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are you into a "things we said when we were on top of the world" of the nouis persuasion?? 😍😍

somehow this became 3.3k of a high school vampire au? (10/10 rec this song

If you’d asked Niall what he’d do with immortality, super strength, and heightened animal instincts, he wouldn’t have answered “high school.” It’s a bit of a lame joke, innit, since those Twilight movies came out and just about ruined vampires and werewolves for everyone. Even Niall, who’d sat through one of them at the movie theater because he’d taken Holly Nielson on a date and she absolutely insisted – even Niall remembers sitting in his creaky movie theater seat thinking, Well, that’s a wash. If he was a vampire, he’d spend the whole of it larking about, going to shows, doing a bit of shopping, buying the biggest TV he could find.

Anyway, turned out the joke was on him. Junior year of high school, he’d opened the door to receive a pizza and the deliveryman dropped the box on Niall’s nice new sneakers. Then he’d lunged for his throat. Niall woke up in the hospital to the doctor’s guesses about an animal attack. He tracked down the deliveryman to the police station, where he’d already established himself as a bona fide nutjob. The police wouldn’t let him have the blood he swore he needed to survive, had him locked up in a mental hospital instead.

So that’s why Niall’s trudging through the hallowed halls of Franklin High with a bunch of other teenagers whose sneakers squeak too loudly on the laminate floors. Their voices bounce off the metal lockers on either side of the hallway like the whole place is the inside of a set of clashing cymbals, and Niall chews on the inside of his cheek, squinting against the pain.

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before discovering vampire weekend: but who will play me, a sad private schooler with too much entitlement and yet a sense of withdrawal from my privileged environment due to racial separation and ambiguous sexuality, whose hobbies include writing pretentious teen angst and wearing sunglasses indoors, in the movie of my life?

discovers vampire weekend: unber-fucking-lievable

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Relationship status: Too busy having all the feels for (half-)fictional characters (aka single)

Favorite color: mint green and midnight blue

Lipstick or chap stick: Carmex

Last song I listened to: “Diane Young” by Vampire Weekend

Last movie I watched: Captain America - Civil War (actually I’m watching it right now)

Top 3 TV shows: Gotham, Grimm, Modern Family

Top 3 characters: TJ Hammond, Colin Shea, Bucky Barnes

Top 3 ships: Evanstan, TJ & Colin, Stucky

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chocolate chip, raspberry truffle, blueberry lemon, key lime ✨✨

chocolate chip

a angry text post about i was sick of hearing “not all men” whenever women experience violence for rejecting men and that has about 22 thousand notes and is still floating around out there and my screenshot of a hayden update twitter quoting hayden saying he mimics the darth vader breathing noise when he plays with his daughter

raspberry truffle

i go from pop stuff to alternative stuff like bastille and vampire weekend. and i have a 12 hour playlist of my favorite movie soundtracks, so that’s also a genre i love

blueberry lemon

daisyridleydaily for blessing us with pics of daisy every day
some rlly good star wars blogs i follow are anakinskydala and kingattolia

and s/o to some of my fav nerds @bengaliprincess @okinawasobas and @fempunkandkittens

key lime

anywhere but here since i’m supposed to be packing and mentally preparing for graduating college

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hello friends it is i, shira elisheva, formely psychosematic/massromantics. yesterday i accidentally deleted my blog (yes, yes, i know) so i need some new blogs to follow. pls reblog if you post the following:

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Name: danielle
Age: 19
Gender: female


Food: pizza, chocolate, avocados
Drink: i would say pomegranate juice lol
Book: i liked perks! and harry potter
Favorite Author: hans christian anderson
Song: hannah hunt- vampire weekend
Movie: goodfellas, a bronx tale
TV Show: ATLA, LOK, AHS, parks and rec
Band: the beatles, vampire weekend, arctic monkeys, coldplay, the strokes, I CANT CHOOSE ONE
Solo Artist: taylor swift, marina and the diamonds
Place: upstate ny
School Subject: social studies, english
Sport: volleyball and skiing
Male Actor: christoph waltz
Female Actor: jennifer lawrence


Best Friends: i dont really have best friends, i just call them all my friends!!
Significant Other: nah!!
Siblings: 1 brother and 1 sister
Dream Job: i love doing makeup i just hope im happy with it forever
Tattoos: nah im too scared to get one!!
Piercings: my ears
Languages: only english and a lil ASL


Reason Behind URL: it’s fire lord zuko from ATLA and he’s my favorite character of all time!!
Reason Behind Icon: possessed styles is hot
# of Posts: 42,453
Why You Joined:
 idk i think my friend had one and i wanted to try it out
First URL: daniellelovesjonas loOOoooOoL
# of Blogs: 
a lot bc i save a lot of urls oops

‘Paper Towns’ Soundtrack to include Vance Joy, Twin Shadow, Vampire Weekend, Santigold, Kindness and Haim

Paper Towns Tracklist

  1. Santigold – Radio
  2. Twin Shadow – To The Top
  3. Sam Bruno – Search Party
  4. Kindness – Swingin Party
  5. Vance Joy – Great Summer
  6. Vampire Weekend – Taxi Cab
  7. Son Lux – Lost It To Trying (Paper Towns Mix)
  8. Saint Motel – My Type
  9. Galantis – Runaway (U & I) (Svidden & Jarly Remix)
  10. HAIM – Falling
  11. Grouplove – No Drama Queen
  12. De Lux – Moments
  13. Alice Boman – Be Mine
  14. The Mountain Goats – Used To Haunt
  15. The War on Drugs – Burning
  16. Nat & Alex Wolff – Look Outside



Karen O & Ezra Koenig - The Moon Song

Featured in the lovely film, Her, Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend have produced this sweet little musical lovechild.