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Evensong, Paradise Lost: Stefan deleting Bonnie’s pictures of Damon from her laptop and still rooting for them.


The fact that in the new books (War of Roses) Damon is refering to Bonnie as home, his home.

“Just…be” Be home! And after this comes the glorious kiss in which Bonnie felt a connection with his soul. “She knew what that had been. That had been a complete, terrible, wonderful meeting of lips and souls.”

There is this quote that says, “Home is where the heart is.” And it’s true. Bonnie’s heart (everyone actually knows this, Caroline said it) is with Damon, her home, and Damon’s heart is with her. She is his home.

Stefan was right to say that Damon’s true love is Bonnie (“The one and only in all the worlds.”)

They are each other’s home.

Bamon is destined to be together

I really believe that Bonnie and Damon were destined to meet and save each other. In the short story, ‘After Hours’ by LJ Smith, Damon met Bonnie for the first time and saved her from a wolf pack that was trying to kill her.

In the first book ‘The Awakening’ Bonnie told her friends about her grams who prophesied that she would die, and be young and beautiful in her coffin. However, that wasn’t her fate because Damon saved her. And he saved her from her destiny again, by dying for her instead in ‘Midnight’.

Basically, Damon is her real destiny, her savior. Additionally, Bonnie is his last reach towards light.

After 500 years he meets his light; his one chance of finding salvation. He was meant to know her because only she can bring his humanity out of him.

It’s true that they are meant for each other, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be in a romantic way, but with those two characters, there’s no way romantic feelings couldn’t be involved.

They aren’t some fairytale, they are just: Bonnie and Damon at the edge of the world.

Damon was looking down at her with an expression she had never seen before. At least, she’d never seen it directed toward her before. His dark eyes seemed to be filled with stars, just like the brilliant stars that blazed overhead in the moonless sky.
—  Evensong, War of Roses: The way Damon looks at Bonnie
Damon's nicknames for Bonnie

Okay, I was on Bonnie’s wiki page and found many nicknames(terms) that Damon invented.

  • Little Redbird (this is Damon’s personal favourite nickname to call Bonnie)
  • Redheaded Bird
  • Little Redhead
  • Little Witch
  • Redheaded Witch
  • Red-Haired Maiden
  • Red Songbird
  • Little Red-Haired Songbird
  • Little Bird
  • Baby Bird
  • Little Human
  • Human
  • Sleeping Maiden
  • Sweet Baby Bird
  • Sweet Red Bird
  • His Bird
  • His Bedraggled Little Bird
  • His Maiden,
  • His Witch
  • His Little Redbird
  • His Baby Bird
  • His Little Bird
  • The Redbird
  • Fiery Little Fury
  • Kitten
  • Sweet Songbird Bonnie
  • Sweet- Singinglittleredbird
  • The Last Reach Toward Light

There might be even more, I’m not sure. Why he has so many nicknames for Bonnie? Because: “Damon does like Bonnie. In fact, he loves her.” -LJ Smith

Fan Interpretation of Matsuri Hino’s Thought Process

NOTE: I have no evidence this did (or didn’t) happen. Intended to be humorous/ mildly depressing. If you feel strongly about Kaname, you’ve been forewarned.

Every time I think about Matsuri Hino-sensei’s thought process while  writing Kaname’s character, I can only imagine her being like:

Ok, here we go, let’s make this guy subtly (but not too subtly) this story’s villain.

What color scheme?  Oh yeah black, all dark hues and red.  Maybe even a chessboard.  Everyone will pick up on that.  

Wait, people think that’s sexy?  

Well, I guess… but he’s supposed to be a villain, not just a dark character!

Ok what about showing him as two-faced and universally feared?  Nice to Yuuki but cold to everyone else?  Throw in some corporal punishment, erasing Yuuki’s memories, some canon evidence even Yuuki is frightened by him, the graphic murder of a somewhat sympathetic character.  They have to see what I’m hinting at now, right?

Whoa, whoa WHAT? Really?  His fans say he’s just being protective?

All right, how about this: I’ll show him being even more antagonistic and condescending towards the other male romantic lead, have him change Yuuki into a vampire without warning or seeking her permission, he’ll tell her they’re siblings, then he’ll single-handedly take down the entire vampire government with no clear plan for reconstruction, murder all the vampire representatives, and manipulate aforementioned rival romantic lead into killing his pureblood uncle because he can’t do it himself.  Plus I’ll even throw in some parallels between the disturbed uncle and Kaname and a few images comparing Kaname to a demon.  Oh and now Kaname and Yuuki are brother and sister. Anything yet?

Ugh, wth?  Now they think he’s a sexy protective misunderstood rebel onii-sama?  No villainous vibes at all?  

All right, I can do this.  He’ll spirit the leading lady away to an isolated mansion where he won’t let her out for over a year.  I’ll show her absolutely miserable and out of character all because he says he likes her better that way.  She’ll feel guilty, scared, thirsty, and alone.  When she gets a taste of freedom,  goes against his wishes and almost bites her childhood friend in a delirious/ starved/ injured state I’ll even have him punish her for it!  Ha!  Oh and he lied to her about them being siblings, he’s really her great great great grandfather or something and her real brother’s been dead all along.  Not cute now, right?  

Oh God.  Some people only feel sorry for him?  They don’t find any of this even a little bit disturbing?   He’s supposed to be a tragic villain for crying out loud! Am I being too subtle for them?

Let’s ramp it up even more.  Kaname will tell Yuuki he’ll kill her if she leaves, or she’ll have to kill him!  Then he’ll go off on a pureblood genocide mission and (kind of) kill Aido’s dad!  I’ll even have him get Ruka (you know, that girl I have following him around like a loyal lovelorn puppy) to use her abilities to trick Yuuki into thinking Zero wants to kill her as a distraction.  Then, despite Ruka loyally following Kaname without protest for two dozen chapters, she’ll have a last minute change of heart and defend Zero from Kaname’s attack, nearly killing her in the process!  Oh, then Kaname will leave her behind.  Nothing yet?  How about making Kaname responsible for all of Zero’s suffering!  He tore the lovers apart out of jealousy!  Yuuki still feels guiily and wants to die because of everything Kaname’s doing in her name/ for her ‘protection!’

Who could POSSIBLY think any of this is swoon worthy?

They do?  No. No.  I can’t take this, I’m running out of ideas.  

Ok, Hail Mary pass. Yuuki will kiss Zero and realize he’s the one she wants to cherish, then she’ll confess that in another life she believes they would’ve been together if their status didn’t separate them.  After that she’ll take Zero’s memories because she’s certain her only option is to kill Kaname through self sacrifice and she doesn’t want Zero to suffer without her.  Good good, people will feel sorry for Zero now that I threw in an amnesia plot device, right? Then, when Yuuki is at her most vulnerable Kaname won’t hold back.  He’ll tell her he doesn’t make her happy then sleep with the confused, hurting 17 year old to prove to her he doesn’t make her happy.  

PLEASE tell me they’ve woken up?  This isn’t even bordering on subtle anymore.  No?  Really?

I give up.  I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore.  Why do people still support him?  I don’t get it.  I thought the love triangle would be resolved by now.  I only did all of this because my editors insisted and now they want me to end it.  I threw in every villainous action and quality I could think of, to the point of making some of this guy’s behavior incomprehensible, even to me. All of this, just to prove how bad and undesirable he is, and there are people out there who are still romanticizing him as a wounded, tragic hero?

That’s it, his heart’s going into the furnace.  He’ll ship Zeki with his dying words.  There is no way anyone can misconstrue that.


Jesus Christ, people are STILL worshiping this character?  I even admitted that I dropped the ball on this one!  Guys, I turned him into a popsicle turned amnesiac so we all could put the doom and gloom behind us.  Just because someone donates an organ out of gratitude doesn’t mean they’ve formed a mystical romantic transcendent connection with the recipient. It isn’t really all that romantic.  If it was a kidney you wouldn’t feel that way.

I’m done,  Zeki’s canon. Here’s some more Zeki/Aidori/Rukain/Shima/ Daddy Zero fluff chapters cause that’s all I really wanted to draw in the end anyway.   Peace out.

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Something fairly desperate was wrong with Bonnie. Damn it! Who was interfering with Damon’s sweet singing little redbird?
—  Evensong, Paradise Lost: Damon’s new nickname for Bonnie

By the way, here’s a gem of comedy from Rick and Morty.

I’m not gonna say which episode this is from, but this is fucking hilarious. But if you want a hint, anyway, Alex Hirsch was a guest star.

“Bonnie,” Damon said again.
“Come on.” He was wrapping his jacket around her again, trying to tuck her arms into the armholes. Bonnie let him do it. Her arms hung limply, and the jacket made her want to shudder. The leather of it smelled like Damon now to her. And the smell made her remember that one moment—a moment that had seemed to last forever—when his lips had touched hers.
—  Evensong, War of Roses: Bonnie & Damon
Honest Carmilla Episode Titles
  1. “Before Laura Gave Up On School”
  2. “Where’s Betty?????”
  3. “My New Hot Roommate”
  4. “Introducing Actually Married LaFerry”
  5. “Carmilla Takes Off Her Shirt!!!!”
  6. “Laura Thinks Carmilla Is A Bitch”
  7. “Introducing Tall Gay Danny”
  8. “Gay Frat Boys”
  9. “Wow Is Laura Really That Short and Is Danny Really That Tall?”
  10. “Brainwash Is Cool Too”
  11. “Sexual Tension??”
  12. “Carmilla Is Probably Evil”
  13. “Carmilla Wants The V”
  14. “LaHollis Adventures!”
  15. “Hot Lesbian Vampire Roommate FTW”
  16. “Sexual Tension Increases”
  18. “The Only Time They Ever Locked The Door”
  19. “She Didn’t Want To Eat You In That Way”
  22. “OOO No Baby Please Don’t Go”
  23. “FLIRTING??!!!”
  24. “The Hollence Ship Sinks”
  25. “Perry Is Still In Denial”
  26. “LaFerry Fight”
  27. “WHERE’S LAF??”
  28. “Waltzing and Sexual Frustration”
  29. “LAF IS BACK”
  30. “‘Best Friend’ Yeah Okay Perry We Believe You”
  31. “The Hollence Ship Takes Another Blow”
  32. “Mother Pls”
  33. “Cheek Kiss and Heartbreak”
  34. “WAIT WHAT”
  35. “Why Didn’t LaFerry Kiss???”