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Mikleo closed the door behind him as quietly as he can and tiptoed downstairs, “You called?”

Lailah smiled, “Sorry for suddenly asking you to join us… Was the spell too strong?”

Mikleo walked towards his friends and took a seat on the couch of the living room, “No not really. It was gentle.”

Edna tilted her head at him, “I still don’t get why you’re sleeping with Sorey when you’re a vampire.”

“I don’t sleep.”

Zaveid frowned, “So you watch him like Dezel watches Rose?”

Mikleo slouched, “Can we not talk about that right now? Why do you guys want to meet up without Sorey and Rose anyway?”

Lailah clapped her hands together, “We thought of the possible routes other than the mountain pass but it might be hazardous to them.”


“Yes. An abundance of it are grown throughout the way.”

Edna added, “I confirmed it a few hours ago. Unless those two got some weird immune system against wolf’s bane, then we’ll stick with the original plan and waste 4 hours.”

Mikleo leaned back, “Well, we can technically protect them from it as long as there’s no engagement with other creatures and-”

The door from above creaked slowly.

Dezel felt the change of wind, “Its not Rose.”

Mikleo didn’t even seem surprised, “Ignore him, he’s just sleep walking.”

They all watched and listened as Sorey sleepily got down the stairs. With his eyes still closed, he navigated towards Mikleo and then bent over to hug the vampire from behind.

“..where’tcha go?” Sorey mumbled while sniffing the back of Mikleo’s ear and then his hair.

“I like the couch.” Mikleo shuffled forward, bringing Sorey with him, “Come over here.”

Sorey expertly climbed over the backrest and made himself comfortable in between the couch pillows and Mikleo’s back. He wrapped his arms around Mikleo’s waist and started sniffing Mikleo’s nape and hairline, as though he was looking for something. Mikleo then casually lowered one side of his shirt to reveal his shoulder. Sorey smiled dreamily when he found what he was looking for and then bit into Mikleo’s exposed skin. He mindlessly chewed on Mikleo’s shoulder as he drifted back to sleep.

Zaveid was the first to comment, “What. The. Fuck.”

Edna was actually surprised, “He’s literally a puppy.”

Lailah had a quirky smile as she asked Dezel while still staring at Sorey, “Does Rose practice such acts as well?”

“Um… No? Is that even normal?”

They all scrutinized Mikleo until he finally spoke up, “He’s been doing it since we were kids, okay? Let it go.”

Edna smirked, “You like it, don’t you?”

“It’s not uncomfortable. He nibbles, not bite. And it helps him sleep to know I’m still with him.”

That response was enough to make them all rethink Sorey and Mikleo’s relationship. Maybe it was more than they could comprehend. After all, they’ve only known the two for a few weeks. 

Lailah’s eyes were still filled with fascination, “How interesting!”

Zaveid was still in shock, “That’s scentmarking on a whole different level. No, that’s foreplay for sure. Almost like you guys are mat- OW! What’d I say?!”

Edna had hit Zaveid with her umbrella. Then she moved her lips so that he got her message, ‘Let them figure it out on their own.’

Mikleo sighed, “Can we just ignore what Sorey is doing and Dezel, what are you-”

Dezel had moved across the room to lean over Sorey and Mikleo. Once he confirmed it, Dezel said, “His werewolf hormones indicates that he’s currently happy. Very happy.”

If Mikleo had enough blood in his system, he was sure he would have been blushing from being told how happy Sorey was to be spooning Mikleo on a couch while nibbling Mikleo’s shoulder. It was just so natural to them, Mikleo never thought how much it meant to Sorey as a werewolf. He thought it was just instinct, not something Sorey would do because he liked doing it to Mikleo.

Mikleo coughed to clear his throat and thoughts, “Thank you for that input, now can we please continue?”