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        ~original lifeline~

“Maybe Void is your wolf, and the thing that
pulls you back… that’s your anchor. It’s not
exactly the same, but it’s not as different as
you’re making it sound, either. It is you, a part
of you, like the wolf’s a part of me. And I’ll help
you focus it, help you control it and harness it. 

“But if you’re looking for someone to judge
or punish you for it… I’m not going to.”

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vampire cae mk.II

(( aka: this is what happens when i look up at my shelf for art inspiration ))

A Buffy fan’s love letter to Carmilla

I’m currently reading Joss Whedon’s biography and I just finished the chapter about the Bronze, dedicated to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which would become one of the largest single-show-oriented forums on the web.

The Bronze became a place where fans could connect and discuss the show with like-minded people. Eventually, Joss and the creators - even some actors would join. This was a time when the Internet wasn’t accessible to every household and so the Bronze became quite a unique experience for the fans. It even spawned meetups that the cast and crew eagerly attended, called Posting Board Parties.

I’ve always been immensely envious because I never got to experience the beginning of Buffy and its rise to popularity. I was simply too young and living in a country with no access to it. In 2006 it became my favorite show of all time. That will never change.

Fast forward to 2014. Basically every popular show has thousand of websites and fandoms across the world. Actors are on twitter, facebook, instagram and every other social media you could think of. The comments are endless. Connecting is damn near impossible.

Enter a small web series on YouTube about a young girl starting college, when her roommate goes missing. Turns out it’s about a whole lot more than that. The series is so groundbreaking with its strong female characters and LGBT, adolescent, feminist themes that it resonates with young people pretty easily. We have missed something like this.

What gradually happens after August 19, 2014 is pretty remarkable. People from all over the world starts following the episodes and a connection is formed through social media, mainly tumblr, but not exclusively. Friendships are formed, artwork and opinions are shared - a fandom is growing.

A late October evening, I discovered the breath of fresh air called Carmilla and I was blown away. I hadn’t seen anything like it since Buffy. And this is not me calling it a Buffy 2.0. It’s me saying that for the second time in my life I got to watch something that could evoke what the Buffyverse once evoked in me back in 2006. But this time I got to be a part of its beginning.

This time I got to make friends who enjoyed the show like I did. This time I got to talk to people who shared my love for it. This time I wasn’t completely alone in enjoying something so important. I got to know the fandom, the crew, the actors. I got to talk to them. I got the whole package!

I was 6 years old back in 1997 when Buffy premiered. I was 15 when I discovered the show. It was already over by the time I completely fell in love with it. And I had no one to share it with. I still don’t, to be honest. I’ve never known anyone who loves that show as much as I do, who would sit down and really discuss it with me, who would cry about it with me. It’s lonely to grow up loving something alone, but it’s my baby. It’s part of who I am as a person and I will never regard that fact with anything but pride.

To now watch the creators of a show I love so dearly communicate and actively discuss their characters with the fans is something I thought I had forever missed my chance to experience. Carmilla has completely changed those expectations. I feel so lucky to be a part of this. To get another chance at sharing my love of a story and not having to feel so alone.

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is thank you.

The Secret’s Out!

Anonymous asked: “May be too specific but prompts for person b’s friends seeing the hickeys on person a’s neck for the first time not knowing they were together??”

1. “Whoa. Is that what I think it is?”

2. “Um, you have a little something on your neck.”

“What is it?”

“A huge secret, apparently.”

3. “So, I had no idea you were dating anyone, much less a vampire.”

“Excuse me?”

“Have you seen your neck lately?”

4. “Well, this is awkward.”

“What is?”

5. “So, who gave you these? Wait, not-”

“Yeah, we’re… Together.”

“Oh. My. Gosh. That’s not possible.”

6. “Why is everybody staring at my neck?”

“Well, we’re all hoping someone else will ask.”

“Ask what?”

“How long this has been going on.”

7. “Oh, my gosh! I’m so happy for you guys! But maybe you should wear a scarf or something?”

“Are you saying that I have-”

“Oh yeah. Big time.”

~I hope these help!~

The Course of True Love Never Did Run Smooth (Chapter One)

Summary: Although the Association of Supernatural Species (yes…A.S.S.) brought together all the various magical beings for conferences they didn’t much mingle. At least not until Phil met Dan. Pastel!Vampire!Phil and Punk!Fairy!Dan

Warnings: Violence, smut, noncon touching in later chapters.

Title is from A Midsummer’s Night Dream

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@undead-detective continued from x

No doctors.” The words came out too fast, too sharp. She didn’t need that hassle of paperwork. The more she could keep off the book, the better.  She had, after all, shot the man who had slashed her with a gun she wasn’t supposed to have. 

She held the laceration that dipped off of her shoulder, pressing against the wound to help stop the blood flow. It wasn’t deep, and she didn’t think it was life threatening, but the bleeding seemed to be getting more out of hand than she expected.

She sucked in a breath, trying to work through the pain. “Okay, okay maybe a doctor wouldn’t be the worst idea. God I’m going to need a new coat aren’t I?”


Ok so these are 2,3 and 4 weeks for inktober. I haven’t managed to post until now unfortunately. TT×TT
But anyways good thing that I finished them.
For the first pic I wanna thank @blueishblue for the inspiration :’). (I saw that post with Todoroki and the gakuran and I was like “Hell yeah,let me draw that!”)
As for the other 2 well my brain said “All Might shall be to the end.” and I complied.
I wish you all a Happy Halloween!


AU MEME:   Damon and Alison as friends & partners in crime 
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Damon finds an online website offering help in getting revenge, and determined to hurt Katherine as she hurt him, reaches out. There he meets Alison DiLaurentis, someone as hell bent on revenge and ‘justice’ as him. They soon become friends, working together to get even with all their enemies. 

anonymous asked:

For the time shift day, may you write something about Caroline meeting the past version of Klaus (aka when he was human) ? She can be travelling to the past or maybe this past Klaus can be the one showing up in the present !

Burn The Pages

AN: Season 4 AU (going AU after Klaus’ killing spree of hybrids and Tyler’s mother). That means Kol is alive, there’s no 4x16 and thus no baby and generally all the things that I like to forget didn’t happen.

Thank you for the prompt, Anon, I loved writing this and I hope you’ll like it ;)

Beta’d by @arustykiss, thank you so much <3

PS. This song is very Darvey to me but damn, if it doesn’t give me KC feels too!

Let’s burn the pages
We’ll start anew
Right through the ages
Fate don’t know you like I do - oh

(’Fate Don’t Know You by Desi Valentine)

“Dammit!” Caroline shot up in bed, gasping for air as her hands clenched around sweat-soaked sheets.

She’d been dreaming about him. Again. Something she’d never thought would happen but here she was, restless and writhing in her own bed as images of her and the Original Hybrid raced through her mind. Naked. Sweaty. Buried deep inside of her as the grovel in his voice scratched against her ear and all the dirty words he rasped stuck to her skin. Her tongue darting out, she would trace it slowly along the lines of his bird tattoo, then trail down, to the ridges of his abdomen and lower to…

Stop thinking about it, Caroline. Stop thinking about him.

Ever since the hybrid massacre, things had been going further and further south, to the point where she had stopped fooling herself that their town or their lives would ever go back to normal. Or normal-ish.

Tyler had left after his mother’s death, with Hayley of all people - but while Caroline still felt hurt by his decision, she’d rather Tyler left than got himself killed with silly attempts at revenge. Bonnie had gone off the rails with help from Professor Shane, a Silas fanatic, and it’d actually been Kol who had helped to bring her back. Unfortunately, they hadn’t been able to stop the return of the ancient warlock, especially after Caroline had killed twelve witches to save her friend from a certain death, thus completing the third sacrifice.

Oh, and she had slept with Klaus.

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