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  • fanfic description: the powerpuff girls, now in high school–
  • me: no
  • fanfic description: blossom, bubbles, and buttercup, now 18 and residing in a darker, bleaker townsville–
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  • fanfic description: the ppg and the rrb–
  • me: NO
  • fanfic description: mojo jojo and him
  • me: finally maybe something good thank god
  • fanfic description: are deeply in love—
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Which verb do you use (ser or estar), and which tense do you use (preterite or imperfect) when you're asking someone how an event/trip/activity was? Here an example sentence: "¿Cómo fue/era/estuvo/estaba la fiesta?" I think I'm confused about which verb to use because of the whole permanent/ feeling thing, and I'm confused about how to conjugate it because my Spanish teacher said that usually the imperfect is used to describe how something used to be, but it can also describe the mood/feeling

Both are correct, though the meaning is slightly different.

Typically if you’re specifying an event of some kind - if you’re thinking of something specific that happened at a specific time - then you’re using preterite.

Imperfect would be sort of like “How was the party going… before something happened”. Because imperfect has some kind of impact on the present, or you’re waiting for something preterite to interrupt, people would see imperfect and think “Oh something happened”. Preterite just puts it in the past with no potential follow-up question.

Usually you’re using estar because you’re asking about how something was. Using ser isn’t wrong - but in some countries it sounds weird that you’re not using estar. 

They’re both grammatically correct; estuvo bien “it was good” vs. fue una buena fiesta “it was a good party”.

In other words, you tend to use estar because it asks you about the quality of the party/weekend/trip/whatever… while ser asks you to define it overall.

Also for preterite, I believe you would be using estar for this, not in the sense of permanence but because fue can be ser or ir.

¿Cómo estuvo la fiesta? = How was the party?
¿Cómo fue la fiesta? = How was the party? [ser] / How did the party go? [ir]
¿Cómo te fue la fiesta? = How did the party go (for you)? [ir]

Also if you’re not sure which one to use you can say something like…

-¿Qué tal (estuvo) la fiesta? = How was the party?
-Estuvo bien. = It was good.

Saying ¿Qué tal el/la ___? is pretty colloquial.

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