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because people keep trying to tell me my ocs (specifically my vld self insert there, rhea) are far too mary sue, i’ve decided to push the limits of ‘mary sue’. since i first started creating characters i was faced with that phrase and terrified of it. turns out it’s mostly just people being too hoity toity about ocs and probably afraid of op female characters.

ANYWAY, have the queen of planet Pollux- Io, who is a cousin to both Rhea and Allura; Rhea, fully made a princess of planet Pollux and after being exposed to more Altean/Polluxi magic and having her half-Altean/half-Polluxi features made more apparent; and good ol’ blessing of the stars princess Allura of the passed Altea. i’ve got some background and lineage stuff under the read more (;

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Rest easy, space mom.