the signs as florida man
  • Aries: florida man dies after winning roach eating contest
  • Taurus: florida man arrested for dialing 911 after his cat was denied entry into a strip club
  • Gemini: florida man steals truck with $75,000 worth of Campbell’s soup, has brief low-sodium joy ride
  • Cancer: florida man reportedly dances on a police car to summon help in vampire battle
  • Leo: florida man tasered after naked marriage proposal at wrong house
  • Virgo: a tired florida man fell asleep while robbing a home
  • Libra: florida man inherits 13,000 pieces of clown memorabilia
  • Scorpio: florida man arrested for assault with taco bell burrito
  • Sagittarius: florida man shot in the ass for protecting turtle’s nest from drunk guy
  • Capricorn: florida man suspected of smelling woman’s feet at library leads police on scooter chase
  • Aquarius: florida man accused of carrying jugs to water pot plants
  • Pisces: florida man enters wrong home, tries to kick everyone out
With All My Heart (M) // Jackson Wang, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jackson x Reader

Genre: Smut, Vampire!AU, a little fluff towards the end.

Summary: You and Jackson are both Vampires from rival families, but that wasn’t enough to stop the two of you from falling in love with each other. Having to resort to secretly meeting in cheap, remote motel rooms; Jackson doesn’t let that stop him from showing you exactly how much he needs you, in every way imaginable.

|| WARNING: This scenario is rated M for MATURE as it contains scenes of a sexual nature. Contains biting, squirting and general rough sex. You’ve been warned. ||

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Free to Be You and Me - Part 1

Word Count: 3411

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language, SPN Typical Violence 

A/N: Sorry this took forever. I hope to get back into it more regularly soon. I can’t really make any promises. 

Constructive feedback always welcome and appreciated

Series Rewrite Masterlist

The vibrating of your phone on the bedside table pulled you from a deep sleep and you gently detangled Dean’s limbs from around you to reach it. Squinting against the light from the screen, you saw it was Sam and slipped out of bed, going outside to answer. “Sam? It’s late, are you ok?”

“Hey, yeah. I’m sorry. You were asleep.” Sam chuckled. “I forgot we might not be in the same time zone.”

“I was awake, Sam. It’s fine.”

“You weren’t. I can tell. You got that…sleep voice of yours going on.”

“Sleep voice?” You giggled. “What does that even mean, Samuel?”

“It’s kinda gravely, like you’ve been chain smoking for about 60 years.” He joked.

“Shut up.” You snapped. “Yes. I was asleep, alright? We’re hunting vamps. And I’ve been having lots and lots of sex with your brother so I’m exhausted. What’s up? Why are you calling so late?”

“TMI, Y/N/N. Way TMI.” Sam groaned. “Anyway, I called because…have you…are you having weird dreams again?”

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Vito and Wilhelm IS BACK y’all!

(those two epic fellows from The Reward ;) 

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⤝Hellsing Ultimate Sentence Starters: Alucard⤞
  • My master, it shall be done. As you command.
  • How beautiful. Nights like this make me want a bite to drink. Yes… I couldn’t imagine a more… perfect evening.
  • Nothing I shoot ever gets back up again.
  • Are you a virgin, my dear?
  • Those who dare impersonate the dead are judged to join their ranks.
  • When you aim, make sure you put a hole through the heart. Or the head.  It’s for their own sake that we put them to rest as quickly as possible.
  • Why didn’t you just drink the blood, you idiot?
  • I’ll bet this can even stop anyone in their tracks.
  • You fool…there’s no such thing as an immortal!
  • Yes…excellent! I haven’t had this much fun in ages! …What did you say your name was?
  • Releasing Control Art Restriction Systems 3…2…1. Approval of situation A recognized; commencing the Cromwell Invocation. Ability restrictions lifted for limited use until the enemy has been rendered silent.
  • Now, it’s time to educate you on how a real vampire does battle!
  • Come on, get up! Attack me! The evening is still so young. Come on, hurry, hurry, hurry! Pull yourself together - the fun has just begun! Come on! HURRY!
  • We ruin the countries we govern and the people in our care. We slaughter our enemies and sacrifice all our allies. We’ll keep killing till there’s nothing left but to destroy ourselves. It will never be enough.
  • If I’m a dog, then you’re dog food.
  • So that was all you had? Such a shame that I overestimated you. As a vampire, you were just a pathetic piece of shit. Now you’re nothing but dog shit.
  • Nothing like Iscariot to inspire the fear of God; such fearsome insults! Two thousand years of your inane prattle…truly, some things never do seem to change.
  • You call my master a sow and expect me to let you live? I’m afraid that I’m just going to have to put a bullet in you, you foolish little man.
  • Neither of us could ever back down in front an enemy. Come on then, Judas Priest!
  • Dogs…that was a very good try. However……I cannot be killed by dogs. It takes a man in order to kill a monster!
  • I get it; there’s absolutely no reasoning with you people. Which means that I have to keep killing until there are none of you left. Didn’t your masters learn anything from the last time I decimated them?
  • Magic playing cards…how interesting.
  • The world would be so boring without idiots like you to amuse me.
  • Now…it’s time to play! I want to hear you squeal like a pig!
  • That’s checkmate!
  • Now, it’s time to start dealing with the business at hand. I’m obliged to give you a thorough interrogation, so you’re going to tell me everything you know. Well…your blood will.
  •  Those who refuse to give up are entitled their time to trample upon the weak.
  • My lord and master! Give me your orders!
  • You stand before me…I’m impressed. I’m impressed! Show me more!
  • Stop it! Do you know what that thing will do to you?! You’ll become one of God’s monsters! Retain your humanity. Don’t succumb to power! 
  • Do you intend to use that scrap of miracle…to become nothing but a scrap of miracle yourself?! 
  • A monster such as myself…a creature of such weakness that I could not bear the weight of a human life…if I am to be defeated, it must be by a human! 
  • Don’t do it, human. Don’t become a monster…a monster like me…
  • You…you fool!…You bloody FOOL!
  • Only a human can destroy a monster. Only a human could dare hope to.
  • YOU AND I ARE THE SAME! You are me… I was just the same! Don’t you understand, this is how I became what I am?
  • Until the weight of my past is shattered by my oncoming future. It shouldn’t be too long, my nemesis. I’ll see you in hell…
  • Angel of Death… Weren’t you the one who said Englishmen looked forward to growing old? You’ve seemed to have abandon your maturity.
  •  Truly a terrible shame, you were such a lovely old man. It pains me to see how wretched and ugly you’ve become. Your body and soul corrupted. A dark reaper to the very core.
  • Every time I die, this is the vision that greets my eyes. And ever time I think, ‘How lovely that a sunlight which I forsook so many centuries ago…

When I was stuck on Arbor Day things @thetourguidebarbie hit me with “she can make plants erupt from the ground and do her bidding” which turned into this. Hybrid!Klaus, college student turned Mutant!Caroline. Featuring tree!sex (as in *against* trees no with trees, just to clarify!).

Short Shallow Gasps

The tiny huff of breath Klaus lets out – not quite annoyed but definitely impatient – is the last straw.

As they’d trekked through the bayou Caroline had ignored pointedly ignored his questions. What was her plan, how long did she think it would take etc. etc. Eventually, he’d gotten the hint and fallen silent. It wasn’t even that she didn’t want to answer, it was that she really couldn’t and she hated to admit it. Caroline was still figuring out her freaky mutant powers, what she could do, and they seemed to grow by leaps and bounds. It’s not like the crazies at Whitmore who’d experimented on her had provided a manual so she relied on instinct and a whole lot of trial and error. Once they’d arrived at a suitable location - enough space, decent tree cover – he’d taken to pacing. A pointed glare had nipped that in the bud.

She’d thought she could finally concentrate but nope. Did Klaus think that standing barefoot in the center of a clearing trying to coax life into being was her idea of a good time? She’d had big plans with Netflix and a batch of peanut butter cookies when he’d knocked on her door with what he’d termed an emergency.

Which it totally wasn’t but by the time she’d gotten the details they were already in the car and outside the city limits.

Caroline whirls, flips her hair out of her face, and stomps the few paces to where Klaus is leaning against a tree. His brows lift in interest as he surveys her but he doesn’t flinch away from her temper. “Is there a problem, love?”

She stops when they’re toe to toe, crossing her arms defiantly. “Yes, there is a problem. I am attempting to regrow a flower that has been extinct for fifty years. It’s not native to Louisiana, and oh yeah, I only have like three measly dried petals to work with. Do you seriously think that’s easy?”

He opens his mouth to reply but Caroline shakes her head, shifting forward and invading his space. It’s a classic-Klaus move, one she’d been on the receiving end of way too many times. She’s stopped finding it intimidating and Klaus doesn’t either, his lips curling in indulgent amusement. “Newsflash: it’s not.”

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Zero Kiryuu

I’m not sure how to start this, ‘cause I never planned to do a blog post about him. Let me begin by saying that I’m a huge fan of Kaname and I’m on Yume’s side, nevertheless sometimes I don’t understand such a huge war between the two sides, and how some people are so narrow minded due to their fanaticisms. I mean, we all love the same manga, right? (Although it’s okay if we just fought for fun haha)

I know as a fact, that Yuuki loved Zero. I even cross my eyes when anyone tries to deny it. (And that doesn’t make me feel insecure about my OTP)

Even more, I can say a few good things about Zero. I wanna clarify that there are many stuff I don’t like about him, but this post doesn’t plan to continue the war, so I’ll just say the things I like. And I’m not just talking about how good looking he is (lol)

I like his ability to suffer in silence. The way he endured the pain for years, without wanting others to pity him… I’m talking about those four years he spent battling his vampirism, without even Yuuki noticing. That’s being strong.

  • “I didn’t understand anything. Zero suffered and suffered for four years. What were you thinking, all by yourself? He loathes vampires so much, he wants to kill them all. All this time, Zero wanted to kill himself too”

The way he tolerated seeing the girl he loved with his worst adversary, more than once. Or the times Yuuki talked to him about her feelings for Kaname, and (as far as I remember) he never complained. He would accept Yuuki’s feelings, even if they weren’t for him. Even if they were for someone he hates. I believe this moment serves as an example.

And my favourite aspect about him, is how he stays next to Yuuki when Kaname leaves her. He loves her so much that he waits decades to be with her. He loves her so much that he wants to be with her, even if she already has a daughter with Kaname. He loves her so much that he is good with Kaname’s daughter too. I really enjoyed their friendship during the begining, I think it has lots of funny moments. But, at this point, I also like the way he loves her.

There are more things that I like about Zero, but I think these are enough.

By last, this is my favourite Zeki moment… yes, I have one.

amanda-da-derp  asked:

Best vampire movies? In asking for a friend...

Oh. Well, this is just my opinion and recommendations (and I know Cora made a list too) so…

  1. Interview With the Vampire (1994) - Honestly a classic. Who doesn’t love Louis and brat prince Lestat and their love-hate relationship and attempts to keep their family with Claudia together over the passage of time? 100% recommend the books too to anyone who hasn’t read Anne Rice’s work. 
  2. Dracula Untold (2014) - A take on Vlad Teppes becoming Dracula. Looks amazing, has incredible acting and I assure you, you’ll cry. Give me a sequel already. 
  3. Fright Night (2011) -  Oooh controversial opinion time! Yes, I picked this over the original. It’s definitely less scary than the original but the comedic elements/general aesthetic of the movie more than make up for it. Also Collin Farrell as a vampire. 
  4. From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) -  Bank robbers and the family they’ve kidnapped end up in a club full of vampires and have to try to survive until day comes. Wasn’t a box office hit but has a cult following. There’s also now a tv series inspired by it that develops the characters and background witch I recommend too! 
  5. Blade Trilogy (1998-2004) - Based on the Marvel comics. It follows the titular Blade - a ‘daywalker’ - on his endless battle against vampires. The third film does have a lot of controversy surrounding it and it’s not as good as the other two but give it a watch if you like. 
  6. Only Lovers Left Alive (2014) - Probably the most human vampire film in existence. It’s emotionally powerful and deals with depression after centuries of existence. It’s a slow-burning movie and a beautiful tale. 
  7. Dracula (1931) - Honestly the movie we have to thank for vampires becoming such a pop culture staple. Bela Lugosi’s Dracula still continues to define the character and is responsible or the persistent ‘vampire accent’.
  8. Let the Right One In (2008) - Follows a young boy and a vampiric little girl. Another one that’ll make you emotional. Watch the Swedish version over the American remake. Check the book out too!
  9. What We Do in the Shadows (2014) - Mockumentary following vampire flatmates and various other supernatural beings. It’s basically about mundane life but… with vampires and it’s comedy gold. 
  10. Byzantium (2012) - Follows a mother/daughter vampire duo. No high class vampires here, our girls are portrayed by as the lowest rung by society’s standards. The movie is gorgeous and again, a more emotional take on vampires and the problems vampirism can bring. 
  11. The Addiction (1995) - This movie uses vampires to make social commentary. It deals with some heavy issues: AIDS for one, drug abuse for another. But it also explores new age religion and a generation rebelling from what they’ve known. It’s a pretty philosophical movie dealing with peoples’ fluctuating and shifting mindsets. 
  12. Dracula’s Daughter (1936) - Follows - you guessed it - Dracula’s daughter (The Dracula from the 1931 movie). This movie is astounding for its time because it’s a big ol’ lesbian fest and Marya’s quest to rid herself of her vampirism is symbolic of ‘curing’ gay/lesbian individuals.
  13.  Kiss of the Damned (2013) - A screenwriter falls in love with a woman who turns out to be a vampire and is turned by her. They survive by feeding on animals, and everything is going well until our leading lady’s vampiric sister shows up to cause chaos. 
  14. Hotel Transylvania (2012) - An animated movie in which Dracula owns a hotel where the monsters of the world stay, and is about to celebrate his daughter’s - Mavis  - birthday. Things go awry when human Jonathan shows up. Honestly, people dismiss animated movies far too much. This one is high-energy, funny and definitely enjoyable for adults as well as children. 
  15. Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992)  - Another take on the iconic novel. The movie is, honestly, hit-or-miss and at times over the top, but Gary Oldman as Dracula, Winona Ryder as Mina and Anthony Hopkins as Van Helsing are delights you can’t pass up on. Even if it’s kind of a wild ride with how OTT it is, it’s a fun one. 
  16. Thirst (2009) - A South Korean movie that follows a young priest. He tries to help with aid work during an epidemic but ends up infected himself. A blood transfusion saves his life but that blood was vampiric and thus he himself is now a vampire. You can imagine the deep moral and spiritual struggle this causes the devout man as he tries to keep a hold of his humanity.
Hell (Chapter Three: Fire and Ice)

Gif not mine

Summary: Y/n Singer, after selling his soul to save Sam’s life, has accepted her destiny (or maybe not?). But her family doesn’t.

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader (not yet, but soon)

Word Count: 3198

Warnings: Angst.

Hell (Chapter One: Fair Exchange)
Hell (Chapter Two: What will we do without her?)

“Y /n, you shouldn’t have..”
Sam’s voice is shattered. I avoided telling him about my deal with the demon, but he still found out.
“I’ve heard this phrase too many times now, that’s enough. Sam, you’re fine, and this is important, for me.”
“How much did he give you?” he gets up from the grungy couch and comes to me, continuing to keep his eyes fixed on mine.
Dean asked me the same question, with a tone of disappointmen, as if I had done something horrible. I brought back his brother; shouldn’t he thank me?
Instead, Sam asks me in a melancholy tone; he is so, he’ll probably feel guilty all his life, while I just want him to go ahead and live his second chance.
“One year.” I say, looking at him. He doesn’t say anything, he comes to me, and embraces me. His hugs always calm me; it makes me feel secure, safe. Even now, that a safe place there isn’t.

The smell of freshly made coffee awakens me from the dream I was doing. I get up from the couch and see my father come to me with a steaming cup; after thanking him, I begin to sip the coffee.
“Maybe I found something.” dad tells me while he sits at his desk. It’s full of ancient books and strange things; dad picks up a newspaper and gives it to me.
“Three deaths in a week. All bodies show strange bites on the body, and there is not even a drop of blood.”
“Vampires.” I say reading the main news; the murders took place in Danville, Indiana. I go to the room where we have all the weapons that dad has gotten over the years, and I begin to prepare the bag, with everything I need for hunting. After a few minutes I hear my father’s footsteps coming towards me.
“Did you talk to Sam?.. or with Dean?”
“Is a month and a half that you ask me, dad. And the answer is always no.”

A month and a half.
It’s the time spent with my father; And the time I spent away from Sam and Dean.
I’ve got seven and a half months before I die.

The bag is ready; I head to the kitchen to take a few bottles of water for the trip. The last thing I take is my jacket, my cell phone and my wallet.
“Dad, I’ll take your car.”
“Can’t you steal it?” I raise my eyes; men and their cars. He’s so tied to his car, that he’s afraid I scratch it.
“Stealing a car when I have that jewel parked out here?”

It takes me half a day to get to Danville; driving alone in a silent car – which, by the way, has broken radio – is not the best ways to live the last months of my life.
A memory comes to my mind while I drive: I’m in my house, I’m about thirteen years old, and I’m putting some weapons in place for my dad when the latter comes home. He’s not alone, I hear he’s talking to someone. At first I think it’s Rufus, but the voice is different. I head to the kitchen, and I see my father with a man. He is younger than my father, and even taller. The thick beard and the dark eyes give him a gruff air; my father comes to me, presenting the man I’m in front of.
“Y/n, he’s a friend. His name is John. John Winchester.”

The memory ends, but immediately I can think of another.

We were in a forest, me, and my father. We’ve been hunting for about two days, a Wendigo, from the research we’ve done. It’s just me, my father, and the noise of the wind that moves the tree branches. Suddenly, we hear a noise behind us, and quickly I point the gun towards that direction. I find a few inches from the barrel of the gun a boy who stares at me with a surprised look.
“Sammy!” I hear another person yelling behind the kid, and among the trees pops up another guy bigger than the other.
“You shouldn’t be here. I say; who are these two?
“You shouldn’t be here, little girl. Do you know it’s dangerous to go into the woods alone?”
“I know how to defend myself, thank you.”
It took just over ten seconds to that guy to be hated by me. Suddenly, my father approaches me and lowers my weapon.
“Don’t worry Y/n; they’re the Winchesters.! I look at my father and then them, when a third person shows up in the clearing we are in. It’s John, my father’s friend, who I only met a few months before. He’s obnoxious in my opinion; compared to Bobby, John is more.. hard. The father of the two boys approaches us and greets dad, while the other two keep looking at me; the skinny seems almost embarrassed, while the larger one has a sneer printed in the face that I would like to take it off with a nice punch.
“ Bobby, Y/n, they are my sons. Dean and Sam.”

That was our first hunt together. At first I hated Dean; he thought he was the best hunter ever, and to think about it, he still thinks so. What an idiot. While with Sam it was different; he was calmer, and kind. It was nice to be with him, talk about anything, not just hunting. I gave him his first kiss; his lips were perfect. A smile pops up; I wonder if he remembers that day. It’s been over a month since I left Sam and Dean, and I don’t know how many times I wanted to take that damn phone and call them, to know how they are, if they’ve already gone on with their lives, if they stopped hoping for me. Dean will have already surrendered, while Sam.. he called me sometime the first few weeks; how much I wanted to answer him, but I would have remembered that I was missing from dying, and I would have made the mistake of taking the car and going to them, and suffering even more. After a while the cell phone stopped ringing, and I felt lost, but happy. The sooner they will go on with their lives, the sooner I shall feel in peace with myself.

“Enjoy your stay, Miss Smith.” The guy behind the counter does nothing but staring at me since I got to the motel. I take the key that he has kindly granted me and I greet him. I go to my room, and just come in I take the laptop to find some information about the deaths of the place. My first destination is the morgue.
“Agent Smith, how can I help you?” The Doctor comes towards me and shakes my hand, and then he signs to follow him. Right now I’m wearing the role of an FBI agent, as I’ve had so many other times. I ask the Doctor to show me the bodies of men, and he brings me close to the cold rooms, where the corpses are placed. He makes a stupid joke about vampires, and I smile as if he had made a good figure to appoint creatures that don’t exist. At least for him. The three bodies are identical: bite on the neck and not even a drop of blood. Definitely vampires.
“The corpses were found in the same place?” I ask the Doctor, who in the meantime closes the cells.
“Almost. The last one was found a few hundred meters away from the point where the second corpse was found, and the same for the first.”
What an idiot vampire, he leaves an exact trail behind him; It won’t be hard to find him. I’m going to thank the doctor and leave, towards the motel.
It’s time to go hunting.

Beep.. Beep.. Beep..
It’s the third time I call him, but he’s not responding. The call ends, and I recall the number. I don’t know why I’m calling him; I could call my father, get me help from him, but after battling six vampires, when I was expecting only one, I didn’t really want to hear a lecture.
Beep.. Beep.. Beep.. “Hello?“
“Hey Dean..” it was for so long that I didn’t hear his voice, which just responds to my call, I almost thank God, for giving me the opportunity to listen to his. Maybe tomorrow I’ll regret calling him, but now my head makes me so bad that I don’t care.
“Is it not that you find yourself from the parts of Indiana?”
“Y/n? What’s going on?” I feel some alarmism in his voice; maybe they still care about me.
“I just found out that fighting six vampires all alone doesn’t lead to a nice ending.”
One minute of silence; the head almost bursts me from the pain, and the leg begins to lose blood; that asshole of a vampire shoots me. After having bitten me on the right shoulder. I almost lose my senses when I hear the voice of Dean in my ear.
“Where are you?”
“In a few streets lost in Danville.”
I hear strange noises on the other side of the phone, then a door slam.
“I’m coming.”
I still run a smile, thinking about something I learned tonight: maximum two vampires next time.
“And Dean? Don’t forget the beer.”

I still don’t understand how made six vampires feed with only three bodies, and then each corpse had only one bite on his neck. When I went to the alley where the lifeless bodies of the victims were found, I was expecting a gloomy and dark place, and that I would have to look a lot for a miserable vampire. Instead, in no time I find myself surrounded by six men.
“Guys, I told you I smelled a hunter. But I didn’t think she was so sexy!”
The men around me begin to laugh, showing their fangs; I hate vampires. I’m the one to attack first, pulling out the hidden blade in my jacket’s sleeve and cutting the head to one of them. A fraction of a second, and they’re all on me.

I wake up with my head that turns me even more than before; the first thing I see is the trees that overtake me quickly. I jump understanding that I’m not in the alley anymore, I think I’m not even in Indiana anymore. I turn to the side of the driver, and I see Dean, quietly watching the road fixed.
I try to sit better, but as soon as I move my leg I can burn it like never before. I whimper verses of grief, and Dean finally notices my awakening.
“You’ve finally reopened your eyes. I was already preparing a pyre in your honor.” says Dean as he moves his eyes from the road to me, and then back to the road.
“Very funny.”
I just can’t move, my leg still hurts, but this time it’s bandaged, to make it bleed even more.
“Did you bring the beer?”
“Sorry, I forgot.”
I look so grumpy Dean; what the hell, the only thing that it would have calmed me the pain would have been a good hangover, and he forgets.
“I should have called Sam.” I say, making him smile.
“How did you come to mind to throw yourself into a vampire nest?” And then what are vampires doing with guns?“
His voice is like a slight sound, distant light years. I try to stay awake, but I know that at times I’m out again. I still answer Dean, this maybe will give me the chance not to fall asleep again.
"First, I didn’t know they were more than one, and two the gun was mine and I fell, and the fangs of the vampire were too far from my neck, and his hands too close to the gun.”
I spoke too quickly; Another thick part from the head and gets to the leg. I whimper again.
“Hang on, doll. We’re almost there.”
I try to answer him, I hate it when he calls me that way, but the darkness takes over, and I’m back in the world of dreams.

“I hate your brother!”
I go in the daddy’s house, and I throw violently the door; Sam is sitting on the couch in the living room, while he is intent on reading a book. He looks up at me and smiles at me, in a sign of surrender. It’s not the first time that I express my great affection for Dean, and Sam knows it too well.
“What has he done this time?”
I raise my hands as a sign of exasperation, I am so furious that I can’t remain firm even a second.
“He went hunting without me!”
I give a kick to one of my father’s boxes, where he places his many books, while Sam rises from the couch and comes towards me.
“You know Dean. I thought you were used to his swagger.”
“Yeah, when I was a child! Now I’m almost 20 years old, and he keeps making the asshole!”
Sam takes me by the hand, and tries to calm me down and sit on the couch with him by my side. He wraps his arm around my shoulders, and looks straight into my eyes. Only that look can calm me down a bit. When I see Sam I always think of the quiet after the storm, to the trees that stop moving, to the animals that are weird and calm.
“Don’t think too much, Dean is just an idiot, and he will understand it when he gets hurt, and he’ll think ‘Damn! Maybe I should have brought with me Y/n!’”
I smile; with Sam, I always smile. I hug him strong, and he reciprocates.
“Thank you Sam. What would I do without you?”

When I wake up, I’m in Dean’s arms; we’re in front of a motel, probably the one where he and his brother had hided up when I called them. The head looks like it hurts less, while the leg still burns. It’s Sam who opens the door, and Dean quickly enters and he laid me on the bed. Sam is immediately at my side, and takes my hand between his. The elder brother takes the first aid kit that we always carry behind, in cases.. well, like these.
“This will hurt, doll.” says Dean, as he approaches me with the tools to extract the bullet.
“Stop calling me that, asshole!” I answer him, while he rips my pants up to where the bullet is.
Dean smiles, that grin, just like the first time I met him; I was reassured that sooner or later I’d take it off my face with a nice punch, but I never did.

To stop the pain in the leg after extracting the bullet I think I ingested an entire bottle of pills; the pain has diminished, but as a result the head has begun to boom, worse than before.
After finishing the surgery, Sam came out of the motel room to go buy something to put in the stomach – I hope more something to drink than to eat – and to call Bobby to warn him of what happened. Instead, Dean is putting back the tools he used in the first aid kit, after carefully cleaning them up. Although I turn my head, I can’t stay a minute longer, and so I get out of bed.  If my leg hurts before, it’s so asleep now that I think for a second that I cut it. But, fortunately it is still there.
“Where do you think you’re going?” asks Dean while he is at my side; he tries to get me sitting on the bed, but I complain.
“I do not want to remain paving; I sit there, okay?”
After accepting the compromise, Dean helps me to go close to the couch, and I sit down.
“How do you feel?”
“I feel like I have only one leg, and two brains competing with each other to make my head burst.”
Dean smiles, and we look at each other. It has not changed for nothing; If he knew how many times I dreamed of him, ever since I left. His eyes, his face, his smile; even his ugly character.
“I’m sorry.”
I remain silent; I have so many things to say, and nothing to say. I hope he’s talking again, because the only thing I’m thinking at this precise moment is getting up and going again, and staying, and hugging him, all the time I have left.
“I shouldn’t have sent you away; because yes, it’s my fault you left. The thing is.. I was angry. But not with you, but with me. I always promised Sammy that I would protect him from any, or whatever. And when you joined us, I also felt like your older brother, and I would do everything to protect both of you. But then Sam died, and I should’ve done something. I should’ve sold my soul to the devil for him; I’d be dead, but he, and you.. You would have been fine. I would have protected you as I always promised. But you.. You did what I should have done, you did, and I didn’t protect Sam or you. I failed.”
I get closer to him, and I take his face in my hands, him to look me in the eye. He’s trying to hold back the tears.
“You haven’t failed; you saved Sam so many times. And you’ve saved me so many times, even now, despite what happened, you came to save me. It’s not wrong for once to be saved by someone who is not you.”
I support my forehead to his. I think it’s the first time that he and I are close. I feel like the fire, which in a few months envelops me forever; he, Dean, is ice, cold and hard. But even the ice melts, and it’s exactly what he’s doing; his tears bathe my hands still on his face, and I weep. I weep those tears that I have been keeping for all these months; tears that I kept in my whole life.
Dean gets closer to me, and only when he touches my lips I understand what he wants to do.
God, how I would like he to continue, how much I would feel his taste, knowing what effect would make me feel his lips on mine, but..
“Don’t do it.”
“Why not?”
“Because it would do even more harm than it does now.”
We remain there for a few minutes, in silence, our eyes closed, our lips a few inches away. I don’t want to talk, no more. Right now I just want the clocks to stop. But time cannot be stopped, and the whole thing breaks down. Dean gets up, and moves away from me.
I am the fire, he is the ice. They can’t stay too close, or they could destroy each other.

Hell (Chapter Four: The enemy of my enemy is my friend)

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Inhuman || Klaroline

Klaroline Infinity Day 6 - Other Supernatural

Klaus is almost ready to break his curse, but he refuses to do so without Katerina finally doing her part. She has managed to elude him so far with the help of various allies, but the latest distraction proves to be far more interesting to Klaus.

“Funny,” Klaus noted with a smirk. “Katerina usually prefers to employ male cannon fodder.”

The little blonde merely stood before him, unafraid. She didn’t even bother to reply. Her head canted to the side as she watched the Original draw closer to the door of his hotel room, where she had been waiting.

It was something of a game for Klaus in his hunt to break the curse restraining his wolf, to allow Katerina Petrova’s various pets enough of a fight to be fun for him. The werewolf from whom she had stolen the moonstone lacked the strategy of battle; the vampire brothers she bounced between were too busy competing for her favor to put up a decent showing. Even Elijah was easily a pawn to the wily doppelganger, though at least daggering him was an actual challenge.

This girl, however, smelled young. Klaus couldn’t sense any power, as he could on a vampire, wolf, or witch. Humans were often too stupid to realize the danger he posed, but they could still feel a frisson of unease in his sheer presence. She seemed almost serene.

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NCT: Vampire or werewolf?

A/N: When you guys say “Mark oppa” i feel old even thought i’m just the same age as Ten OMG! I’m going to adopt all of you. Well, I added gifs for the plus dramatism hahaha you guys have to imagine this like i’m telling you a tale (?)

Taeil: Werewolf. because he is the moon BA DUM TSS. Maybe not the faster or the strongest but he is the glue who puts all the pack together. Always being protected by the others (pretty honey brown wolf, cute). Tries to picify and fix problems talking first and attacking second. 

Hansol: Vampire, and the kind of vampire that is very elegant. Even his walking looks flexible… like a feather. He is rather independent when getting his food like he would pick people by himself, always being cautious to not be discovered. But it turns so easy to him because people somehow trust him and don’t see him coming. 

 he really looks like Yuta here kkkk twins  

Johnny: Please, he is the alpha male of the werewolves pack. He is strong and fast and smart (and i think he would be a black wolf, so pretty). Can handle all of the other wolves well and teach them to be respectful with each other and to other people. It’s important for the wolves to have rules and be loyal to the clan so they need a good leader like him. He always tries to reach an accord with the vampires so no one gets hurt. 

Taeyong: … hybrid between the two of them  have you watched the Underworld saga? like that . It means he has blood of a vampire boss but also the blood of a werewolf. He has both of the sides so he has to drink blood, he looks subtly beautiful and has moons in his eyes but also has the brute strenght of a lycanthrope. He is someone to be careful about if you don’t want to end dead because they are abnormally powerful. 

Yuta: Werewolf. Beta male of this pack and he is hard to control by the leader but he is very loyal and gives a good service to the team. Probably the one who would use his animal growls in his human state shamelessly just for fun looool Not even once he would think about fighting Johnny to take his place, he is just okay with things being like they are.

Doyoung: Vampire. He can’t stand sun at all. Not that he only burns when the sun comes out but he actually dislikes it too so he is okay with his condition and is good hiding. Looks fragile but he can kill you flicking his fingers because he would get an inhumane strenght. He has a pendant with blood inside so he can use it in case of emergency. 

Ten: Definetely a vampire. His best habilities are being fast (super super fast), and mostly, sensorial powers as hearing a needle fall in the next room or seeing every blade of grass. But all of this has a collateral effect which is that he smells so good he is very weak to blood. I mean, he can’t resist very well or pretend he is not hungry.  

he can bite me tho 

Kun: Werewolf. He is friendly and he found difficult to asimilate he was a wolf when it happened but then the pack adopted him with love. The most likely to befriend a vampire by accident and don’t want to give him up later. 

Jaehyun: Also a vampire, you only need to look at him to see that he is one of the most powerful vampires if talking about family ranges. He is so smart he barely uses his strenght to survive but rather tricks and pressure. That, concerning battles between vampires or werewolves, to get blood he is for the seduction card… you know what i’m saying. 

Winwin: Also a vampire and over his chill look he is fierce when hunting, he is fast as hell and if someone is targeted by him is a dead end, for sure, because he is not only quick but also agile and flexible. Red eyes 24/7. But then at home he is quiet and calm reading his books and no one knows what’s going on with him.

Mark: No doubt, he is a werewolf! He is one of the strongest in combat and also one of the funniest when playing around in the woods or in the beach (human form or wolf form, it doesn’t matter when having fun). He does not trust the vampires so he is always suspicious and has an eye on them dispite all the things Johnny tell him about accords. 

Jeno: Vampire. Like Winwin quiet but fierce. The difference between them is that he is not that elegant and becomes a bit more rough if he has to fight. I think he would preffer go hunting in group or at least with someone else but not alone. Also he is not as quiet as Winwin either. 

Haechan: If Mark is a werewolf, Donghyuk is a werewolf too and actually there are very few chances of getting him away from Mark. Since the oldest became a werewolf first, Haechan aspires to be as great as him. Maybe from the outside he looks a little bit irreverent but he is up to listen well to the older wolves’ orders. Still learning how to fight and not very up to it. 

Renjun: hybrid like Taeyong… because he is energic like a werewolf but not that beastly, he is a bit more elegant with the vampire blood. He is calm almost all the time and the older vampires (because hybrids live with the vampires) don’t know how he manage to be so chill regarding blood if he is that young. He is more likely to use trickery to hunt than attacking anyways. 

Jaemin: Werewolf. He won’t stop running here and there and bitting everything and playing around with the others. He likest to be a wolf because he can be hyper and stuff. He thinks it’s cool to have such powers and still doesn’t see that it’s a great responsability. 

Chenle: Werewolf but like in a immature way. He is the youngest and smallest in the pack and he spends half of the time rolling in the grass as he is in his wollf form. When fighting, unlike Donghyuk, he has a lot of energy and wants to fight the world by his own even if he is clumsy because he is young. 

Jisung: Vampire. I don’t even know how in hell the others would feed this child. Probably they would let him run in a forest to hunt deers or something like that but like… not have human blood yet. 


This had been going on long enough, two original vampires battling for your affection. Klaus and Elijah had been on a power trip, most likely to prove who was the worthy brother for you. More often than not, you had to sit and listen to the endless bickering that lasted longer than it should

Klaus along with Elijah had gone out to deal with a few supernatural situation that needed their attention. The two of them came walking in, the air around them tense and stiff.

“How did everything go? Did they quake with fear at the sight of two Mikaelson brothers?”. You causally asked, as you continued to flip through a magazine.

Elijah unbuttoned his suit jacket and seated himself in the opposite chair. “It went as expected. Niklaus throwing around demands and possibly making things worse”.

Klaus rolled his eyes. “Well it was a lot better than what you wanted to do brother. I hardly think sitting down for tea and biscuits would have worked”

Setting down the magazine you knew this was only going to go one way.

“Ah yes, I forgot that you only do violence Niklaus”. Elijah retaliated.

Klaus marched on over. “If I have to be the big bad wolf, then so be it brother. At least I’m willing to do whatever it takes to keep this family safe”.

Elijah slowly stood up, his posture was calm but his eyes told a different story. “I’d be very careful Niklaus, you’re walking on a very thin line”.

Jumping up and coming in between them, you placed both hands on their chests. “Okay, back to your corners. The constant bickering on how to handle things, isn’t helping. Now I don’t know what happened out there, but pissing the enemy off isn’t exactly the best tactic. You guys need to stand together not tear each other apart”. When you decided it was safe, you stood beside Elijah.

Klaus stared at you, before speaking in a low tone. Why am I not surprised that you’d side with my brother. Standing beside the noble Elijah, how can I be anything but the lesser brother? A liar, a manipulator, a bastard”

He turned to Elijah who hadn’t said a word. “You win brother”.

Trying to call out his name, it didn’t work, he just proceeded up the stairs nothing bothering to look back. The atmosphere went from tense to uncomfortable. This morning you were in a love triangle, and now it had just exploded into a bigger mess. And it was one that you weren’t sure how to fix.


Doctor, Doctor, Can’t You See I’m Burning (Part 6)

Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4    Part 5 

A/N I’m having trouble letting go of these characters, so I may not end this with part 6. I find Alpha!Sam all manner of hot, so we’ll see where the story goes.

Sam, Dean and you travel back to your hometown to battle the vampires that took over your house.  You and Sam have a big heart-to-heart talk before the fight where you share some surprising news.

Characters: Alpha!Sam, Alpha!Dean, Beta!Cas, Omega!Reader

For the next few days, as you wait for your heat to run its course, you continue to train with Sam and Dean. You have never done any swordplay, so you concentrate on that in the morning.  Dean makes you swing the heavy sword again and again until your upper arm muscles are screaming. 

After lunch, its more hand to hand combat with Dean.  Now that he knows what you can do, he doesn’t hold back. You haven’t been able to pin him again, but you hold your own well enough considering he is so much taller and stronger. Within an hour Dean was drenched in sweat. He drained his water bottle in one long gulp. “I’m gonna go get more water. Why don’t you practice some with Sammy? Taller opponents are harder.” He shot his brother a hard look. “Don’t go easy on her, man. I’ll be right back.”

You and Sam face each other. “Gonna let me have it, Sam?” You said in a silky voice.

“Yep.” Sam replied, eyes darkening.

Now he was a challenge because he was so tall, your kicks wouldn’t even reach his face. So you had to disable him another way. As big as he was, Sam was very light on his feet. So you went with the unexpected. You launched yourself at Sam at close range and knocked him off his feet. It was a ballsy move, if only it had worked. At the last second, Sam spun around so you landed on the floor, with him sprawled on top of you.

 “No fair!” You wheezed. “You cheated!”

His pelvis was flush against yours, and you ground up against him. He grabbed a handful of your hair and turned you to look at him.

“Now who’s cheating?” He growled before his mouth began its assault on yours.

When Dean came back 5 minutes later with more water you and Sam were still pressed together on the mat. “Seriously? I leave you two alone for like 10 minutes!  Haven’t you had enough sex yet?  Keep this up Sammy and she’ll be giving you a pup right away. Come on you two nymphos.  Back to work!”

By the end of the day, you were exhausted. After dinner, Sam gave you some books to read about vampires.  You fell asleep with your head buried in a book.

“Do you think she’s ready?” Dean asked.

“I wish she wasn’t going at all, but I think she can hold her own. I don’t think there is any way to get her to stay behind short of locking her in the dungeon.  She’s very stubborn.” Sam replied.

“Not to mention you’d probably never get laid again.” Dean said thoughtfully.

“Well there’s that.” Sam frowned.

Once again Sam carried you to his room.  This time you didn’t wake up all night, you simply snuggled into Sam’s arms and didn’t move.  That was unusual in itself.  Ever since Sam had claimed you, your heat had flared during the night and you had woken him up for sex. This meant your heat was finally over.  

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jojo's bizarre adventure
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