Jack Sparrow is our inner bookworm

Exhibit A:
When you finish a book and don’t know whether to hug it or throw it across the room. 

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Exhibit B:
When you spend the whole night reading a book

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Exhibit C:
When people ask if you can do anything other than fangirl and you say you can do this:

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Exhibit D:
When writers keep separating your OTP

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Exhibit E:
When the author is writing the next book in the series

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And so on and on…

“I got an awful bad feelin’ about this…”

“Whatever it is Mister McCree, Orisa will protect us.”

a quick halloween terrifiant au picture to de-stress 


it was the most unexpected thing that had every happened to you. coming home to find Kol standing in your living room. “darling!” he exclaimed when you entered.


“you must be confused as to why im here.” Kol stated, “Y/N would you believe me if i told you you’re all i think about? that your face is in every waking moment and even when i sleep i see you? when im away from you its like part of me is missing. i need you.”