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[Nightmare meme] You thought she had changed. That she was different from her father. But there she was, opening a Varelsi portal with your broken blades beneath her feet. She grinned and looked down at you as you stared up at her, your body limp and painful on the floor. You let your guard down around her and now she was going to destroy it all. Solas was darknening and you did nothing to stop it from happening. All you did was coddle her. She betrayed you.

Scary Nightmares and Nice Sprites

Not only was his trust abused against him once more, but it was by a loved one; one whom he had let go of his paranoid shackles behind their heritage. It was selfish of him to think Lotharia was anything like her father anymore; nevertheless, his mind was conditioned to never let his guard down.

Day was one incredibly rare exception, even if the thought would grossly tingle at the back of his mind like a cockroach, reminding him that the prior times he had done so had ended up in Jennar’s veiling– and Lenore’s death. He hated himself for it. His dire urges for maternal nourishment for most of the BattIeborn was his priority over making more enemies, something that he seriously would not regret. Being open, in itself, was a giant risk that would deem itself irreversible and break him. Lord knows only thin webs held together his faith and composure nowadays…

So when he was faced with the inevitability of this night terror, the intense beating of his old heart would rip him out of slumber with a curdling howl of protest ringing forth, sheets tearing under his fingernails as he glowers up at the ceiling. His mate would console him right away, easing him down and calming him, but it was very… very hard to ignore the sting of tears glazing his vision, blinking them away as best he could.