Danger in the Dark (VampireAdam RP)

Loki shifted in his sleep as he rolled to his side. He hadn’t slept this well in a very long time. The bed being so soft, he was lost to the world around him. Usually alert, but now dulled and tired by everything.
He sighed as he felt a breeze, but not even the coolness on his skin did much to bother him. 

Buried Beneath

*Katherine ran to go and get her things before the storm could ruin them or blow anything away. First thing she rushed to was her painting. As soon as she grabed it a huge gust of wind blew up. Next thing Katherine knew she was on her back deep into the forests edge.

The strom was building over head as she stared dazed up into the trees. She slowly began to focus when she turned her head. Facing her was that of a dead woman. Her eyes were vacant as any when they die, but she still had a look of fear. 

Katherine knew this most be one of Adam’s, uncovered by this storm, but she didn’t become scared. She just looked at the woman sadly and turned her head away, that is when she noticed her painting. It had landed next to her and looked unharmed, but for one thing. 

Katherine looked at the piece and noticed that the sky was quite more red then it should be and had sprinkles of the color all over it. She was confused by this until she tried to get up and reach of it. 
A surge of pain ripped through her and when she tried to breathe deep, air wouldn’t fill her lungs. Kathrine looked down and saw why. 
On the right side of her chest a piece of a tree was sticking through and the area around it was all red and wet.

The piece had gone through her right lung and mostly through to the otherside.
Katherine stared at it in shock. She wanted to scream for help, she hoped maybe Adam was still near enough by to hear her, but when she tried to take a breathe to do so nothing happened.

She could barely breathe now and to yell for help was impossible. Tears began to roll down her face. The only thing she could think of at this moment was how she’d never be able to create the painting Adam wanted. So she just laid there with tears streaming down her cheeks.*

Everything Is In Order~

*Amy had everything set and ready for the hunt. She had pulled some strings to get the selection of humans and was very pleased that the people she called didn’t let her down. She made sure that the surrounding area near Adam’s was set up like a maze with places to hide or even get lost. She made sure that everyone of the selected humans were set up with a device to keep them from trying to leave the marked area. She paid off the local authorities just in case, telling them it was going to be a filming for a low budget movie. Lots of screams might be heard and to ignore it as the actors picked would get quite into character once filming began. She was eager to let lose in her natural form once more. It had been ages it felt and she was ready to have some fun. With Adam as host, it should be quite the party.*


*Katherine rubbed the sides of her head. This was getting all to weird for her, and yet it felt like that was actually her in that vision or dream or whatever you wanted to call it and not a stranger. 

Katherine felt there was a missing piece to herself that had not ever been noticed being gone until now. Being around Adam seemed to make that clear, and with every second the missing pieces hole seemed to be more present.*