vampsie arts


ANYWAY forgetting that anon, here are my fav boys from my fav new show

i hope in season 2 we get to see them in a fight on the same side…. because tbqh?? the new gods and their minions aren’t ready for that and neither am i

i listened to this while drawing them

firstly: y’all can pry the name rhiannon outta my cold, dead hands bc i enjoy it and it’s an r-name that isn’t “rose” related 

secondly: meet my absolutely self indulgent self insert rhiannon dionyz who is a demigod AND an oracle (a double fuck you) and is therefore hardcore tracked down by old and new gods. her papa is dionysus-bacchus himself and her mum is a second generation slovak lady who had greek influences in her life and adores/ed fleetwood mac (hence why she named her daughter rhiannon)

rhi has quite a few abilities but the first and foremost is that she can purposefully drive someone crazy if she focuses enough on them- she can also make the damage permanent or temporary depending on how much they endanger her. it works on gods too but that for sure is only temporary. not to mention it has baaaaad side effects for her so she tries not to use said ability too much. she also has a very high tolerance for alcohol, and can actively talk to cats (from big cats to domestic).

Rest easy, space mom.