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the hella sweet munday meme

  • ☢ What calms you down after negativity? 

        An activity that stimulates my Flow™– meaning something that I can immensely concentrate on and rid the negative element from me. This can be done via chatter from friends in the form of text or voice, playing a favourite game of mine to let out stress, or getting into a good drawing habit, starting [or continuing] something to occupy me. Loud music is a must there. :v

  • ☺ What tends to bring out your muse the most? What inspires you? 

       Fast-paced music, definitely [a huge bias on my end]; specifically neurofunk/dark DnB. Even returning to older playlists can bring forth a couple of fragmented memories I can build off of like “HEY I REMEMBER THIS SONG and I thought of THIS WHILE LISTENING TO IT” and applying that to Rathteu here

  • ☆ What are some the perks with the fandom you’re currently in? 

[cracks out list that sprawls onto the ground and goes off to the next room]

  1. Inclusive + trans headcanons [and no backlash?? bless]
  2. Small, compact fanbase
  3. NO ASSHOLES [or very very very rare, knock on wood]
  4. Lots of gay
  5. some of the best artists I’ve seen
  6. @dreadwind
  • ♛ Have you ever seen drama be maturely sorted out?

  • ☯ Do you believe you’re a forgiving person?

       Yes, and almost too easily. Doormat Leaddy is a bad Leaddy due to letting mental abuse and emotional manipulation slide without a second thought. Being told I ‘overreact’ and get ‘bad attention’ when I object to something when I was young has ironically taught me to forgive and forget everything, which I’m slowly breaking out of. This is essential due to the fucktonne of people out there that get a rise out of screwing with people and their lives if they’re a somewhat weaker link in the mental chain.
      Too many brain scars and little redemption to go with it!!! :v A pretty bad way to continue without actin on it so im slowly Rebuilding so to speak
I’m slowly starting to trust my Red Flag radar more and more and not slam face first into situations I know will be used against me

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🍕: What’s your muses favourite food?

It’s a tie between saltine crackers with some sort of fishy topping, or just shrimp/sushi. [He probably likes raw fish and really, really psychologically gross fish cuisine too]

💉: Does your muse have a substance addiction? To what?

Don’t do drugs, kids! This psuedo-vampire is clean!