DIY Werewolf Costume Made by Xyphoid and posted on This homemade costume is so amazing that people voting in a Halloween Costume Contest didn’t vote for it because they were sure it was an expensive bought costume. So this post happened. This post shows how to make among other things: foam built up body, hanger made tail, monster feet, monster hands, and the werewolf face.


Jet, from, sent me some hair color to test out for him! Here is VF purple from his new line of Lunatik hair color !

I am in love with this color,but changes shades with the lighting and I just adore that. It definitely added volume to my hair, and is sooo pigmented.

It seems to have a red base instead of a blue base, which means it will tint any other blonde hair a pink color, so prepare for that.

My only thing is you WILL HAVE TO BLEACH YOUR SHOWER. This is some SERIOUS hair color.

Full confessions (submitted by voltageblackbear): I dont like going on to anymore because it has turned into a bad example of a goth community. Bruised egos from the outside world will come together and put each other down and make us all look bad and insist we are all abunch of whiney depressed jackasses who hiss and leer at civilians. Nothing intelligent in the forums but people who will disobey and troll each other as well as girls fighting about whorey pictures. Suppose to be a place to have common interest not argue. 


“Happy Thanksgiving From VampireFreaks! […] I had an awesome time last night at the Birthday Massacre / Emilie Autumn show! Both bands are so awesome and nice people. Extra special love to the Birthday Massacre, we’ve been featuring them here on VF for years and we’re happy to have them as part of the VF family!
And, just cuz I think these are cute, here’s some pics of my son josh hanging out with the birthday massacre and voltaire last night, at his first concert experience ever!”  - VF on 11/28/2013 (Photos: VampireFreaks)

VF is a great page and brought us Triton Festival! TBM on VF –> (X) –> (X)
VF Song Premiere: Motionless In White

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Listen to the premier of Sinematic (Combichrist Remix) from the upcoming deluxe edition of ‘Infamous’, available on Itunes tomorrow.