Okay, so I made these creatures ages ago for my attempt at doing @tyrantisterror‘s 30 Day Four Horrors Challenge, only to fizzle out after six of them because I am terrible at finishing things, but I thought I might as well share what I did get done with you.

First one is the Meteo Mori, a class of Ghost spawned from the collective deaths of a species running away from a dying world in the hopes of finding a better one, only to have died horribly in the cold vaccum of space, manifesting on planets via the landing of what remained of their ship.

Upon landing on planets, they cause bizarre; fortean phenomena involving the sun; moon; stars; comets and general astrological stuff by their very presence, with the quickest description of what it specifically causes being “some real Junji Ito shit” basically, All the while building themselves up to touch the sky. And when it does, the surrounding area is wiped out in an event almost equivalent to Tunguska, propelling the ship away to continue the cycle.

The way to exorcise it is to find the piece of space debris that they came in on and analyze it, ppreserve what is left of that culture, and show the creature that one has. Either that or shoot said debris back into space towards another poor sucker’s planet, either-or.

The second is Doctor Spauldingway, a world-class female inventor that has decided to put her knowlege to use in making novelty items for her own company Nighthtway Mystery Box, after her efforts to do more obvious good with it kept falling apart due to the greed and selfishness of others.

She’s mostly mechanical, with most likely the only human parts of her left being her brain and nervous system, rolling around on her wheel and with an “oven” in her chest that allows her to prototype her wondrous products, her eyes pop out on periscoping springs and her mechanical hands most notably have only four fingers on them.

Her inventions; whether it be in the biological; mechanical; or other fields usually resemble the sorts of things that used to be sold in novelty catalogues or comic-book ads except they are actually as extraordinary as they claim!

Her personality could be described as a mix between Miss Frizzle, eccentrix; high-spirits; fond of trickery and games and with a fondness for children. Her greatest enemy is the dreaded JOY TRIP NOVELTIES, a rival novelty company which may or may not be an eldritch horror.

The third is THE KILLER OF TOMORROW! Because even in the future there will still be serial killers, so this awful fucker’s pretty much travelled back in time to kill people who have even less defenses than in his time.

His main weapon is a “Plasma Hammer” a futuristic tool from his time that combines a plasma torch with a hammer for use in construction for both pounding in and welding rivets. So you can imagine what it does when it hits a person. It also has a jetpack attacked, so there’s that too.

He also likes to create deathtraps with the futuristic technology he’s brought back, like if Jigsaw had access to Jetsons technolgoy and were willing to work more out in the open, I have no idea about his backstory, though I do think his general profile would be “Shitty entitled white dude on power trip”. His Arch Nemesis is the robot bounty hunter 17-76 who’s travelled back in time to bring him to justice, not just for the bounty but also for… personal reasons.

The fourth is the Loonies, a cult dedicated to a bizarre balloon god known euphemistically as “The Acension Filled-Up” or simply by the name s (Pronounced as the sound of hissing air) and determined to summon him to this world. They do this by creating balloons filled with hideous; noxious gasses of their own design, most of which have hideous effects on human biology upon exposure, and raising them in the air, as well as by sealing themselves in their distinctive suits.

These suits cannot be exited once entered, and are inflated with those similar gasses the moment the inductee enters. They can only feed by injecting living things with a small portion of the gas, which multiplies inside the victim and consumes everything inside them until they are nothing but a grotesquely inflated balloon filled with the gas. They are then fed on via “draining” via the needles on the suit, often by multiple loonies at once.

When their suit is cut open, it has been said that almost always there is nothing left but a mummylike husk that dies almost immediately and a preponderance of that awful gas. Their practices do affect the environs in which they live if they are allowed to operate without trouble, causing the air to slowly become a nightmarish miasma of their gasses and for things to start becoming rubbery; swelling up and bloating, including buildings and machinery. 

The fifth one is the Empty Suit, a type of Vampire that is essentially exactly that. It shows up in towns plagued by unemployment and promises “good jobs,” bringing along a whole host of infrastructure and money with it. But, the people who work on it slowly seem to grow anemic and die, unable to escape their economic servitude even as it slowly kills them.

It looks like a swirling; vaguely humanoid wind in a suit; one which gets redder and redder the more people it drains. But, it appears to most people as a respectable businessman whose face they juuuuuust can’t quite place, as it creates an overall “aura” of respectability” that makes it hard to detect and even more difficult to oppose the will of unless one is either mentally strong or pure of heart. It can also create animate Tsukumogami-like beings out of office supplies and control them, control light and temperature as well as shift into a red mist. It can akso control people more thoroughly/directly ala Reinfeld by inserting a bit of itself into their lungs via a “personal talk” in its office

Its weaknesses include symbols of Unions or Anarchism, any items made by a loved one that are emotionally significant but economically worthless and direct personal mockery. The way to destroy it is to destroy the entire building it uses as its “base” of operations; usually with explosives.

The sixth one is the Dresser’s Dummy, a Slender Man-type creature that looks like an ordinary dresser’s dummy with grotesque organic spikes emerging from each limb. It compells its owner to impale things (usually tied in with the owner’s personal obsessions) onto its spikes; which gives it animate life as well as abilities and a motive based on the things that are impaled onto it.

It merges with the user’s will to the point where the minds of the dummy and the user are indistinguishable, with the Dummy’s accoutriments breaking off after its owner dies and it becoming inert once again.

There are also hints amongst what it does that it may have an agenda of its own regarding the “planting” of something; which it influences its user into inevitably following, with sites where it has succeeded showing grotesque organic spikes akin to what appears on the Dummy’s limbs, except much larger. These have proven near impossible to remove…

Will I revisit the other entries? WHO KNOWS, though I do have an idea for a deformed dolphin-like rich Florida serial killer and a race of mutants akin to @cuteosphere‘s work amongst other things that I’d love to do.

For now, here’s what I have so far, and you may feel free to use these designs and concepts in any project you like as long as I, Thomas F. Johnson, am credited as the creator…

Some songs to make a perfect playlist 👇

Fluorescent adolescent- Arctic monkeys
Machu picchu- The strokes
The sound- The 1975
Sweater weather- The neighbourhood
Kathleen- Catfish and the bottlemen
Best friend- Foster the people
Runaways- The Killers
Westside- The kooks
Time to pretend- MGMT
Take me out- Franz Ferdinand
Fever- The black keys
Things we lost in the fire- Bastille
Live this nightmare- The griswolds
Sun- Two door cinema club
Reflektor- Arcade fire
Distant past- Everything everything
Unbelievers- Vampire weekend
Inhaler- Foals
Emoticons- The wombats
Satellites- Mew
What a pleasure- Beach fossils
If I ever feel better- Phoenix
Aviation- The last shadow puppets
Trouble- Cage the elephant
Do I wanna know- Arctic monkeys
Islands- The xx
Joy ride- The killers
You- The 1975
Girls like you- The naked & famous
Howlin’ for you- The black keys
26- Catfish and the bottlemen
High enough to carry over- CHVRCHES
Naive- The kooks
Alien days- MGMT
Evil eye- Franz Ferdinand
Oblivion- Bastille
Horchata- Vampire weekend
Someday- The strokes
Awkward- San cisco
Prey- The neighbourhood
Greek tragedy- The wombats
Something good can work- Two door cinema club
Trojans- Atlas genius
Everything is everything- Phoenix

You can listen and follow this playlist here:

Upon entering Richard Chase’s apartment, investigators were met with the following:

•Walls covered with blood, as well as the floor, ceiling, and kitchen utensils in the same state

•A smoothie blender on the counter, caked with blood and containing rotting organs

•Animal body parts wrapped in aluminum foil in the refrigerator

•Victim David Ferreira’s brains in a Tupperware container inside his refrigerator, as well as other parts of his body wrapped in Saran Wrap

•Several of victim Evelyn Miroth and victim Teresa Wallin’s internal organs inside of the refrigerator 

•Pet collars

•Diagrams laid out on the counter depicting human organs

•Newspapers, with numerous dog ads circled

•Pieces of bone in the kitchen

•A calendar with the word “today” written on the dates of the Wallin and Miroth murders, as well as that same word written on 44 more dates in the same year

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