Watchers Bulletin.
December 18, 1996.

It pains me to be forced once more into the awkward position of reminding you, my colleagues, of the proper attire befitting your august station in this world. These days of holiday revelry and the approaching new year seem as good a time as any for such a reminder, and I expect to find you all thus dressed appropriately no matter where in the world you might be.

- Director Quentin Travers

I Belong to You

A Vampire AU that I made for Reader X Taehyung. The smut was a little rushed, so sorry. But please enjoy anyways.

I don’t own the picture.

The Vampires had taken over maybe a hundred years ago, and ever since then, humans had become second class citizens. They were bought and sold as blood slaves, prostitues and things of the latter. But, if you were lucky enough and had a rare blood type, you could be married to an elite member of the vampire council.

Even the King…

The Vampires that had started the uprising was a simple group of seven men, all with deadly skills.

There was Kim Seokjin… His specialty was poison. He posed as an innocent restaurant owner and poisoned all of the soldiers that he offered to feed for free. He was also known for having many blood slaves due to his ravenous hunger, a hunger that had already claimed the lives of seventeen wives.

Next is Min Yoongi. Probably the most looked over of all of the council members, but don’t let it fool you, he was as deadly as the rest of them. He had a magic tongue. Any words he uttered you would feel complied to obey. Many men and women have come to death’s doorstep due to his silver tongue, and his love for entertainment.

Then there was Jung Hoseok. He was very athletic and dangerous, especially with knives. Now you think that someone with vampiric skills wouldn’t need knives to aid them in any kind of combat, you wouldn’t believe what he was capable of with just his knives alone… Whole armies have fallen due to his blades, and thousands run in fear at the mere mention of his name. And countless women have done the same.

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OTP Idea #701

Imagine Person A is a vampire who is in a relationship with Person B, who is a werewolf. After the vampire council finds out about the relationship A and B have they try to kill the couple, but with the help of Person B’s many siblings they may have a chance to survive.

Credit to anon

Case File #288.

File Date: September 16, 1870

There are few within the ranks of the Watchers who do not, by now, know the name Carmilla.

Born Mircalla Karnstein in the Styria region of Austria, as the daughter of a count Carmilla lived a charmed life, given everything and wanting nothing. And yet, her status could not save her from the wiles of an unknown vampire, who killed and sired Mircalla at the age of eighteen. Now calling herself Carmilla, the newly-risen vampire joined a nest, whereupon she rose through their ranks as a favoured, cunning and cultured sister.

In the winter of 1698, the nest went too far in their predations in Styria, drawing the attention of the Slayer of the day, Auda Vordenburg, from Germany. Vordenburg, like Carmilla, descended from nobility, and like her prey she too had been called to a life of violence against her will. Yet such are the forces at work in this world, inexorably drawing Auda and Carmilla together. In the end, the nest was annihilated, with Auda dying in the last grand battle in the village of Karnstein, destroying much of the town in the process. It was assumed by Auda’s Watcher that Carmilla had died as well, writing it as satisfying fact in the last entry of his diary. He was wrong.

In 1761, Carmilla was spotted in Brittany, but she eluded demon hunters in the region, including the much-feared Daniel Holtz. She faded from sight once more, disappearing for nearly a century and once again assumed to be no more than dust. Again, we were wrong.

Carmilla reappeared in her long-ago home of Styria in the summer of 1860. Some of the details are of a sort too sordid to parse here in our hallowed archives, but suffice to say that Carmilla had her way with the maiden daughter of a retired Englishman, called here LH and SH to protect the family’s honor.

It was rumored that LH had precognitive visions of the following events, though some Watchers have supposed this to be a fanciful accounting by second-hand witnesses, possibly inspired by tales of the famed vampire Drusilla (conflating assailant and victim). Regardless, LH was clearly chosen as a new favourite by Carmilla. Befouling LH’s mind, and later, body, Carmilla befriended the girl under the most false of pretenses, even managing to fool SH into taking her into their household as a temporary ward.

Carmilla’s deranged merriment came to an end by way of a certain Austrian general, Spielsdorf. The General was supposed to bring his niece, Bertha Rheinfeldt, to visit SH some time earlier, but was delayed when Bertha fell ill from blood loss. Spielsdorf discovered a friend of Bertha’s, named Millarca, in her bedchamber.

Suspecting the worst, the General chased “Millarca” from his home with his sword, but Bertha died moments later. Soon, SH and the General endevoured to make an investigation of their own, but accomplished little until an acquaintance of SH’s contacted our Council.

The Slayer at the time, Malika Khayyam, was dispatched along with her Watcher, the preeminent Dr. Hesselius. General Spielsdorf foolishly insisted on accompanying the pair, following them to the village of Karnstein, where Carmilla had battled another Slayer so many years earlier. At the entrance to the ruined town, they were surprised by Baron Achille Vordenburg, the descendant of the Slayer, Auda, and keeper of his ancestor’s secrets. The quartet confronted Carmilla together, certain in their number of victory.

They found the vampire alone inside an old chapel, bereft at the loss of LH, who’d been spirited far away to Italy by her father. Despondent though she was, Carmilla resisted mightily, hacking off Spielsdorf’s head with his own axe and mortally wounding Vordenburg as well. Through their combined efforts, however, Carmilla was staked through the back, then felled by a sword to the throat, all but severing her head. In the chaos, the chapel was set ablaze, and Dr. Hesselius and Malika left the vampire to burn.

Somehow, Hesselius’s diary was taken from our archives and fell into the hands of a ridiculous author named Sheridan Le Fanu. With some effort, we have returned the diary to our care, yet not soon enough to prevent Le Fanu from exploiting what he believed to be fanciful writings for his own gain. In what amounts to little more than a heftier penny dreadful, Le Fanu exposed for all and sundry the sordid tale of Carmilla. Thankfully, through Le Fanu’s presumptive deviations from the tale and the fact that Carmilla is finally dead, we can at last lay this matter to rest.

Addendum, fd.1999: It would seem that our own presumptions got the best of our number yet again. Myriad reports in the last year have placed Carmilla in, implausibly, Styria yet again, and perhaps more believably, Canada. Time will tell if this beast will truly rear her ugly head once more, but we should not count Carmilla among the dead just yet.

Can you guys imagine that Willow goes to the Sunnydale crater every year to wish tara a happy birthday cause i do and im crying

Previously in House of Night Books...

Neferet:  And now…back to this bitch that had a lot to say about me the other day in the Vampire High Council; Zoey, what’s good?


// (((:::
Casually screaming with @ferid-trash-bathory because I saw that Rigr is a Norse name. Oh boy. The theories are running wild.
Especially because the “Rigr” in the Norse Mythology could be either Heimdall or Odin. Aaaand is the creator of human community.

Did Rigr create the vampire council? Or perhaps he’s the one who made all the other vampires?
Also URD IS A BITCH IN THE STORIES OKAY. “Look - my son is going to die, can you perhaps help.” “… Nah. You can’t avoid your fate.”

What if Rigr is supposed to “be” Odin -> The father of Baldur.
Baldur dies due to Loki(*coughs* Ferid) pulling pranks, and Odin goes to Urd(more than once) to get help on how to revive(and earlier avoid his death) Baldur, but is turned down. Urd is a goddess of fate. She knows what is going to happen, and could help.
In the end Loki spoils the revival, and Baldur has to stay in the realm of the dead.

There’s so many possibilities.

Also I love all the roles of “Urd”~


Madelyn and Raegan continue to watch the visiting vampires greet the council. 

Madelyn: What happens after they pledge their loyalty?

Raegan: We take them out for a night on the town and show them how to have a good time in Forgotten Hollow. You should consider going with us.

Madelyn: No thanks. I’ll pass.

Raegan: You can’t sustain on those horrid plasma packs forever.

Madelyn: Watch me.

Raegan: Suit yourself.

Raegan leans on the railing and notices the others gathering in the sitting area.

Raegan: Well I better go introduce myself. Enjoy your plasma packs.

Madelyn: I will. Enjoy sucking on the necks of strangers.

Raegan sighs and shakes her head wondering when the girl will begin to embrace what she is.

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Poses by @lumialoversims​ and @thepathofnevermore

What still baffles me to this day is the fact that Buffy never got paid. Her being a slayer and also having to manage school and a social life was always such an issue, and even later on it was heavy expected for her to focus solely on slaying and in season 6 having a job ON TOP of everything else hindered that, if though she needed a job to survive. Giles was paid by the watchers council why wasn’t Buffy?

She shouldn’t have fallen for this man. There was nothing she could do about it now, however. She had to hide him, get him somewhere safe.

Perhaps one day, she would be able to make it up to him or his descendants. He had become a vampire now, but there were many vampires that the Council didn’t know about. By the time they did find him after they learned of her own trechery, he would hopefully be powerful enough to brush them aside. 

Only time would tell.

🔪  •  MAGENTA . @wellsecluded

               a cold hand reaches out to touch magenta’s face … but it stops when there’s just a mere few inches between them - SOON retracting her desire to touch the other as palm drops back beside her own hips.  a sigh slips from painted pout, oceans of blue staring up at the wild-haired transylvanian.   i think it’s wise that we do not see one another anymore. “  the vampire council have been notified of elizabeth’s visits with the other. they want it to stop … they’d TAKE her crown away from her if she disobeys.  she fights back tears, her rare bout of sadness causing fangs to fall from her gums, snapping into PLACE to show magenta what a beast she really is.  “ … there are few things that are important to me and i’m afraid my title is everything.  i can’t lose my fangs … my crown to some woman …  that wouldn’t be me being TRUE to myself. “ 

anonymous asked:

but most of the time, you have all the time in the world! i mean, its not like you are aging....

“Sure. Let the humans destory themselves, leave the vampire council behind to make their own descisions, and make sure to let Russia go nuts in the meantime. It’s true. I have all the time in the world.
To make sure that doesn’t happen.”

“Perhaps some time in the future I’ll leave the responsibilities behind. Now is just not the time.”

Some kids wait for their letter from Hogwarts

But I’m an adult just waiting for my summons to join the Watcher’s Council

I know I know they had questionable motives and eventually got blowed up

Don’t harass me this is just a shower-thoughts kinda deal but like 

I have a very particular set of skills that is basically ONLY useful for being a Watcher someday

Here is a translation of my CV, which even for an academic is ALL OVER THE PLACE and makes very little sense

  • Lots and lots of education on world history, Classical history, and antiquities
  • Ability to read and write several dead, dying, and constructed languages
  • This includes Latin so those spells that you sometimes have to perform would be NO PROBLEM
  • Experience transcribing medieval manuscripts and access to multiple libraries that house these texts in their original form
  • Speaking of I practically live in libraries oh and I have a bookshelf in every room of my house and I organize everything chronologically
  • One of my PhD seminars was “early modern witch hunts” (oh, the engravings!) and the one I’m in now is “medieval apocalypse” so I could definitely identify various demonic forces and calculate when the world is gonna end
  • Despite all this my B.A. thesis was actually on nineteenth-century monsters aaaaaaand my dissertation came out of Dracula
  • So I know a lot about vampire history, including the oft-forgotten original Slavic folklore
  • But technically I’m a historian of Victorian science so
  • Have I mentioned I have a predilection for obsolete media technologies
  • Give me that shadow caster it’s basically a zoetrope

Hashtag cuppa tea cuppa tea almost got shagged cuppa tea.

Someone cleared their throat, and when the group turned, Mistress Natalya was standing in the main hall beside her right hand man, Lazaro. “What is the cause for this commotion?” She surveyed the group as Azariah gently put Romi on the ground. Her eyes landed on him, but she spoke to Fergus. “I thought I told you to go and change into something decent. We’re meeting with the Vampiric Council and they do not like to be kept waiting, Fergus.”

He bowed quickly. “Yes Mistress, I was just on my way.”

“Claudia, there’s some new servants in the dining room. Ensure that they are given tour of the estate.”

“Yes Mistress.”

Natalya turned to Romi. “There are rules in this house that are to be obeyed. I do not condone any fighting under my roof. If my rules are broken, you will be punished. This is your first and last warning. Am I clear?”

Romi nodded. “Yes Mistress.”

She turned back to Azariah and her eyes softened. “Lyubimyy, I really wish you would give up this… hobby, and let Lazaro take over. He has experience teaching the young ones.”

“She is doing well, Mistress. Tonight was the first incident. I will help her control and it will not happen again.”

“Very well.” With that, Natalya turned and headed out.