vampiress fluttershy


Scootaloo the Adventurer: (Actually, it’s your mod blog that follows me, so I hope you don’t mind that I drew Scoots instead xD)

Ask Green Leaf the Pony: (Hi there, Green Leaf!  I’m sorry we haven’t talked in a while!)

Ask Minor Swing: (My goodness, your OC is so flippin’ adorable!  Cx)

Ask Cherry Jell: (I must warm anyone going to visit this blog, it is quuuite NSFW, so be warned.  But I did seriously enjoy drawing this Jelly/Slime Pony thing xD Silly me)

Ask Depressed Luna: (Your blog is so cute.  Seriously, Luna’s mane and her glasses and omigosh, the art Cx)

Ask My War: (Guys, guys, guys.  Check out this blog.  I find the posts hilarious, personally xD)

Ask Radio Splat: (This blog doesn’t seem to be active anymore actually, I realized after I added her.  But, how could I let go of the chance to draw this adorable pony?  Check out her blog, the art and pony is adorable.)

Ayasha the Pony: (Actually, I think it’s your mod blog that follows me.  But, I wanted to draw Ayasha!  xD  And I didn’t even capture her beauty in the least, my goodness, I’m am disappointed in myself.)

The Sweet Adventures of Strawberry: (I started out looking through this blog on my Android, and then I looked at it on my laptop and I think I laughed a bit too much at her page. Cx)

Ask SinderSkull: (I…I honestly cannot believe that your flippin’ awesome blog followed my little, sort of cute blog.  I seriously can’t believe it.  Wait, why haven’t I followed you yet?  I’m gonna follow you.)

My Little Sombra Shy: (If you check out this blog, do understand that her blog is undergoing some changes and that’s why it seems a little empty at the moment!  Give it a follow, it’s an adorable blog!)

Flutter Pillow: (Wait, are you Sombra Shy?  Wait, did you, like, follow me before I followed Sombra Shy?  Ohmyflippingoodnesswhattheheckbutyouaresoawesomewhymyblogyesyesyes)

Ask Filly Tia and Luna: (Gosh, this blog is so cute.  xD  Soo cuuute!)

Ask Vampiress Fluttershy: (I was really surprised when I saw this blog following me.  Me!  Of all people!  Though, I do believe this blog has ended, it still seems like a fantastic blog!  Go follow it!)

I’m Not Pinkie Pie: (Everytime I see this blog, I laugh.  Also, I hope you don’t mind that I drew the ‘Pinkie Pie’ in your avatar rather than with a curly mane.  It was too cute, I had to!)

Pinkie Replies: (I’m like, a hundred percent certain that you followed me just because I’m following you, because it is completely impossible for your flippin’ amazing animated blog to follow mine.  Completely.  But I’m still delighted!  :D)

Ask Ignored Fluttershy: (Not only is this blog adorable, but I absolutely had to draw Fluttershy for you!  I hear that you’re going through a bad time, and just need to say that you have to push through!  You’ll make it in the end, you’ll see!  There are people rooting you on around the world!)

Ask Kid Discord: (It’s true what people say.  You’re one of the nicest mods on tumblr!  Honestly!  I actually really look up to you for that and can only hope I can be as super awesome as you one day Cx)

Ask Bluesky: (Your blog, your OC, your art…it is just so so so cute.  xD  Really)

Ask Coolest Mane: (I don’t know why, but I love your blog.  xD  It’s funny, it’s cute, seriously.)

Flutterlost: (Your blog is flippin’ adorable.   Just…that’s just all that’s needed to be sad there.  It’s adorable.)

And, just a little shout out to  couple of my followers xD:


You not only helped me out with comic ideas just because you wanted to, and wanted to help out, but you also helped me out when I was blue.  Thank you so much!  Cx  You’re a wonderful person and you’ve been following me for quite a while now!  (I never really did mind that you sent me so many questions, by the way!  xD  I love getting questions.)


You were my first follower!  And I think you still like my posts on occasion!  Seriously, you’ve been following me since I was posting hideous drawings that were in black and white!  I am amazed!  Thank you so much for all your support!  Cx


Actually, thank you ALL for your support!  Especially those of you who have been following me since I was drawing traditionally!  I really don’t deserve as many followers as I have! (I deserve more, dangit) (No, I’m sorry, I wasn’t being serious!)

I really am amazed everyday of some of the amazing blogs and people that follow me!  And this blog has certainly made me grow as an artist!

I hope you like this follower picture I made!  Thank you so much!

(Now, my followers!  The members of my cult! [seriously, followers sounds creepy] Send my blog to Equestria Daily!)

(No, no, why do I keep trying to be funny?  Don’t do that!  I’m not ready!)

(Now, am I supposed to like…send messages to everyone mentioned or just like…keep quiet…I dunno…)