This is my design for a Vampuria Reptoid, an alleged type of Reptoid (not Terran or Draconian) that feeds solely on the emotional energy of others.*

Sadly, awesome alien sites that used to be hosted on angelfire and tripod are disappearing and information on these guys is super scarce. provides the only description I could find:

Supposedly a species of reptilian that sustains its life force by siphoning off human energies and emotions. They are several feet with a  bulb like hump between their foreheads, elongated arms and legs, eyes are red with slits for pupils, the bodies are reptile like bipedal and hands have four digits with dark talons. They are a hybrid species.

I’m trying to introduce more alien varieties and references in the side stories and I thought this guy might be a fun villain for a Halloween TH story. :B

Maybe I could name them after different parts of the brain…

* Depending on who you ask, this is sometimes a Draconian trait but I’m finding more and more a distinction between the two.  The Draco in TH definitely don’t eat emotions; they eat the fuuds. :3