cupped his nape and drew him nearer. This was the kiss he’d been waiting for. It was a gunshot. It was a prairie fire. It was the spin of Makker’s Wheel. Jesper felt the pounding of his heart—or was it Wylan’s?—like a stampede in his chest, and the only thought in his head was a happy, startled, Oh.


Solo Summer Road Trip | Babes Ride Out East Coast
7 Travel Tips for Road Tripping Alone

Summer is FINALLY here, which means it’s time to put that dreamy, wanderlust Pinterest board to use and start that solo summer road trip you keep talking about with your friends. You see, telling everyone you’re hitting the road unaccompanied is simple, but when it comes to successfully executing said road trip? Now that’s where it gets dicey. I’m a huge fan of spontaneously taking off on a whim the moment the travel bug bites. However, I’ve had my fair share of failed trips due to inadequate planning, so let me save you from an impending travel disaster, and help you plan for that amazing solo “finding yourself” mission you’ve dreamt about since binging on Cross Roads (Britney’s finest moment). Since I had the Babes Ride Out East Coast road trip on the horizon, I figured I’d put these tips to good use. From Boston to Catskills, NY, here are some tips for planning your solo road trip this summer…

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