being a werewolf is so much better than being a vampire.

ok pls don’t leave yet. being a vampire includes:


- an edgy aesthetic

- never have to go outside again


- no more sunlight

- no garlic bread ever again

- how can you have pasta without garlic bread

- no more going to the beach (unless you have an umbrella but that’s no fun)

- how will you ever live with windows

being a werewolf is so much better because like,,,,,,here are the reasons


- you can’t use silver, yeah, but whatever you know? there’s a lot of metal out there that isn’t silver

- cool wolf powers

- being a wolf in general (for the furries)

- once a month you’re filled with a great big rage and urge to kill everything, and boy I’ve already got that feeling once a month anyway

- being in the forest is neat

- having a pack is also neat


- furry

- clothes will get ripped

- might get fleas


Mila’s life continues, but unbeknownst to her, there is a war brewing in Forgotten Hollow…

Estranged siblings Lillith and Vlad have been arguing for ownership of Forgotten Hollow and all its land. In order to overpower one another, they have both created the first vampires (other than themselves) to fight for what they both believe is rightly theirs. 

What Mila doesn’t know is that one of these vampires has a very important part to play in her life… but he just might destroy it in the process. 

What if the sun doesn’t actually hurt vampires?

Vampires are just nocturnal, the same way we are diurnal. A vampire could go out during the day, but they would just rather be sleeping.

Vampires are just afraid of the light, the same way we are afraid of the dark. Their eyes are meant to see in the dark, so they just can’t see very well in the light. It hurts their eyes and they can’t see what’s around them, so it’s just scary.

Some vampire was probably too afraid to admit that he was afraid of the light, so he made up a fake allergy to the sun. Word got out to mortals, so we just assumed that all vampires are allergic to the sun. You know how mortals like to stereotype and whatnot.

But imagine pop, sunny vampires that are the vampire version of goth, dark humans. They like to go out in the sun and wear bright clothes, and the other vampires think it’s metal as fuck. “Oh, you know Victoria Anne III? Yeah she’s totally pop. Her friends call her Susan.”