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Rest easy, space mom.

While the twin suns were ever-present during the day and hailed as the guiding light of the sands, the triplet moons (Ghomrassen, Guermessa, and Chenini) were ever-present in the night and were guides of the wind and stars. To where the suns brought light to the brutality of Tatooine, the moons saw all that transpired in the night. Those that died in the moons-light were judged by it. And many who believed the suns were harsher would learn fast that the moons were just as fierce and heavy as the dual stars.

*softly* have you accepted jhoren starbringer as your revolutionary and iconic leader yet? no? its ok you have time


idk where this fangem content inspiration is coming from, but have a herkimer diamond and angel aura quartz slam dunking wd at the beginning of the rebellion!! 

herkimer diamond (usually just goes by hd or mer) is a false diamond! initially created as a decoy/switch out for wd she essentially was like “i am worth more than taking the hit for you” and rebelled and she’s the reason angel aura made it to earth in the first place. (angel aura has her tucked away inside her gem for safe keeping, as hd is still pretty wanted thru the entire diamond empire.)

In the Dark - The Birthday Massacre

I’m in the dark
I’m alone around you
I’ve never been here before
Nobody here to get me through

Oh I’m losing my faith in every way
That points to you
Oh I’m in the dark
I’m alone around you
Oh I’m in the dark


Yes, this is my OC Rose. c: She’s for Generator Rex, but this doesn’t really have anything to do with that at the moment. Oh- this IS supposed to be really dark, looking at the background and whatnot. c:  Just a quick doodle-sketch!

Rose © Me

GR © MoA

so after sO MANY REDESIGNS i really like this topaz. she’s very tall, taller than garnet- and she’s this big lady who you’d think would be (likeCANONjaspercough) really violent and domineering but she only gets like that when tougher gems get that way with her. she loves to fight and is a very angry spirit, don’t get me wrong, but she’s got a very righteous sense of anger. also FIRE POWERS! and a sword, wow, shocking. 

sorry this is kinD OF TRASH

still in my doodle mode, i happened to draw one of the eight baes of bluandorange and zetsubonna’s babbysteves au/fic/what have you. this is four, in her “sgt. stripes” uniform which i just love. four has to be one of my favorites??? like. bae is perf. 

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