vampireteacher||Novan Lovett||Now Where In The Cognac's Name Am I?

Sniffing the air, Theo stomped his feet out of frustration. He didn’t remember where he was yet again. But seeing the scenery, it was a school. Normal kind, not a stuck up rich boy would ever enter. What was it call, district school? Yeah, that. So, tapping a teacher’s shoulder, he asked his question.

“Excuse me, but uh… Where am I?”

English || Erica and Novan

Erica groaned as she stepped by her locker, grabbing her books for the end of the day. She couldn’t wait to get home for the night, considering this was her only free night away from training. Glancing at the kids passing her in the hallways, some of them whistling, some of them glaring, if they were girls at least. “Take a picture, it’ll last longer.” She growled at a brunette with fake boobs.

Remembering about her essay she had to discuss with her English teacher she sighed, slamming her locker shut a little too dramatically, her heels click-clacking against the tiles in the hallway. Reaching her room she smiled, knocking on the door before popping her head in, then the rest of her body. “Ms. Lovett? Hey, I need clarification for the essay that’s due Friday.”