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I saw your teacher klaine rec, do you have any for supernatural klaine? Thanks bunches!

Hiya, love! Supernatural!Klaine? I know a few…..*Cracks knuckles*


People Error

  • In a world where people without a heart and no feelings - called Dolls - function as servants for rich people, Kurt - famous fashion designer - meets the doll Blaine and wants to keep him. But he has no idea what he is getting himself into. (This is a kind of dark fic.)  Chapters: 26   - Words: 129,228

Devils Don’t Fly

  • Kurt’s dad has been in a coma for three months and things aren’t looking up. A demon agrees to help him, for a price. What neither of them bet on is ever seeing each other again.  Chapters: 4 - Words: 23,144

Sympathy For The Devil

  • Kurt Hummel is a Hunter. Kurt Hummel has made a terrible mistake. Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,888


  • Prompt: Demon!Blaine. Chapter: 1 - Words: 3,570

Another Satisfied Customer

  • Something about Blaine never fails to intoxicate Kurt beyond comprehension. But when a ghastly revelation results in a tempting offer on Kurt’s part, will he have the strength to say no? Demon!Blaine/Kurt. T for themes and  over-the-clothes  boy-touching. Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,555  (There is a sequel)

A Political Romance

  • Blaine is the son of a conservative politician. He’s not allowed to have a boyfriend but he falls in love with Kurt however something about Blaine isn’t quite right. Something dark and slightly twisted. Rated M for language, smut, gay sex and dark themes. Chapters: 44   - Words: 119,305 (There is a sequel)

Blood Ties

  • The vampires have been in control since 1701, enslaving humanity to ‘keep them in their place’. Now, Kurt Hummel has been bought by a vampire by the name of Blaine Anderson, but his caring nature is nothing the young human has ever seen before and it just might change Kurt’s opinion on the creatures. Chapters: 23 - Words: 47,462 (There is a sequel.)

Scarlet Horizons

  • AU- When Kurt was attacked by rogue vampire Karofsky, he withdrew from everyone but his father. Desperate to help his son and out of ideas, Burt agrees to send Kurt to Dalton Academy, a school full of vampires, hoping against hope that by facing his fears Kurt will be abe to move on. Kurt just hopes he can survive the first day and resist the charms of a vampire named Blaine. Chapters: 36   - Words: 177,478 (There is a sequel.)

Temptations Mate

  • Kurt Hummel has inherited magical powers that have drawn the attention of the lethal & lecherous Blaine Anderson,England’s most powerful vampire. But Kurt’s powers aren’t the only thing Blaine desires. Kurt/Blaine Slash. Supernatural Glee AU. Chapters: 22  - Words: 120,917

Vampires Will Never Hurt You

  • “There are lots of places I could bite you,” Blaine says automatically, his voice low and his hands stroking at Kurt’s thighs.  He’s staring, too, at the crease of Kurt’s thigh, and Kurt spreads his legs a little, watching as Blaine’s eyes darken and he licks at his lips. Oh. Chapter: 1 - Words: 5,035

Hounds of God

  • Kurt is a werewolf hunter and protector of the small town of Lima. This has been his existent since he was a small boy until a new pack comes into the picture and everything around Kurt comes undone under the watchful eyes of an Alpha. KurtxBlaine, Werewolf Blaine.  Chapters: 26   - Words: 158,549

Blueberry Moon

  • After a terrible fight between rival packs Kurt, the Hunter in chief of his town, is left to deal with a lonely Alpha who just lost everything. Kurt did not know what to expect but it definitely wasn’t a bunch of wolves making themselves at home at his place. Chapters: 1 - Words: 24,932

Puppy Love

  • The Warblers are not just a show choir. And when Kurt goes to spy on them, Blaine ends up introducing him to a whole new world he never imagined. Will their love endure the hardships? supernatural!Glee. Chapters: 41 - Words: 88,100

Trust and Honesty

  • Blaine trusts Kurt with everything he is.  This is an AU werewolf story.  Chapters: 7   - Words: 28,016


  • Vampire!Kurt & Werewolf!Blaine: Kurt has been on the run for almost a century, eventually finding himself in Lima, Ohio. While hunting in unfamiliar woods one night, Kurt comes face to face with a beautiful young boy who saves him from an even worse fate. Kurt is drawn to the boy and must battle temptation to keep from making an unforgivable mistake. But what will happen when Kurt finds out the boy has secrets of his own? Chapters: 12 - Words: 29,150


  • Kurt thinks he’s getting a dog, but what he actually gets is Blaine, an alpha werewolf in exile for crimes against The Guild. Blaine thinks he’s getting a new jailer, but what he actually gets is Kurt, the only man who has ever made him feel not quite so alone. Chapters: 13 - Words: 18,395 (There is a sequel.)

Who Say

  • Wolves mate for life once an Alpha claims their Omega mate, but the ways of choosing your mate are changing from the traditional meets where all non-mated wolves of age are thrown in together and you end up with a mate. Alphas still have to start a mating run, but what if the Omega has their eye on a certain Alpha? Follow the Anderson and Hummel families through these changes. A generational fic starting with Grandma Anderson and going through Kurt and Blaines generation.  Chapters: 35 - Words: 152,556 (There is a sequel)

All I Ever Wanted

  • Blaine Anderson doesn’t believe in magic, but when he meets the mysterious Kurt he just might have to change his mind. Blaine knows Kurt doesn’t belong in his well-ordered world, but he may end up being just what Blaine and his family need most. AU Chapters: 19 - Words: 82,265

With You I am free

  • Severe anxiety along with other stressors leads to Kurt being shut away in his house. The loneliness this brings leads to him reaching out via Rainbow Connections, a secure website designed to bring gay teens in contact with others like them without fear. This is how he meets Blaine, but it is a long road for Kurt to allow himself to trust Blaine with his secrets. Chapter: 1 - Words: 33,426

Call of the sea

  • Supernatural AU: Blaine is a famous writer who lives at beach with his only daughter Peyton and their pet seal Pavarotti. Oh, and don’t forget Peyton’s imaginary merman friend Kurt who may not be as imaginary as Blaine thinks. Klaine! rated T for safety! and MAYBE the rating might go up later. Chapters: 22 - Words: 37,845

Hot Under My Skin

  • Witches and their guardians worked as a team to protect humanity until a curse broke the bond and guardians became hunters, now hunting what they had sworn to protect. Blaine leads the Warblers, hunters who have vowed to fight the compulsion to shed witch blood. Kurt doesn’t know he’s a powerful earth witch. When a curse brings them together, attraction is only one danger they face. Chapters: 15 - Words: 136,224

Forever Young

  • After a kind stranger named Kurt offers Blaine a ride home, Blaine falls quickly for his graceful charm. This is a story about falling in love with someone who isn’t quite what they seem to be. [Vampire!AU] (human!Blaine/vampire!Kurt) Chapters: 9 - Words: 50,445

A Touch of the Fingertips

  • Kurt has barely ever made contact with anyone because he is a faerie. This is a creature, or person, which makes a connection when it touches another. When Kurt accidentally meets Blaine Anderson, this becomes an even greater problem than he predicted. Chapters: 33 - Words: 106,920

Until My Dying Breath

  • Vampire AU. On his way home from campus, Blaine Anderson comes across a beautiful young man with bewitching blue eyes. It doesn’t take long for everything Blaine thought was real to fall to pieces. For his world to dissolve into fear and heat and blood. Chapters: 18 - Words: 145,452

The Ghost Of You

  • Blaine moves to San Francisco a with a new job and a new home. Everything seems to being going great for him. Until he hears rumors that his new house is haunted, soon Blaine is thrown into a life of fear, violence, romance and love. Will Blaine and Kurt fund away to be together or is Kurt really lost? ghost!kurt. Chapters: 19 - Words: 34,170 (There is a Sequel.)

What I Hide Reminds Me

  • In a world where vampires have been recently thrust into the public eye, Blaine Anderson is a medical student who has dedicated his career to understanding and caring for them. Kurt is a young vampire with more than one issue to deal with and when he runs from his life in the suburbs to the city, they meet and are instantly drawn to each other. Chapters 1-  Words: 56,241

The quest 

  • After Blaine, Sam and Puck accidentally set free some very dangerous demons, it becomes their mission to find and lock them up before it’s too late. The only problem is that they need a seer’s help, who isn’t willing to help them after the boys kidnapped him. Chapters: 17 - Words: 65,514

Blue Wolf 

  • After an accident left Kurt unable to remember the past year of his life, he finally starts to move on when he begins to fall in love with Blaine, a private school student with a secret, that he’s a werewolf. Sometimes trying to protect the ones you love does more harm than good, but is it possible to move on from the past and learn to embrace the future? Chapters: 8 - Words: 12,093

No Blood From the Heart 

  • Kurt is a vampire, born in the 1500s. Blaine is his warm, human boyfriend. This is only time Kurt has ever really been in love. He wants to make the most out of it. Blaine just really wants to learn some tricks from his super hot, blood-sucking boyfriend. Chapters: 4   - Words: 14,001


  • Kurt Hummel is a vampire, and has been ever since 1924. When Kurt gets bored of immortal life and decides to change things up a bit, he ends up at Dalton Academy Reform School for Boys where he meets Blaine, a boy who gives his life an interesting change. Chapters: 20 - Words: 63,857

Hell & High Water 

  • Kurt counted the days even though no one else did. His dad died eight years ago, and his life was monotonous as he hunted for the community he lived in. Long gone were the days when he could dabble in music and fashion because that world no longer existed. Until the day an emergency transmission is received and what Kurt is forced to reconsider what is existing and what is living. Chapters: 43 - Words: 246,900

Follow Me

  • AU. In a world where being born gay is not as bad as being born with abilities, and where the government regulates those with superpowers, Kurt and Blaine find one another under different circumstances. Together they have to decide on their paths in this world, and decide if those paths will converge or split them apart. Chapters: 18 - Words: 93,014

Once More With Feeling

  • For Kurt and Blaine, everything is perfect - until it’s suddenly not. Torn apart by forces beyond their understanding, they find themselves alone, facing a world that is just not quite right anymore. A second first meeting of strangers on a staircase brings another chance for love, but is that enough for them to find their way back to each other, and can they break the spell? Chapters: 16 - Words: 82,221 

Dead Like Kurt

  • 18 year old Kurt Hummel had his whole life ahead of him before a freak accident sets him on a new path. Based on the television series Dead Like Me. All characters Glee or original. Chapters: 31 - Words: 88,357

Please Save Me?

  • “It’s you,” Kurt blurted. It was the boy he met the day of his mother’s funeral, the one who had a knack for showing up whenever Kurt needed him, the one he hadn’t seen in six years. Blaine. What Kurt didn’t know was that Blaine had never left, not for a second. Chapters: 16 - Words: 30,263

Take Me Back To The Start

  • Time moves differently for angels. Kurt was there at the beginning and he’s there at the end. He knows how this story has to end. A non-chronological story of an angel who fell for a human, and the human who had to watch him fall. Chapters: 1 - Words: 10,386


Could I Love You

  • Kurt Hummel is plucked away from his life in Ohio to a life of orders. Placed in a slave auction at the age of seventeen and bought by a man named Blaine Anderson, He must  come to terms with his new life and try to not forget his previous life. Could Kurt begin to love this stranger? Chapters:15+ - Updated: 03/21/2015

Once More To Get It Right

  • Blaine, a hopeless vampire pining away for his lost love is ready to give up on this life when fate throws him a second chance. Kurt is just the same lonely boy from Lima, Ohio- the only difference is that he has these strange dreams of a boy with curly hair, golden eyes and… fangs? Chapters: 36+ - Updated: May 16

Show Me Your Love 

  • Blaine Anderson accepts a teaching job at McKinley High, excited and eager to help people learn and grow. But when he learns Kurt Hummel is in his class, things take an interesting turn. (Vampire!blaine, fairy!kurt) (Teacher/student relationship). Chapters: 9+ - Updated: Jul 11

That should hold you over for a little while (I hope!) If you ever need more- feel free to drop by and ask!

~!Remember to always leave the author of the fic a review and some love!~

Klaine one-shot - “The Crypt Keeper’s Boy” (Rated PG13)

Blaine Anderson (not his real name) wandered into Gethsemani Cemetery as a child, escaping the man who slaughtered his entire family in their sleep. Blaine was taken in by the residents of the cemetery, and raised by Kurt, the vampire Guardian of Gethsemani Cemetery. But Blaine is no longer a toddler. It is time for him to leave.

But can he leave the only home he’s ever known, along with the family who raised him?

Especially his caretaker, Kurt? (5776 words)

Written for @vampireisabitstrong @todaydreambelieversfic gift exchange prompt - A ‘Graveyard Book’ AU: Blaine wanders into the Graveyard as a toddler, and is met by Kurt, the graveyard’s protector and resident Vampire. The graveyard folk raise Blaine as their own, give him the freedom of the graveyard, and all the while he stays within the gates and grounds, he is safe and protected from whatever he was running from when he first passed through the gates as a child. In this version, though, Blaine grows closer to Kurt as he grows up, and it is Kurt that takes him outside of the gates in the end, back into the world. (Ideally, the graveyard folk would be made up of other Glee Club members. Up to you who the Big Bad is, and what they did that made Blaine leave his home as a child and toddle into the graveyard to begin with!)

I’ve been writing this forever. I had to read the book to write it. I’ve changed it a million times, and I still don’t think I’ve gotten it right, but there’s nothing more I can do to improve it. So, here it is … and I’m sorry. :/

Read on AO3.

Kurt watches Blaine shake the die in his cupped hands, taking far too long on this one roll at this point in their game.

“Blaine,” he says with a slight clearing of his throat. “I don’t want to throw you off your groove but could you be a gem and toss that die already? We don’t have all night.”

“Why?” Blaine asks, stalling in order to shake the die a few seconds longer. “Do you have somewhere else you need to be?”

Kurt glares at Blaine, silently scolding his young ward for behaving like a common smart ass, but becomes bewitched by the mild note of teasing in his eyes.

“Not tonight,” Kurt says dryly, the kind of dry that conceals, like a blanket of dead leaves on the forest floor hiding scores of life underneath. “But next week I do have an appointment, so I’d rather not be late.”

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One word prompt: neck

let’s have a little nugget for the Wax verse :)

as always, this is about sleepy snuggly vampires and the wolfboys who love them. if you haven’t read the verse, just FYI - Kurt eventually develops the ability to read minds.

(one word prompt thingy)

Oh my god, he’s so cute, Blaine thinks, his hand on the curtain that sections their area off from the rest of the loft. He moves silently around the room so as not to wake Kurt up; he’s fast asleep in their bed, cuddled around a boyfriend pillow - the infamous boyfriend pillow, Bruce, which a lonely Kurt had bought while they were broken up and has since revealed to Blaine as his guilty pleasure on nights when he’s feeling clingy.

It’s technically a “fiancé pillow” now, Blaine thinks with amusement. He never makes fun of Kurt for it; their school and work schedules are completely different, and nights when they get home at the same time are rare. They certainly pine for each other more often than not.

Blaine sets his bag in the desk chair and starts stripping down to his underwear, quietly dropping his clothes in the laundry hamper. He glances back at Kurt, who’s snuggled even tighter around the pillow. As Blaine removes his layers, Kurt starts snuffling into the pillow, rubbing his nose against it.

I wish I never had a reason to leave him. I’d spend forever in that bed if he asked me to.

Kurt’s eyebrows raise, then furrow, and he sighs in his sleep, mumbling something that sounds like, “Blurn…”

Blaine’s heart jolts a little at that, a delighted grin spreading across his face. He keeps his mouth shut, focusing on his adorable fiancé as he thinks, Kurt?

“Urmph… Blaine…”

Can you hear me, Kurt?


Assuming that he means “miss you,” Blaine steps closer to the bed, his stomach fluttering with affection. I’m right here.

Kurt licks his lips, his mouth dropping open as his fangs elongate from his gums. “Okay,” he says. Then, to Blaine’s total surprise, he grips the pillow in his fists and bites down at the top of its shirt, where a neck would be. He lets out a confused little whine, sinking his fangs in further and gnawing on the pillow for a moment before he seems to realize that his mouth is full of cotton. “Blaine…?”

Blaine swallows his laughter and slides into his side of the bed. He pulls the fiancé pillow from Kurt’s clutches with a fair amount of difficulty - though they both have superhuman strength, Kurt is the stronger of the two when Blaine’s in human form. Right here, Kurt. I’m home, he thinks, dropping the pillow over the side of the bed and putting himself in its place. He lies on his back, leaving his neck exposed, then reaches up and runs a thumb over Kurt’s bottom lip.  

Kurt’s arm slides across his chest, his hand finding Blaine’s heart right away. He makes a pleased humming noise and snuggles closer, sighing happily against his skin. “Mmm… iss’you. You’re warm.”

Are you hungry?

The reply is a neutral grunt.

Blaine would be perfectly happy to let Kurt bite him now, but Kurt has always taken feeding consent deathly seriously; it goes both ways, and Blaine’s laissez-faire attitude about it doesn’t change that. He kisses Kurt, careful to avoid the fangs, and thinks, Open your eyes, baby.

Kurt’s response is immediate, his completely blacked-out eyes popping open with a few sleepy blinks. “You’re home,” he says, carefully covering his fangs with his lips to kiss him.

“Yeah, I’m home. Did you want something to eat before I go to sleep?”

Kurt’s gaze drifts down to Blaine’s neck. He runs a finger over the small, permanent bruise where he usually feeds from Blaine, considering it, then says, “Nah, it can wait until morning.” His fangs slide back into his gums, and soon, his eyes have returned to blue-green and Blaine can see the whites again.

“Are you sure? You can take some now, if you want.”

“Hmm… I’m sure. Just snuggles now, thanks.” Kurt wraps around him the same way he’d been wrapped around Bruce, burying his face in Blaine’s neck.

Whatever you want, Kurt, Blaine thinks, settling into the cuddle and pressing a kiss to Kurt’s forehead.

“Ugh, be quiet, Blaine. I’m trying to sleep.”

Yaz İçin Film Listesi 🎬

- Predestination (Dikkatli izlenmesi gereken, beyninizi yakacak filmlerden)
- Interstellar (İlginç ve kesin izlenmesi gereken bir film)
- Inception
- Resident Evil Serisi (5 filmdir, en iyi zombi filmidir)
- Prestij
- I’m Legend (Sahiden efsane)
- Kehanet
- Karanlıklar Ülkesi Serisi (4 filmdir, şu sırayla izleyiniz; 3-1-2-4, vampir ve kurt adam izlemek isteyenler için kesinlikle harikadır)
- V For Vandetta (Maske felan işte bilmeyen yok bunu)
- Sherlock Holmes Serisi (Apayrı bir yapıt)
- Deja Vu
- World War Z
- Mad Max: Fury Road (Oscar'a aday, harika film)
- Limit Yok
- Oblivion (Müthiş bilim kurgu filmidir)
- Marslı (Patates severler buraya :P)
- Transcendence (En iyi bilim kurgu filmlerinden biri)
- Matrix Serisi (3 filmdir, müthiştir, izleyin, izlettirin)
- Labirent Serisi (2 filmdir, heyecan arayanlar için birebir)
- Lucy (Bilim kurguyu biraz abartmışlar sanki, iyi ki de yapmışlar)
- The Purge Serisi (2 filmdir, azcık korku ve çokca gerilim içerir)
- Zindan Adası (Di Caprio filmi desem yeter herhalde)
- Yarım Kilo Et (İsmi gibi ilginç bir film)
- In Time (Harika filmdir)
- Gerçeğe Çağrı
- X-Men Apocalypse
- Fight Club (Severizz)
- A Beautiful Mind (Matematik sevmiyorsan da izle kardeş bu filmi)
- The Green Mile (Efsanedir)
- Captain America Serisi (3 filmdir)
- The Avengers Serisi (2 filmdir, süper kahramanlar denilince ilk akla bu seri gelir)
- The Hunter Games Serisi (4 filmdir, etkileyicidir ki bir kaç gün aklınızdan çıkmaz)
- Iron Man (3 filmdir)
- Yaşa Öl Tekrar Et: Yarının Sınırında
- Uyumsuz Serisi (Şimdilik 3 filmdir, 4. sü de elbet çıkar)
- Fury
- Hitman Ajan 47
- John Wick (Adını duyunca bile korkulan insanın intikamıdır izleyin)
- San Andreas Fayı
- Sivil Cephe
- Kaçış Planı
- Mr. Nobody
- Harry Potter Serisi (8 filmdir)
- Now You See Me
- Who Am I

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klaine + 'I’m a werewolf but I’m embarrassed to tell you because my wolf form is more like a chihuahua’ AU (with blainers as the werewolf lol)

Oh my god I laughed so hard at the image, my mind went straight to that post
Klaine Bingo: Mates

Kurt knows that supernatural creatures are far more common in New York than in Ohio–that’s a big part of why he wanted to leave his state behind.

To leave the label of “freak” behind.

Just because he is 20% vampire–really, some people don’t know what to be afraid of these days.

Now, pixies and sphinges or even cyclops, he would get it, but semi vampires and werewolves, really?


Anyway, now that he is here, Kurt can see all kinds of creatures and he loves it.

Speaking of magical creatures–

“Hey sweetie,” he says to welcome his boyfriend. “How was your day?”

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Fic: Adapting

Half-vampire!Kurt AU. When your boyfriend’s more adorable than bloodthirsty, it’s not hard to adjust to his lifestyle. ~945 words, PG.

This really wasn’t the bombshell Blaine was expecting Kurt to drop when he’d said he had something to tell Blaine.

“You’re a what?” Blaine asked, feeling his forehead furrow into deep ruts. “You can’t be.”

“I assure you, Blaine, I’m half-vampire,” Kurt said. He squeezed Blaine’s hand one last time before releasing it and sinking back into his end of the couch. “I won’t hold it against you if you want to run screaming from the apartment.”

“But you almost pass out in terror every time you have to get your blood drawn at the doctor’s,” Blaine said, not leaving his seat. “And you just ate garlic bread with me at that Italian place last night.”

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