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Skeleton (Brad Simpson Smut)

Rating: A-14

Warning: Sexual content

Word Count: 1,738

A/N: This is my first ever piece on Tumblr so hopefully it’s alright. I love to write and will take all request from fluff to smut! 

His lips were soft and comforting against mine, something so adverse to his so-called bad boy reputation. My friends had warned me at the beginning of the school year about him and how easily it was to be cast under his spell. He’s nothing but a player, they told me, you’ll only get your heart broken. Funny that my brain is only reminding me of that moment with my friends now considering I was lost in the way Brad and I fit so perfectly together.

His thumbs traced circles on my hips sending shivers up my spine, igniting the fire inside me. Never would I have thought 3 months ago that I would be in a room alone with bad boy Bradley Simpson with a party going on underneath us.

“What’s wrong?” His voice was deep with lust while his dark eyes searched my face. I didn’t realize that I’d stopped the kiss until he spoke, the nerves coursing through my body like a hurricane. My eyes found the floor not being able to take Bard’s intense stare and only shrugging my shoulders in response. Warm fingers lightly tapped my chin, guiding my gaze back to Bard’s.

His facial features were softer with concern flooding his eyes. “What’s wrong?” He tried again.

My mouth faltered open and close a few times before remembering how to speak again. “I’ve never… I just don’t want this to…”

The corners of his mouth inched upwards into a mimicking smirk before he took a step away from me. “So I guess you’ve heard the rumours too, huh?” My brows frowned in masked confusion, though we both know that I have. “Don’t deny it, I was stupid to ever think that maybe they hadn’t got to you. But rumours are like wild fire, they just keep burning until the whole forest is nothing but char and ash.” He licked his lips, taking a moment before continuing. “They said that I’m player, that I’ll break your heart.” It wasn’t a question but a statement as though he were sighting the rumours like a poem. He studied my eyes for a long while making sure not to miss any single detail of my reaction to his words. “And you believe them.” His head bobbed up and down as he nodded to himself while letting out a pained laugh. I watched his fist clenched and unclenched subconsciously before he pushed passed me towards the door.

“Brad,” I called for him, lightly touching his shoulder. He tensed under my touch, never turning to face me. “If I believed the rumours do you really think I would be standing here now in this room with you?” When I didn’t hear a reply I continued. “And alcohol is no excuse for this either, I’m clean tonight.” A pause. “And I know you are too.”

A heavy silence filled the room before seeing Brad slightly turn his head so I was only able to see the side of his face. “Then why the hesitation?”

I swallowed my nerves knowing another choke up wouldn’t do either of us any good. “It’s just, this isn’t like me; making out with a guy who I only know because we have Calculus together. I just don’t know if I’m just thinking in the moment or…” I trailed off not knowing how to finish.

“I should leave.” Brad said with his body still turned away from mine.

Jumping over the bed I was able to beat him to the door, placing my body in front of it like a barrier. His body was so near to mine that I could feel the heat radiating off of him.

“Kiss me.” I whispered to him.

His eyes only searched mine for a moment before bending down and placing his lips back on mine as though the final puzzle piece has come into play. My hands cupped his stubbly cheeks in attempts to deepen the kiss while feeling his strong arms wrap around my middle and pull me closer to his solid frame. I began walking backwards to the bed dragging him along with me. Brad gently pushed me onto my back before towering over me, breaking the kiss in the process. His deep, brown eyes studied me as a smile broke onto his lips.

“Beautiful.” He muttered more to himself than me though I still felt heat rise to my cheeks.

He leaned back down to my lips giving me quick pecks along my jaw line then trailing down to my collarbone. I knew there would be a crimson and indigo trail of bruises in the morning as he nibbled and kissed the sensitive skin on my body. His warm hands slipped under the hem of my simple striped shirt, raising it above my chest and over my head before doing the same to his own. My fingers trailed along the divots of his chest and stomach, tracing the muscles to memory. I noticed his breathing became heavier once I looked up at him. He was getting lost in the moment with my fingers against his warm, sun kissed skin. I studied his face with a smile, his eyes cracking open once my fingers stopped moving before he leaned down to give me more of his comforting kisses that I wished I could have all day long. I was so lost in the kiss that I didn’t realize that the both of us were only left in our underwear.

Brad’s soft lips left mine as he trailed them down the valley of my body before stopping just above the lacy fabric I was left in.

He looked up at me, eyes scanning mine for any hesitation. “Are you sure?” I nodded my head not wanting this moment to ever end.

Brad continued, planting kisses on either side of my thighs before pulling down my last piece of clothing and discarding it with the rest that laid on the floor. His lips lightly brushed over my clitoral causing me to let out a shaky breath. He smiled knowing how much of an affect he had on me. He brought his lips back down and placed a few more kisses to my skin before attaching them to my clit. I felt his finger brush between my swollen lips, collecting the wetness before pushing one of his digits into me. The pace was slow but deep causing me to let out small whimpers and moans whenever he brushed against my G-spot. I was a panting and sweating mess underneath him as I tangled my hands into his soft, chestnut locks, pulling at them every so often. He inserted another two fingers, quickening the pace as he did so. I felt my stomach tighten with each thrust of his fingers and mouth attacking my small bud. His name was falling out of my mouth repeatedly like it was the only thing I could say. He hummed into me causing my legs to twitch from the pleasure of it. I began to feel myself tighten around his fingers before finally hitting my climax.

I laid on my back for a few moments, trying to regain a normal breathing pace.

“You alright, angel?” Brad’s face hovered over mine with a wicked smile plastered to his lips.

I nodded, “Ya.” I breathed, smiling back at him.

I sat up noticing that his boxers were now in the collection of clothes on the floor. My eyes turned back to face Brad as I watched him pump himself a few times before the sound of tinsel ripping filled the room as he rolled the clear, latex material down his shaft. Moving closer to him, I reached for his member but he gently pulled away from my touch.

“Believe me,” He begun. “I don’t need anymore foreplay.”

His lips found mine again, guiding my back against the bed while supporting himself on his arms placed on either side of my head. Collecting my wetness with a few teasing strokes between my lips, I felt him begin to push himself into me slowly. A gasp left my lips while he slowly came to a halt.

“Are you okay?” Worry filled his voice as he searched my face for any signs of pain.

“It’s alright,” I rensured him. “I’ll adjust in time.” I nodded my head again once he didn’t start moving.

The pace was slow and passionate, something you wouldn’t expect from hearing the rumours of bad boy Bradley Simpson. Small whimpers and moans sounded in my ear from Brad while a few left me as well. It took him a few thrust before finding my G-spot causing me to gasp in pleasure. He began picking up the pace hitting the same spot repeatedly as my breath began to heighten. Moans, whimpers and gasps were the only sounds to fill the room. He buried his face into the crock of my neck, biting down on the sensitive skin to muffle his cries of pleasure. My nails raked down his back knowing that it would leave my mark on him. The familiar knot in my stomach returned for the second time tonight.

“Brad…” I breathed into his ear.

“I know.” He whispered back.

His hand found mine intertwining our fingers together while the other hand moved down to rub circled against my clit.

Brad’s moans were louder now, giving up on trying to muffle them. His lips trailed along the line of my jaw as I felt myself coming closer to the edge.

“It’s alright,” He told me. “Let it go.”

With that I came undone underneath him. I was a moaning mess, the only word I could get out was his name. He shortly followed after me, finding the spot in the crock of my neck to bury his head in whimpering and moaning like a broken record.

He moved off me and to his feet after a few seconds of relaxing to catch his breath. I heard something land in the trash before feeling the bed dip again from his weight. His strong arms pulled me against him as I rested my forehead against his solid chest.

“I don’t want this to be a one time thing.” He whispered in my ear.

“Me either.”

I felt his fingers slip under my chin and pull my face up to his to give me a quick peck on the lips.

“Good to know we’re on the same page, angel.”