vampire: the eternal struggle

INTP Viewpoints

XXXX: *says something against an established, but unproven, viewpoint of INTP*

INTP: Well… *Goes in on a rant to the proof of their own viewpoint*

hours of debating later

INTP: *Is not proven wrong, but now on the fence about the previously established issue.*

Note: Seriously, can I please argue about an issue I believe in and actually feel certain about it? I practically provide counter-arguments to my own ideals as I argue for them.

When practicing agility, everyone is so quick to stop a dog when he’s made an error.  But are you as quick to stop when he’s made a critical good choice during a session?

Most people rewards ‘ends’ rather than 'choices’. The end of a pinwheel, the end of a contact, the end of the weave poles, or the end of a jump grid, maybe even the end of a sequence. My plea is to get you to look to reward a tough but good choice from your dog, rather than just absentmindedly plowing through a sequence and rewarding the completion of it.

—  Susan Garrett, podcast “2 of 30″

I’m in a silent battle with the girlfriend over refilling the toilet paper. The rule is, if you use the last of it, you have to refill it. This time it wasn’t me, and I’m definitely not giving in. Fuck that mess. It’s going to sit on the back of the toilet until we have company and she gives in. I’m a ruthless strategist.