For those of you who enjoyed today’s stream and wish to do what I did, here’s the challenge I made for myself.

I made this massive compilation of several 30 day and color pallette challenges that I ran across to make 2 lists of 100. Yeesh. You may recognize a couple of areas even! (like the Witch 30 day challenge or the 30 day burrito challenge)

Take 2 10 sided dice and roll them twice (one dice for the ten’s place and one for the one’s place). Roll them twice. The first number will be the theme/ thing to draw, the second one the palette you need try stick to. Then draw the result. Happy arting!

My brother and I have decided to accept this challenge - run 100 miles by Halloween. Totally doable. Right? ;)
Even if we ran only 1 mi per day, we can make at least 68 miles before Halloween. That’s over half! So if we can run longer runs on weekends and before school starts? Doable.
Who’s in?? 😄🎃🎃


Day 3: Out of the book 📚🖋 @saltwaterwitchery 30 days of witchcraft

 (Left) Kinara’s BOS @lovely-amethyst-witch , Moon Phase Meaning Page

(Right) Nessa’s Grimoire @mai-muse, Meditation for Beginners Page



Each season of Girl Meets World has plenty of things that we all love about them, so we thought that we would put together a series of appreciation weeks for each season. Season one is up first and will run from Sunday the 15th of October until Sunday the 22nd. You can create anything you want to fill the prompt; gifsets, moodboards, videos, edits, or even write some fanfic. This week is open to anyone and everyone in the fandom and we cannot wait to see what everyone will create. 

The Week: 

10/15/17: favorite episode(s) - there are so many amazing episodes to choose from in season one, so what are you favorites? you can dedicate this day to one episode you love, or a series of episodes! 
10/16/17: missy bradford or billy ross? - season one gave us some great characters and unfortunately were never seen again, missy and billy were two of those characters. so which one did you like more? 
10/17/17: favorite quote(s) - season one gave us some really memorable quotes, both heartfelt and comedic, so which ones are most memorable to you? which ones do you still find yourself quoting to this day? 
10/18/17: world of terror 1 or home for the holidays? - each season of girl meets world gave us two holiday episodes, for season one it was home for the holidays and world of terror one, so which one do you prefer? 
10/19/17: favorite fashion - despite the fact that all of our favorite characters were only in seventh grade in season one, most of them still managed to kill the fashion game, so which fashion moments stick out in your mind? 
10/20/17: mrs. svorski or evelyn rand? - here we have two more characters never seen again after season one, this time it’s mrs. svorski and evelyn rand (or crazy hat lady), which one’s crazy antics did you like more? 
10/21/17: favorite boy meets world reference OR favorite background kid moment - for day seven, we have two prompts (because not everyone watched boy meets world), your favorite boy meets world reference which can be anything from a subtle call back to the return of shawn hunter or your favorite moment that takes place among the beloved classroom kids. 
10/22/17: free day - finish out the week with whatever you want! really, anything! the world is your oyster, as long as it’s related to season one of girl meets world it’s fair game. 

Make sure that you tag all of your posts with #gmws1week and we’ll reblog them here onto the network. Also feel free to tag the network (#gmwnet), if you feel so inclined. As stated above, this week is open to anyone, not just network members, so have fun and get creative! Make sure to ask if you have any questions, and we can’t wait to see what you create! 

Gesundheit 1/1

This is my very silly, probably hugely OOC and fairly NSFW response to this weeks challenge set by @txf-prompt-box

Must be included - “What are you holding behind your back?”

Bonus - It’s not Mulder or Scully saying it.

Double bonus - The thing behind the back is…trouble! Tagging @today-in-fic

Gesundheit 1/1

I have never really considered myself the kind of person who readily shows any kind of extreme emotion on my face, and just for a moment I am transported back to a distant Dallas rooftop where the sun threatened to bake us both alive and where my partner and I enjoyed a few moments of playful banter before our world imploded and everything went to hell.

My panic face.

The one I told Scully didn’t exist.

The one I am pretty fucking sure I am making right now as I stand and stare at my boss who is frowning at me from his position not two feet away from where a wet spot is darkening the hue of the carpet slightly; evidence of some office-based fun that, while a nice way to break up the monotony of a boring day, could, if he notices, send Scully and I straight out the door and into a state of FBI infamy even more pronounced than where we already are.

Because fucking your partner on your office floor during the working day is frowned upon believe it or not; and why we swore we would never indulge in such a ridiculously dangerous pursuit when our relationship went from friend to lover in the blink of an eye and which has continued to gather pace like an out of control steamroller.  We agreed that lines should be drawn right from the start to retain at least some semblance of professional etiquette and for the most part we have managed to stay within those lines.  

But we are only human and while it would be easy to blame Scully for wearing one of those low-cut stretchy tops that when she bends down practically expose her nipples for the world to see or the fact that the heat of the DC summer had encouraged the wearing of those lace-topped stockings that seem to somehow hold themselves up with no apparent help or even that she whispered that she might just wear them for me later if I was a good fibbie and finished the stack of expense reports that had kept us imprisoned in the basement on this glorious day, but truthfully, we didn’t really need any other reason than we simply wanted each other; and that we couldn’t wait.

And I have to admit that the sight of Scully, head thrown back as her glorious ass sent expense reports flying in all directions when she hoisted herself onto the desk, severe pencil straight skirt rucked up to expose demure white cotton panties with just a hint of lace that were already damp with the evidence of her desire, made any semblance of rational thought just bleed right from my brain as my dick took complete control of the situation at hand.

I had dropped to my knees, hooking my arms beneath her smooth white thighs and I’m pretty sure I was growling like a dog in possession of his favourite toy as I drew her toward me and discarded her delicate undergarment with a well practised flick of my wrist before diving straight in with all the enthusiasm of a starving man suddenly plonked down in front of an ‘all you can eat’ buffet and handed a spoon.

I love eating Scully out because not only does she taste like fucking ambrosia, but also because it’s one of the only times I ever see her fully lose control of that rational, scientific mind of hers as she emits the kinds of noises from that sweet mouth that for years I fantasised about without any real hope of ever discovering firsthand how vocal she may or may not be; but be assured that the reality exceeds the fantasy in every way imaginable and slipping my fingers inside the soft, wet warmth of her while strafing her clit with my tongue is a bit like a homecoming each time and if I live to be a hundred years old I will never tire of how it makes me feel.

Now, I didn’t intend for this whole thing to be a reciprocal arrangement because frankly, when I felt her inner walls contract around my fingers as she tensed and shuddered her way through - if I do say so myself- a skillfully induced work day orgasm, I was well pleased with myself and pretty tickled that she had been the one to instigate the whole thing despite her long list of ‘do’s and don’ts in the office with your erstwhile platonic-but-not-platonic-anymore partner’  But it seemed like the post-orgasmic Scully that literally dragged me to the floor while furiously scrabbling to free my cock from the confines of the expensive dress pants that were tenting to such an extent that I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find a whole troupe of boy-scouts singing ‘ging gang goolie’ while toasting marshmallows around a campfire,  was in the grip of an endorphin rush of x-filean levels and she had no intention of taking no for an answer.

I obliged of course, I mean it would hardly be gentlemanly of me to refuse now would it?

And so I experienced, for the first time the combined agony and ecstasy as my partner grinned at me wickedly over her shoulder as she pushed that delectable little ass in the air in implicit invitation, and the feel of that cheap nylon carpet that stripped the skin off my knees with every thrust.  I wasn’t about to complain though - I mean, what’s a little pain between friends right?

I didn’t last long, certainly not my finest performance at any rate, but Scully didn’t seem to mind as she met me thrust for thrust as the sound of my balls slapping against her filled the space around us and she seemed to pull me deeper and deeper with every stroke until my mind literally went blank and white heat sent me spiralling in a vortex of pleasure that literally had me bellowing her name as I exploded into her.  

Thank fuck our office is in the basement is all I can say because I think the level of my vocal release could have roused J Edgar himself from his eternal slumbers.

And really, that should have been that.  The shit-eating grin on my face as I watched Scully rise gracefully to her feet, adjusting her skirt and running her fingers through her hair as she exited the office - I’m guessing to clean up some - should have been the only evidence of our daytime indiscretion.  

Until that is, I looked up from where I had stooped to retrieve her panties from where they still lay on the floor from earlier and, in a truly bowel-loosening moment of horrified clarity, I realised Skinner had entered the office without knocking.

My boss.

In front of me. 

While I am holding my partners dampened panties in my hand.

I mean this is my fucking boss - and he isn’t known for his sense of humour.

So I do the only thing that makes sense, I thrust my hands behind my back like a naughty kid caught next to an empty cookie jar, feeling that panic face I mentioned earlier overtake me as I force myself to keep breathing.

“What are you holding behind your back?”

Think Mulder….say something for fucksake…anything….


Skinner takes a step toward me, his shoe now covering that spot on the carpet that I probably should have blotted out straight away.


My mouth is completely dry, I mean I have faced assassins and managed to retain more saliva than I have right now and I actually feel kind of like I need to puke right there on his shiny Assistant Director shoes.

“Are you feeling alright Mulder?”

And there it is - inspiration finally fights it’s way up through the hysterical fog that has invaded my brain - as I bring the hand holding that scrap of white cotton upto my nose and with a fake sneeze that is frankly worthy of a fucking emmy award, I vigorously rub them against my nose before balling them up and shoving them in my pocket.

“Hayfever”  I supply helpfully, somewhat more in control than I was thirty seconds ago, “Pollen count is really high today.”

Skinner’s eyes drop to my pants pocket, brow furrowed as though he isn’t quite sure what he just saw.

“Lace edged Mulder?”

“It’s Scully’s she….um…she leant it to me.”

He still stands there and for the first time I notice the file he is holding in his hand.

“Did you need us for something sir?”

He inclines his head slightly and I swear to God he is sniffing the air and then he suddenly steps away from the desk, waving the file before tossing it toward me at chest level and somehow, I manage to not fumble it.

“I need you to take a look at this and let me know if it’s of interest.  I expect an answer within the hour.”

He turns to go, pausing just as he reaches the open door but not looking around, his final words ringing in my ears even as he walks away.

“And Mulder? Make sure Agent Scully is once more in full possession of that handkerchief BEFORE you leave this office.  Do I make myself clear?”


2017 Final Stretch Langblr Challenge

It is Saturday, November 4th, 2017 as of writing this, meaning that there are less than two months until the end of this year and the start of 2018 (57 days, not including today). I want to use this as a way to push myself to finish the year out strong, and hopefully others will take part as well on their way to achieve their goals.

The challenge is nothing difficult. The main component is to make a post each week from November 5th until December 31st. Sunday is preferable, since December 31st falls on a Sunday, but any day of the week works. The post should detail your goals for the week, and from the second week on, reflect on your progress from the previous week(s).

Some example goals:

  • Learn a certain number of words per day for your target language(s)
  • Write a paragraph, essay, or short story in your target language(s)
  • Listen to podcasts, listen to music, and/or watch a movie/television show/video in your target language(s)
  • Practice speaking your target language(s) with another person, with a learning software, with a mirror, or on video
  • Use any language learning application for aa certain amount of time each day
  • Learn a certain number of new grammar points, or review ones you are rusty on, in your target language(s)
  • Make a vocabulary list

You should have about two or three goals per week. They can be the same each week, or you can switch them out for different ones. The main objective is to push yourself harder for the remainder of this year and document your progress so you can see how you have improved within these two months.

If you partake in the challenge, tag the posts with #2017finalstretch. That way, we can track our progress and encourage each other to keep moving. Hope you enjoy 😄

‘But the people living there are powerful, and their cities are fortified and very large; and what’s more, we saw giants there!
Numbers 13:28

- Giant like situations will always be part of life.
- There will always be giants that we have to deal with.
- However, the giants must not intimidate us!
- We have a big God for whom nothing is too difficult.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, I will not fear the giants that I am facing right now in my life, but I will believe that nothing is too difficult for You and You will fight the battle for me. Amen

☆30 Days Hairstyles Challenge☆

Day 01: Short Haired Female
Day 02: Medium Length Haired Female
Day 03: Long Haired Female
Day 04: Long Haired Male 
Day 05: Black Haired Character
Day 06: White Haired Character
Day 07: Gray Haired Character
Day 08: Green Haired Character
Day 09: Red Haired Character
Day 10: Dark Brown Haired Character
Day 11: Light Brown Haired Character
Day 12: Yellow Haired Character
Day 13: Orange Haired Character
Day 14: Pink Haired Character
Day 15: Dark Blue Haired Character
Day 16: Light Blue Haired Character
Day 17: Purple  Haired Character
Day 18: Two Colors Haired Character
Day 19: No Hair Character
Day 20: Sided Hair
Day 21: Pointy Hair
Day 22: Male With Ponytail
Day 23: Girl With Ponytail
Day 24: Side Ponytail
Day 25: Pigtails 
Day 26: Braided Hair 
Day 27: Hairclips 
Day 28: Bowl Cut 
Day 29: Asymmetric
Day 30: Something else of your choice


Stuff and Stuff

Please let us have three day weekends, WHY is this not a thing? Work for four and off for thee makes WAY more sense!

Taking care of children that are not your own for an indefinite amount of time is interesting. I’ve been a teacher so caring for children is natural and easy but having the 24/7 and not being their parent is a challenge. Making sure they don’t feel like outcasts in the home is so hard. I love my children, I spoil my children and my children are older and we have very close bonds. My children also respect me very much. They also know me and my moods very well, it’s normal to them, they were raised by a bipolar mother and they’ve learned to deal with most of the thousands of possible moods. My nieces and nephew just think I’m a crazy bitch. They don’t understand that under all of the moods is someone that loves them more than they will ever understand.

Then, there is their dad, my brother. The relationship there is not ideal and I have to keep my mouth shut because I don’t want any mistakes or waves or whatever that could mess things up and have the kids end up back with their mom somehow. So, I just keep my mouth shut and it causes me stress.


Well, we went to the corn maze today. Super fun fall activities.

I’m like four days without coffee and it hasn’t bothered me at all. Matcha is awesome.

By the way!! I’m 4 months without cheese!!!!

I hope your upcoming week doesn’t suck

Thanks for visiting


gmw: season one appreciation week: favorite episode: girl meets 1961

It’s history. Every decision you make every day, every time you decide to turn left instead of right, you make history. And you affect someone else’s. And if you refuse to learn that, I guarantee you you guys will not become the best person you can be. Because history is all about missed opportunities. “History has nothing to do with us,” wasn’t it, miss Hart?

On The Difficult Road

How often do you know the road is difficult before travelling down it? Hardly ever right! If you’re on one of those roads right now remember there’s light at the end of the tunnel and greatness beyond.🌞🙌 Keep pushing through, you are stronger than you realise. 💪

A 30 day character building challenge

Something I’ve been thinking over recently, and if anyone is interested in taking part ^^ This would be for both writing and drawing; I’ll brainstorm some more but I’ll let you guys know when am I creating the list, but feel free to tell me what’s the hardest part about creating a character

What is it?
A creations challenge (which includes fics, art, vidding, giffing, and any other form of art used for fan creations) just for the Rare Ships (“rare” is anything that isn’t the two main ships). So come and show your love for the ships that never get enough!

What is this month’s theme?
This month’s theme is gemstones/crystals! You can expect prompts like tiger’s eye, amethyst, quartz, etc. As always, you’re welcome to interpret the prompt as you see fit. You can use the meaning of the stone (which will be provided for you), or the stone itself!
Special thanks to @purgatoan for helping me come up with the theme for this month!

How do we sign up?
- Sign ups are open until August 31st!
- Please reblog this post.
- Please make sure your ‘submit’ page is turned on or I will not be able to send the prompt.
- Send an ask to the page telling me your choice for ship. (I am allowing you to sign up for up to 3 ships, however this will give you 3 prompts, so please be sure you can complete all of them if you choose to sign up for more than one!)
- You can follow the page, but it’s not required.

What happens when we sign up?
- In early September, I will be sending you a submission with your prompt and your partner. (Note: I will be a little late sending these out, I will be traveling on the 1st so you may not get your prompts until about the 4th - please be patient with me!)
- Remember this is not a collaboration challenge - the partners are simply to get a few different takes on the same prompt!
- You have until September 30th to create your art piece based on this prompt.
- When you post it, be sure to tag #spnrareshipcc, your partner’s url, and your ship in the first five tags, or I won’t see it! (Please tag NSFW if you have any nsfw material).
- Please also make sure to list any warnings and tags using something similar to the suggested format on the blog page.
- I will reblog your creation to the challenge page for everyone to enjoy!

What if I have more questions?
-If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to check out the FAQ page or the rules page, or just send me an ask!

That’s it. The 10 Days of Abby Griffin are over. 
Thank you so much for your participation, it was wonderful to admire all your thoughts, creations and ideas! 

So you can still admire all the contribution, we have tagged them accordingly. Here’s a list: 

Day 1: favourite outfit / hairstyle
Day 2: underrated relationship
Day 3: favourite quote
Dasy 4: favourite headcanon
Day 5: Griffin Women Day
Day 6: favourite character trait
Day 7: favourite overall relationship
Day 8: favourite underrated moment
Day 9: favourite alternate universe
Day 10: free choice

If you didn’t get around to publish what you wanted to publish, feel free to do so later. We’ll be tracking the tag #10daysofabbygriffin for a few more days or weeks. 

Please let us know if you liked this project, what you’d want to improve and if you’d be interested in future challenges. 

Until then at least Kabby fans do not have to starve. The @slackru Season 5 Bunker Fluff Challenge is happening right now. And for the ones who like it spooky: @kabby-holiday-fun will be back with a Kabby Halloween Week soon!
Make sure to check these challenges out.

The 10 Days of Abby Griffin are saying goodbye for now. A huge thank you goes out to all of you! We couldn’t have done it without you.