pasuterukiss asked:

if seventeen were animals what do you think they would be?

I knew an ask like this was gonna come sooner or later lmao

S.Coups: Koala

Jeonghan: Angel fish

Joshua: Egyptian Mau (Regal royal high-end cat)

Jun: Vampire otter

Hoshi: Cockatoo

Wonwoo: Sloth

Woozi: Angry Chihuahua

DK: Newborn giraffe

Mingyu: Antelope

Minghao: Butterfly

Seungkwan: Jigglypuff

Vernon: Asshole puppy

Dino: Baby pig

(S/O to atoms-abooty for helping me with this)

fun ghoul network intro post

my name is Kass im an 18 year old transboy from michigan, usa, he/him/his pronouns please. I sing, act, and play guitar; i’m in college on a theatre major. I love going to concerts, i recently saw gerard way, frank iero, and fall out boy and i’m seeing fall out boy again in september, im also seeing william beckett in august, and im seeing panic in september as well so yeah i go to a lot of concerts. I love anything to with cats, vampires and aliens. I also cosplay, in fact i cosplay party poison and kobra kid; i go to anime conventions like a fucking loser its gr8. 

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