pendles-is-friendles  asked:

((📞)) He's speaking as if he is a recording, " 'Ello! This is Pendles of Executive Executions calling to inform you that you are victim of the month! Use this information as you will and enjoy the courtesy head-start. I'll be seein' ya real soon. Remember, we also do corporate retreats!"

Send “📞” along with a prank call to my muse.

“P-Pendles? This better not be your automated messaging service. I take threats VERY seriously!”


anonymous asked:

📞 "This is Spooptacular Deliveries. We have a large order of 50 gallons of fake blood and a case of 600 fake vampire fangs, size extra long. Where would you like us to park the truck for you?"

Send “📞” along with a prank call to my muse.

“I ordered NO SUCH THING. WRONG NUMBER. This is Verod Rath. If this order is under my name, I demand it to be cancelled IMMEDIATELY, as well as to release my personal info as to HOW YOU REACHED ME!”