Blogs that intentionally exclude black characters from their graphics are suspicious as fuck. Especially those who do it because of shipping reasons. Black leads like Finn, Iris, Michonne, Bonnie, ect are so fucking rare in movies and television, and the fact that some people go out of their way to erase them from the narrative is telling. Not wanting to make graphics that revolve around certain characters is perfectly fine. Not liking a character is perfectly fine. But when you make graphics that are supposed to include the entire cast of a film or television show and you go out of your way to make sure the black characters aren’t in it, that’s fucking telling.

It’s like making a post listing all the presidents of the United States and randomly leaving out Obama.

I love thinking about how normal a teenage boy Baz actually is. He’s easily annoyed by his younger sister and rolls his eyes at his embarrassing dad. He cares about his grades so he spends a large portion of his time studying and doing homework. He plays football. He takes violin lessons. He acts really awkward around his crush. He also has a lot of teen angst involving said crush.

If he wasn’t a vampire and the war wasn’t a thing Baz would be the most average teenager okay

it’s so annoying to be a multishipper and constantly have one of your ships bashed by blogs who ship another one of your ships *sigh*

and the worst is when the antis of ship a who are also supporters of ship b accuse you of condemning the creepiest and absurdest shit because you also ship ship a and not only sHIP B I WANNA SCREAM

When War Runs Deep [m] (ft. Yoongi) Prologue

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→ angst, implied smut, vampire/war!au 

→ when a forbidden relationship between the general’s daughter and a vampire used as a military tool takes place during the war. 

prologue: “I know” | 01 I swear on my honor | 02 “Marry me” [M] | 03 Freedom doesn’t exist | 04 On the Other Side

basically I watched howl’s moving castle and I’m also a vampire au hoe and I was sad I didn’t get to post anything for yoongi for his bday so this is the brainchild that was birthed in less than half an hour sorry

But as you wind your arms around his neck and press your trembling lips to his, you let yourself indulge. You let yourself be selfish for once, to live without thinking about the consequences and to live without thinking about anyone else except yourself and this man you have come to love more than yourself.

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List of AUs I am currently working on.

Bastard Blaze - What if Izuku was an illegitimate child of Endeavor?

Quirkless Hero - In which Izuku gets by on whatever training and gadgets he manages to get

Blood Lust - when you wish for a Quirk and become a vampire

War for Deku - Two tickets. One cinnamon roll. An entire class crushing on said cinnamon roll.

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Sterek Underworld - The Rise of the Lycans AU: Over 1,000 years ago, Derek was born, the first Lycan able to retain a human form. Enslaved by Gerard, the ruthless Elder of the Vampire Clan, collared, beaten and belittled, Derek grows up with only one light in his life: Prince Stiles, Gerard’s ward. The two grow up together - fierce children, lonely children - who find companionship and ultimately love into one another. Their romance is forbidden, not only by their status as member of the noble vampire council and low slave and blacksmith. But also because the races are forbidden to mingle. In Gerard’s eyes, Vampires are perfection, and werewolves are no better than beasts.
But Derek is done being treated like an animal, used and abused constantly. He manages to escape, freeing a multitude of fellow Lycans, but unable to take Stiles with him. The lovers make a promise to meet again, but fate is against them. Gerard finds out about their forbidden affair. Enraged, disgusted, he doesn’t hesitate to have his own ward locked into prison, or to use him as the bait to recapture Derek. Torturing Stiles in front of Derek’s own eyes is sweet revenge for Gerard. Who is so driven by his insane need to keep the two races apart, that he doesn’t hesitate to chain Stiles, and to
let the dawn light
cascade on him
in front of his beloved, chained and helpless and screaming his throat raw, only a few steps away from Stiles.
Driven crazy by grief, Derek manages to wrench free from his bindings, steal the necklace that his prince always wore around in neck and starting what will be known as The Great War between Vampires and Lycans.

of course, by year 2011, Stiles in reborn in the town of Beacon Hills and reunited with his love, who’s been waiting for him, embittered and lonely, for all these centuries. That’s because I’m a sucker for angst with an happy ending.