vampires in art


Some new drawings for my Vampire/Witch love story! There’s been some changes to the characters, especially Vanessa’s sisters who are now also witches with their own familiars and will play a bigger role in the plot. Belinda is a more loving mother but she smothers Archer by trying to shield him from humans. And Archer’s human dad will come into play, most likely as a ghost since Belinda’s vampire in-laws did not approve of their love and killed him.

Also the list of blood drinking animals on the first page is research. For reasons.

“Yeah, it’s a cute little boutique called ‘Angelic Delight’; I’m sure you can find a cute little thing for your boyfriend. Or a little something something you both would enjoy,”
“What do you mean by something something?!”

Decided to jump on the “Lucius kidnaps somebody” bandwagon, with Anie and Betty have small talk while Abel and Dan (who probably lost his ribbon by Lucius’s men beating him up) give Lucius their version of a stern talking to.
Lucius- @cartoonscutie
Anie- @idolaelyartist
Abel- @the-vampire-inside-me