So the finale of Seraph of the End’s dub just finished last week and I made this to celbrate Dubbletalk reviewing the finale!  Decide to draw casual Mika, cus why not? He’s my favourite character. XD I’ve really enjoyed Seraph of the End. It’s probably my favourite recent anime and I hope to God it gets another season! I really loved the art direction on this show and the cast that funimation assembled for it was marvelous!

Man I need to get faster at headshots though, this took me far too long despite how “little” iti s. At any rate, hope to draw some more Seraph again… probably Mika in his outfit he wore in part 2.

Also, like my friend @shrimposaurus pointed out, he’s the one character who doesn’t need to protect his neck, yet he’s the one with the turtleneck. LOL

  • Yukie:If you want to make our class participate in the program, you’ll have to go through me.
  • Haruka:And me.
  • Sakamochi:Is this a joke? I will not be threatened by a bunch little girls.
  • Yuka:And me. You don’t want to mess with us.
  • Izumi:She’s a hair puller.
  • Shinji:And you’re not just dealing with them.
  • Shuya:You’re dealing with all of us.
  • Kazuo:Except me.
  • Shuya:Except Kazuo.
  • Kazuo:I don’t care what happens.


fireofthousandsuns asked:

I’m a bit confused about Alice’s badass fighting skills in eclipse. I think she’s supposed to have visions that tell her 0.0001 seconds before what her opponent is going do, but if her visions are determined by decisions, then how can that work? Actual fighting is not choreographed dance, ppl make a ton of instantaneous decisions that are adapted and improvised to counter the situation, and instinctive reactions play a huge part, so I don’t see how Alice can have such a big advantage --cont.

And wouldn’t everything be happening too fast for visions to be helpful anyway? Even if she sees everything, there’s not going to be enough time for her to make a good reaction (Same logic can go for Edward, but he’s perfect). And the mechanics of this gets me as well, Emmett/Felix/Siobhan shows that strength for mature vampires is dependent on size/muscle mass, so Alice should be a lot weaker cuz she’s so small. Seems tht vampire battle involves mostly tearing things apart, which would require upper body strength and cannot be accomplished by speed alone. And wouldn’t the size of her hands and mouth make it harder for her to get a grip on a thick limb and tear it off than, for example, Emmett? I’d assume effectiveness in battle requires a combination of speed+strength+skill, and any severe limitation in any one of the three areas would reduce the effectiveness by quite a bit…

Yeah I’ve never really understood why Alice (or Edward) would be badass fighters because of their gifts. I mean is .000004 seconds really “the future?” And even given the crazy good vampire reaction time, Alice’s opponent would also have really good reaction time. I feel like Alice might be really good at evading an enemy because she is small and lithe and graceful, but actually taking down an opponent is harder for me to visualize and justify. And again, experience.  When was Alice (or Edward) gaining the skills and experience of being a strong fighter? Alice was at least alone for awhile, but Edward was with peaceful Carlisle (who seems to befriend all the vampires he meets rather than fight them) for most of his existence. 

So, yeah. I guess I sort of get why Alice would be good at defense and keeping herself safe, but that doesn’t necessarily translate in my head into being good at offensive and destroying a (no doubt much larger than her) opponent. 

It always sort of just came off as “Well Alice and Edward are awesome so of course they are good at it” to me rather than anything else. I don’t think their gifts would realistically be as big of an advantage as SM makes it out to be because, like you said, fighting is a lot more about instinct than decisions/thoughts.  Alice might be able to foresee whether or not she could defeat a specific opponent and Edward might be able to get a “flavor” of their fighting style which could help him, but foreseeing each move before they make it? IDK. It always seemed like kind of a stretch to me. 

‘Vampire Diaries’ Major Spoiler: Nina Dobrev Confirmed To Return In Series? Actress Dating Tim Tebow?

‘Vampire Diaries’ Major Spoiler: Nina Dobrev Confirmed To Return In Series? Actress Dating Tim Tebow?

External image

Nina Dobrev is a perfect match for Tim Tebow? A rumor is saying that there is a possibility of both stars coming closer to each other.

Vampire Diaries star, Nina Dobrev and handsome NFL player Tim Tebow were at their best during the latest episode of Lip Sync Battle. Viewers were feeling great to watch Tim Tebow and Nina Dobrev. Looking at the preview of “Lip Sync Battle,” Vulture reported that “Dobrev is getting quite flirty with Tebow.” Since both are single, fans are more suspicious. They are saying, the on-stage healthy competition will turn to romance soon.

Tebow is looking for a perfect girlfriend after having a break up with Olivia Culpo. “Someone that I’m extremely attracted to. But I think there has to be more there, there has to depth, you know?” Tebow explained his expectations from future girlfriend during Ellen DeGeneres show. Don’t you feel gorgeous Nina Dobrev is having all the qualifications to win Tim’s heart?

Nina Dobrev Returning The Vampire Diaries?

As we already know, Dobrev was dating “The Vampire Diaries” star, Ian Somerhalder. However, she ended her relationship. Somerhalder is busy with his wife “Twilight” actress Nikki Reed. Their Instagram posts are showing their happy married life. Gossip lovers are saying that Nina is willing to join the Vampire Diaries team once again. It sounds like now Nina will feel comfortable to share the screen with Somerhalder since both the stars are moving ahead in their own life without troubling each other. “There is still a chapter of [Elena’s] story left to be told, So we’ll] take Nina for whatever she’s willing to do to tell that story,” co-creator of The Vampire Diaries, Julie Plec hinted Nina’s return, according to Wetpaint. It’s also reported  there is drop in rating for the show after the exit of Nina Dobrev.

Do you feel Nina’s entry will help the show to gain its popularity once again?

Nina Dobrev Performs "Let's Get It On" With Attractive Dance for Tim Tebow on Lip Sync Battle

Nina Dobrev Performs “Let’s Get It On” With Attractive Dance for Tim Tebow on Lip Sync Battle


External image

External image
Spike TV

Simply once you thought Lip Sync Battle could not get any hotter, Nina Dobrev turns the up warmth to scorching!

On an episode airing Thursday, the 27-year-old former Vampire Diaries actress performs an additional sultry rendition of Marvin Gaye‘s “Let’s Get It On,” throughout which she principally seduces her competitor, Tim Tebow.

Sporting a scorching vampy look, full…

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Something Weird

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by ShireiReindhart

Hyakuya Yuuichirou never felt romantic, let alone intimate feelings, despite his teenage hormones. All his thoughts were about battling the vampires and saving the world - everyone wanted to be a hero, including him. But of course, his only remaining family just had to add something into his life - a weird and awkward but hot, passionate, and life-ruining one… Curse him.

Words: 1427, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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A Newbie Watches The Originals Ep 7 Aka: Having My Baby, What A Wonderful Way To Build A Hybrid Army

We open with Marcel having what we find out is a fight tournament where his vampires do battle to win a daylight ring (which is just what it sounds like, a ring to allow a vampire to travel about in the daylight, most appropriate name for a thing since the Walkie Talkie) A lady vampire kicks this mammoth guy’s ass (yay!) but then Klaus shows up and kills her (boo) Elijah joins him and tells Marcel that he needs to give Hayley back or they’ll kill everyone. Marcel of course tells them he doesn’t have Hayley and we then find out that the guy who DOES have Hayley is Tyler from the Vampire Diaries.

Marcel allows Klaus and Elijah to use a witch to do a locator spell to find Hayley, Sabine performs her paranormal GPS and tells them Hayley is somewhere in the bayou. Meanwhile Marcel goes off to meet with Josh and poor Josh discovers that Marcel knows he’s been spying on Marcel for Klaus. Danger! Danger! Poor Josh is so not made for stealthy spy stuff. Lol!

Tyler decides he wants to make his own hybrid army so he brings along a goon who volunteers to be injected with Hayley’s baby’s blood and then ‘killed’ so he could come back as a hybrid. Tyler informs Hayley that this is exactly what Klaus plans to do and that Klaus doesn’t give a damn about the baby. Grr! Tyler is an douchenozzle (thanks for that new word of the day, Josh) Rebekah goes after Marcel thinking he has kidnapped Hayley and seduced Rebekah to get the info that would lead him to Klaus’s home to find Hayley. Their fight is like damn hot foreplay and Rebekah’s signature move, the heel to the throat makes a return. Yay!

Josh and Davina’s friendship. So much yes! Poor Davina tries to remove Klaus’s compulsion on Josh and it’s not going well.

Tyler’s goon Dwayne who looks a lot like Nick Newman from Young and The Restless comes too and is feeling like a Natural Hybrid and goes to attack Tyler when it looks like Tyler is gonna kill Hayley. He and Tyler fight and then…bye bye Nick Newman. In the hulabaloo Hayley manages to escape into the woods and shockingly doesn’t trip and fall once! Yay for progressive feminism! She does run into Elijah who has come to save her…after she’s already, you know, saved herself. Yay again.

She tells him what Tyler told her about Klaus only wanting the baby to use it to make hybrids and Elijah promises her that he’ll protect her from Klaus. Meanwhile Klaus finds Tyler and the two of them fight. Itty bitty mention of Caroline which of course makes all the Klaroline fans happy.

Marcel takes Rebekah to the ‘Garden’ which he tells her was originally the house he was going to build for the two of them. *sniffles* He tells her that she needs to choose between him and Klaus. This is so not going to end well.

Klaus of course beats Tyler but decides not to kill him, instead compelling him to continue his life knowing he is worthless. Personally, I would have killed him. Klaus meets up with Hayley and Elijah who accuse him of wanting to use his baby to make hybrids. Awesome moment by Joseph Morgan where you can see the split second of surprise to show the viewers that Klaus had no idea and no intention of doing any such thing. Elijah and Hayley see it and Elijah tries to apologize but Klaus is not the forgiving type so he instead bites Elijah in a paranormal version of Bye, Felicia and leaves.

Davina succeeds in removing Klaus’s compulsion from Josh and the two become instant best friends. The pinky swear moment where Josh promises to keep Davina’s secrets was too cute!

Elijah feels guilty for being so quick to believe the worst of Klaus and tells Hayley that he and Rebekah aren’t that much different but Hayley insists that he shouldn’t compare himself to Klaus. Yeah, lovely Haylijah moment. Then someone from the Bayou Library On Wheels apparently, leaves a bible on the porch…no, not a library, Jehovah’s Witnesses I guess. Have you heard the Good News, Hayley? You’re Andrea Labonair!

Klaus confronts Rebekah about meeting with Marcel and wants her to spy for him but Rebekah lies and says that Marcel isn’t plotting against him. Insanely tense scene so well done by Joseph and Claire. Their sibling chemistry is amazing. The episode ends with Tyler going to Marcel and telling him about Klaus planning to build a hybrid army. I repeat, Klaus so should have killed Tyler! (stabs him repeatedly with a fork through my screen)