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I was going to write tonight… I was going to work on that Woodsman dohicky…

OH, LOOK AT THAT!! VINDI UPDATED!  FINALLY get the seraph set!
Here, take my wallet, I was saving up for this anyway!

Also, finished dyeing the Vampire Bride black and Ali’s Gothic Lolita thing.  

Who has two thumbs and not gonna be able to afford the new, spiffy gear ‘cause they blew like 200mil on dye amps in the past month?! 

…Right here.

humancasablancas asked:



Opening Credits: 
you see me // childish gambino
Waking Up: wander // tame impala
First Day At School: i blame myself // sky ferreira
Falling In Love: four door aventador // nicki minaj
Date Song: slater // tyler, the creator
Breaking Up: halloween all year // the orwells
Life’s OK: connect // drake
Getting Back Together: take care // beach house
Wedding: youth // daughter
Birth of Child: the kids dont stand a chance // vampire weekend
Final Battle: the blond-o-sonic shimmer trap // arctic monkeys
Death Scene: cheerleader // st. vincent
Funeral Song: 8 // willow smith
End Credits: faucet // earl sweatshirt

millennialbitch asked:


Opening Credits: Accuracy by The Cure

Waking Up: The Lady Is A Tramp by Frank Sinatra
First Day At School: Cheat by The Clash

Falling In Love: Black Ships by Gem Club
Date Song: How Long Have You Known by DIIV
Breaking Up: Settle Down by The 1975
Life’s OK:  Saint Simon by The Shins
Getting Back Together: In Limbo by Radiohead
Toothpaste Kisses by The Maccabees
Birth of Child:
 Holiday by Vampire Weekend
Final Battle:
 Sing by My Chemical Romance (oh my gosh)
Death Scene: Thank You For Breaking My Heart by Ben Fold Five

Funeral Song: 
Cannon by The White Stripes
End Credits: Dreams by Fleetwood Mac

Interesting soundtrack.

Send me a HEY for a life soundtrack

30 Days of Whedon: Day 22 - Favourite Battle Scene


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

The battle scene in “Graduation” Part Two is one of my favourite battle scenes from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This is the first epic battle scene on the show. Every student from Sunnydale High is involved in this battle. This is one of the coolest battles to watch. It starts off with the solar eclipse. The Mayor starts transforming as the Ascension begins. He turns into a snake demon. Meanwhile, vampires are taking advantage of of the solar eclipse. The students use crossbows, stakes, and flame throwers to take out the vampires. Buffy lures The Mayor into the school library where a whole bunch of explosives are located. She runs faster out of the building than we’ve ever seen her and she blows up the school with Giles. What a way to end high school.

The very last battle in “Chosen” from Buffy the Vampire Slayer is one of my favourite battle scenes. In this scene, everybody partakes in this battle. You have Anya, Andrew, Dawn, Xander, Giles, and Robin Wood scattered throughout the hallways of Sunnydale High fighting off Turok-Han vampires and Bringers. You have Willow using the scythe to turn all the potential slayers into real slayers. You have Buffy, Faith, and all the potential slayers fighting the army Turok-Han vampires. These characters are fighting like they never fought before. Some characters died like Anya and Amanda. Spike comes in wearing an amulet which shines this blue light and defeats all the Turok-Han vampires and destroys the Hellmouth as everyone escapes to the bus. Spike not only blows up the town but he sacrifices himself to save the world.


The first battle in Pylea from the episode “Over the Rainbow” is my favourite Battle scene from Angel. This scene is filled with action and it ends in a humorous way. It’s exciting to watch the Pyleans trying to attack Angel, Wesley, Gunn, and Lorne with their swords and each time the gang blocks an attack. You think the gang is going to win this fight and the next moment the Pyleans have Angel, Wesley, Gunn, and Lorne tied up. One thing I love about this scene is we get to see Lorne fight and he’s not much of a fighter. 


The first battle in the pilot episode “Serenity” from Firefly is my favourite battle scene. This shows opens with Mal and Zoe at war. Captain Mal Reynolds kicks butt with a gun trying to prevent the Alliance from taking over Serenity Valley. Zoe is badass with capturing an Alliance anti-aircraft gun trying to stop the Alliance aircraft from arriving. This battle gets really intense because they don’t have enough air support and are ordered to surrender. 


The last few scenes of “The Hollow Men” are my favourite Battle scenes from Dollhouse. This is when the Dollhouse tries to bring down Rossum. I love how we find out that Rossum imprinted Whiskey with Clyde’s personality and is now known as Clyde 2.0. I love the fight between Echo and Clyde 2.0. We find out that Boyd is not only a doll but the leader of Rossum. All of a sudden, he’s a villain, which is quite the twist. November is a sleeper doll, so she’ll do specific commands when they are said. To stop November from trying to take him down, he uses Adelle’s voice which he recorded to trigger November’s sleeper state. I was shocked that Mellie committed suicide in order to prevent Rossum from taking over her personality. The last scene when Echo meets Boyd and she realizes he’s behind Rossum is a truly an intense scene. She finds out that he’s a doll and he has a grenade strapped to him. She runs out of the building as Rossum blows up with Boyd in it.
Of stories and dreams: A battle against vampires!

Hello, Dreamers!

This week I want to talk about a game that was a big thing in my teen years.

Let’s talk about a GBA gem:

Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django!

Click, let me know what you think, if you play it send me a comment!

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Say, Cecile already killed a werewolf and will soon fight a vampire, when does she battle a Frankenchick?


And Charlotte’s the one who did the killing.