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Voodoo, Vodka and Vampires ~Elijah Mikaelsson~

Request: Would you mind writing a Elijah x reader where Elijah saves reader from somewhere and takes care of her? If it’s not too much trouble 😇 your writing is absolutely amazing 💕⚜️

Warnings: A slight confrontation between reader and a man (fist fight)

Pairings: Elijah x Reader

Author’s Note: 

Thank you so much! I really hope you like it and sorry it took so long. First week of Year 12 was a little bit of a rush. I really enjoyed writing this and feel free to give me honest feedback :) 

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New Orleans. “The Big Easy” renowned for the birthplace of Jazz was actually and will always be a tumble dryer full of voodoo, vodka and vampires. You didn’t want to be demeaning to the place at all because it was exotic. From the french quarter, to the bayou, from bourbon street to dining at the Commander’s Palace and maybe getting your voodoo souvenir at Reverend Zombie’s House Of Voodoo. 

New Orleans truly had it all

But you learned that the hard way. 

You were seriously reconsidering the trip to the ‘big easy’ as your friends finished yet another bottle of vodka and you hadn’t even left the accomodation. 

“Y/N!” your best friend’s voice lolled from within the bathroom as the other one was sprawled out on the bed laughing hysterically at a magazine article. 

“Yeah!?” you called back pulling yourself up from the bench on the porch your room gave you access to. You were watching the little shops prepare for the festival that was about to make it’s way down the street towards the French Quarter. 

“Help me with this darn dress pleaaaaaaasssseeee.” she lolled again and you shivered at the amount of alcohol you could hear in her voice. 

You didn’t drink much. You tried to stay as sober as possible with your friends being the ones that usually drink till they can’t remember a thing. You were just cautious. The mother-hen of the friend group. And you were damn proud of it. 

You stepped into the bathroom clearly seeing your tipsy best friend struggling with her skin tight sparkling dress’ zipper. She turned and pouted- her dress falling so that her bright pink bra was visible as her shoulders slouched. 

“Oh c’mon” you said motioning for her to turn around and with that her giggle and babbling returned. 

“I love you so much Y/N” she smiled as she landed her frail hands on your shoulders after you quickly and easily fixed her dress. I nodded and she laughed hysterically. The plain swing dress you were wearing nothing in comparison to her and the other two girls’ clothes. 

 “WE ARE READY!” she screamed leaping out of the bathroom- both of their squeals echoed down the hallway. You sighed bolting out of the bathroom trying to grab everything that you needed for tonight’s festival. 

“fuck.” you hissed as you knocked over an empty bottle of vodka and it clattering to the ground. You ignored it and slipped on your flats. 

“Phone, keys, purse, money, camera.” you listed and with that you were out the door struggling to keep up with the squealing friends. You quickly glanced at your watch. It was already 9:00pm. You most certainly missed the family friendly part of the festival. 

Tonight was going to be fun

In all honesty. 

You’d much rather be doing some historical tour of New Orleans than being stuck counting the heads of your drunken friends as they hung around locals at a alcohol stand on the busy streets of the French Quarter. 

‘one, two.’ 

You glanced around you feeling utterly out of your comfort zone. You had walked about three or four blocks from your accomodation towards this area with a massive struggle as the two girls were just picking up drink after drink. 

You feared what was going to happen later tonight. You were awkwardly seated at one of the bars and upon arriving you quickly claimed the table that gave you just enough view of the street to keep an eye on your friends. Other than that you were deeply lost in a novel you had strung along in your handbag. 

But as your eyes grazed across the crowd in habit something odd caught your gaze. When you looked again your eyes were glued to one spot. Someone was staring at you. The tall man with the sleek suit was leaning against a pole blatantly starring at you. His skin like porcelain. A small smile playing around his lips. 

You stiffened and he immediately noticed. And offered you an even softer smile which you returned slightly. 

He was suddenly pulled out of his gaze by a woman with bright blonde hair hitting him on the shoulder and your heart and stomach sunk. Slowly you turned back to counting the heads of your three friends and trying your best to focus on the words on the page. But you couldn’t and looked up. 

The man was gone and you groaned slightly. Then you counted again. 

‘one, tw-’ you counted but the last brunette was nowhere to be seen. 

Your eyes flared up in horror and your chest flamed at the thought of loosing one of them in New Orleans. Drunk! 

Your eyes started scanning. But in the ocean of heads your eyes strained. 

“Mel!” you called your best friend’s name prepping to grab your bag and start running into a crowd much like a chicken who had just got his head chopped off, but when no one’s head’s turned- you realised the seriousness of the situation. Your toes and fingers went numb.

 “Me-” but before you could finish your sentence a icy cool hand shed over your bare shoulder. 

“She’s over there.” a deep voice spoke in your ear almost. You turned around, startled slumping back down in the chair. The same man that was staring at you was standing before you his hand slightly rested on your bare shoulder. 

You glanced at the direction his slim finger held and relieved you sighed out loud seeing the brunette. 

“Thank you for that.” you blurted noticing how gorgeously perfect the man that hovered over you was. 

“It’s my pleasure. May I?” he questioned motioning towards the open chair you smiling cautiously. 

“Yes of course.” you smiled as he took the seat in front of you. You flipped your book closed and looked up at then mysterious man- who first stared at you and now wanted to sit with you. 

“My name is Elijah Mikaelsson.” he introduced himself, asking for your hand. You slowly gave it to him as he planted a kiss on the back of it and you flustered slightly. 

“Y/N…Y/L/N.” you smiled as he let go of your hand you slowly retracted it. 

“It’s an absolute pleasure to meet you Y/N.” he softly smiled. Your tummy lit up in butterflies. Like a match being ignited. 

You then suddenly noticed with a shock what you were wearing. In comparison to the rest of New Orleans and especially in comparison to Elijah. 

Your eyes shifted uncomfortably, looking nervously as people passed, to your friends, to him and he immediately noticed. 

“You look extraordinary Y/N.” he spoke as if reading your thoughts. 

“Thank you, I’m not really one for events like this” you painfully stated. 

“Well-” he stated, “You do look the part.” 

“You don’t look too bad yourself Elijah.” you smiled. 

He chuckled heavily making you laugh with him. 

“If I may- those friends of yours. The ones that are a little bit over intoxicated. Are you looking after them?” he innocently questioned. 

You chuckled, “Spot on Elijah Mikaelsson.” 

He chuckled and you smiled towards him. 

“Speaking of them- I should go check up on them.” you smiled, “I’ll see you around.” 

He smiled- “it’d be a pleasure” 

1:58 am. Your watch flickered and you with that you flipped your book close. 

That’s enough for one night. And with that you grabbed your belongings. 

After struggling to get a hold of both your friends and pry foreign hands off them- it was safe to say that you were on your way back to the accomodation. 

The night’s events embedded deeply in your memory. Elijah’s name and gorgeous smile making you grin like an absolute idiot. You knew it was only a short conversation but oh how you wished for it to be much longer. You disappeared into your own thoughts but your dreamworld was rudely interrupted. 

Your best friend’s shrill scream echoed in the empty alley you had wondered in within your daze of thoughts. Within seconds you pushed the other one behind you to see what was going on. The panic flaring up in your chest for the second time in two days. Someone was pinning her against the wall.

“Hey! Get your bloody hands off her!” you yelled without thinking. You stepped forward and tugged at the person who held your whimpering best friend. But he didn’t budge. Only turned his head to snarl at you and once he opened his mouth you had to stifle a scream. 

Fangs. Protruding from his mouth like that of a dog’s. And cracks appearing under his demon eyes. You then in the darkness of the alley saw the liquid coating not only his fangs but his whole mouth and the liquid that stained your best friend’s sequenced dress. 

“No!” you screamed and flung your fist at his cheek. But as soon as it connected with his face your hand flared up in agonising pain. You had- although- startled him so much that he had moved away from Mel and hollered a foreign word. 

You grabbed a hold of your friend and tugged her towards the other trembling girl behind you- but before you could register- the man recoiled and hit you hard across your face. 

You hit the ground with immense force and your friends let out a shrill cry for help. 

“You bastard!” You yelled as you leapt to your feet. You readied your fists once again and the man laughed planting another fist to the same cheek. 

You wanted to vomit from the pain but stood your ground. You then hit- he dodged- you hit again- and then kicked- catching him off guard only slightly. Then he hit you again and your knees buckled. 

“What were you doing with the Original?” he questioned as you tried to pull yourself upright. Two or three other men had decided to show up and was harshly both your friends in their un-Godly strong arms. 

“I-” you spat out blood, “Don’t know what you are talking about.” 

Then a kick came to your ribcage and you recoiled. The screams from your two friends not seizing. Another kick. And another. Your sprawled on the ground as the man with the dirty blonde hair- hair that looked black in the alleyway lifted you by the collar. 

You had never regretted wearing a dress this much before. But another blow came to your face and you could feel your face swelling. 

“Let them go!” you yelled out. “Please!” you screamed. 

“They are mine- you and that Original- I saw the way he looked at you. I’m going to make him suffer” he angrily shouted and you almost vomited. How was he going to make someone else suffer by beating you? 

“Kill them-” he uttered. 

“NO!” you screamed. “No, no!” 

He let out a shrill laugh as he kicked you again but suddenly someone was towering over you- much taller than the man who was beating you. 

You regained some energy and crawled away. But as you turned your eyes connected with a horrifying scene. 

“Elijah-” your voice stammered. He had quickly extended his hand and snapped the man’s neck letting him fall limply to the ground. Elijah’s fangs blood red. The same cracks visible under his eyes. You felt your head spin as another figure advanced towards the men holding your friends- two actually. 

Then Elijah advanced toward you, trying to pull you up. “Elijah what are you?” you called. 

“Y/N don’t be afraid” he reassured and you felt the darkness drag your eyes closed. 

“Y/N” he sternly stated and within a flash he was by your side- catching you before you hit the ground. 

You woke with distant voices tugging you from your slumber. In a matter of seconds the events of the night before hit your mind like a bullet and your body convulsed against a sheet. 

“Elijah!” you gasped springing up from the incredibly soft mattress you were laying on and the immediate headache that came with a pang. 

The room you were in was absolutely elegant. A gold trim decorating the accents of the cream coloured walls. You didn’t take much notice further because your eyes landed on Elijah and you had to stiffen a scream. 

His eyes lit up and he strolled over to you. 

“No you stay away from me!” you stammered as Elijah stopped in his tracks. 

“I am not going to hurt you Y/N.” he said sternly. “I am not going to hurt you- I promise. Your safe. Your friends are safe. Those men are gone-” 

You interrupted him quickly, “You call them ‘men’ they were monsters!” you exclaimed. His eyebrows furrowed in regret and exhaustion. He then continued to walk towards you. 

“You…you looked like them.” you whispered and he nodded. 

“I need to tend to your wounds.” he said. You nodded. He seated himself on the bed as he pulled a cloth out of a bowl of murky looking water. You dodged it by leaning back, your eyes flicking over to the bowl and then back to him. 

“It’s an antiseptic Y/N.” he sighed and you sat upright once more. You winced as he pressed the dap cloth onto an open crack above your eyebrow. 

“Elijah.” you whispered, “What are you? What was that man looking for? He said I talked to an Original and that he was going to make him suffer by beating me. I don’t understand.” Your lower lip trembled. 

Elijah put the cloth back in the bowl and played with his own fingers. 

“He was looking for me Y/N” he spoke deeply lost in thought, “I’m an Original.” 

“What does that mean?” you questioned angrily, hands shaking. His hands landed on yours. The one purple and pink. The one you punched the man with. 

“I’m an Original Vampire.” he said and you nearly punched him square in the nose but your jaw just tightened. 

“That man- he- he- was one?” you questioned and he nodded his head. 

“I was planning on catching up with you later the evening and one of them must’ve overheard my conversation with my sister.” he rambled. 

“I punched a vampire.” you whispered and he chuckled slightly. 

“You put up one hell of a fight Y/N.” he whispered and you smiled. 

“I wasn’t prepared to die for a guy who hasn’t even taken me out on one date.” you smiled and he returned it but it quickly faded. 

“What happened to my friends?” you questioned as the panic started to set in. 

“My brother- Niklaus- took them to their accomodation. He- compelled them.” he stated, “He made them forget.” 

You looked up at him. “Can you compel people to?”. He nodded, 

“If you want I can do the same for-” he stated painfully but you quickly interrupted him. 

“No!” you blurted. 

“Your not frightened of me are you?” he questioned slightly locking eyes with you once more. 

“You saved me Elijah, and you looked after me.” you explained, “I don’t think I’ll ever be afraid of you.” 

“I’m a monster Y/N.” he sighed irritably. 

“You saved me- a person you barely knew.” you defended. “Your taking care of me Elijah- you are not a monster.” you forced. 

He nodded, “Maybe we’ll argue this later?” 

You shook your head the dull ache returning, Elijah taking the towel again. Slowly dabbing it onto the open wound on your forehead. 

“We may continue arguing the case over dinner perhaps?” he stated, a sly smile curling from his lips. 

“I can’t help but accept Elijah.” you smiled, only slight mimicking his own words and tone. You smiled up at him. How beautiful he was and yet he still believed that after saving you- he’d still be a monster. You were determined to change that. He wasn’t a monster. 

He might be a vampire- but not a monster. You were sure of it. 


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Easy Cocktails

Tasty alcoholic drinks you can make yourself with three ingredients or less. Serving suggestion: add ice.

  • Angry Balls - Angry Orchard Hard Cider + Fireball Whiskey
  • B-52 - Kahlua + Bailey’s Irish Cream + Grand Marnier
  • B-54 - Kahlua + Bailey’s Irish Cream + Amaretto
  • Beer Shot (Dan V.) - Cream + Licor 43 Liqueur
  • Brass Monkey - Orange Juice + Malt Liquor (40 ounces)
  • Butterscotch (mine) - Pineapple Juice + Whipped Cream-flavored Vodka
  • Caribou Lou - Pineapple Juice + 151 Proof Rum + Malibu Coconut Rum
  • Coconut Mudpie (Sean J.) - Malibu Rum + Kahlua + Bailey’s Irish Cream
  • County Fair (my version) - Cranberry Juice + Jameson Whiskey
  • Creamsicle - Orange Juice + Whipped Cream-flavored Vodka
  • Crown & Sprite (Ben P.) - Sprite + Crown Royal
  • Cuba Libre [Rum & Coke] - Cola + Rum (suggested: spiced rum)
  • Dark N Stormy - Ginger Beer + Dark Rum + bitters
  • Dr. Pepper (my hubby) - Beer + Amaretto
  • Fuzzy Navel - Orange Juice + Peach Schnapps
  • Georgia Peach Martini (Melissa G.) - Lemonade + Sweet Tea Vodka + Peach Schnapps
  • Gin & Tonic - Tonic Water + Gin
  • Greyhound - Grapefruit Juice + Vodka
  • Lady Godiva (mine) - Drink Godiva Chocolate Liqueur on the rocks
  • Kentucky Libre (Megan W.) - Ginger Ale/Beer + Maker’s Mark
  • The KP Event (my hubby) - Lemonade + Hot Sauce + Bourbon
  • Manhattan - Sweet Vermouth + Bourbon/Whiskey + bitters
  • Margarita - Pick a nice pre-made mix + Tequila
  • Mimosa - Orange Juice + Sparkling Wine
  • Moscato Strawberry Lemonade (Sabrina) - Lemonade + Moscato wine + Strawberry Vodka
  • Moscow Mule - Ginger Beer +  Lime Juice + Vodka
  • Nocturnal Vampire (Sean J.) - Cranberry Juice + Chambord + Crown Royal
  • Old Fashioned - Bourbon + bitters + sugar or simple syrup
  • Pink Bogart (Sean J.) - Grapefruit Juice + Gin + Triple Sec
  • Pumpkin Pie - Pumpkin Pie Liqueur + Vodka
  • Root Beer Float - Root Beer + Whipped Cream-flavored Vodka
  • Rum & Tonic - Tonic Water + White Rum
  • Rusty Monkey (my hubby) - Sunny Delight + Malt Liquor (40 ounces)
  • Sake Bomb - Sake rice wine + Beer
  • Scarlett O'Hara (Sara L.) - Cranberry Juice + Jack Daniels
  • Screwdriver - Orange Juice + Vodka
  • Seoul Tea (mine) - Sweetened Iced Tea + Soju Korean Vodka
  • Summer in a Glass (Elizabeth R.) - Cranberry Juice + Orange Juice + Malibu Rum
  • Tequila Sunrise - Orange Juice + Grenadine + Tequila
  • Vodka Cranberry - Cranberry Juice + Vodka
  • Vodka Pineapple - Pineapple Juice + Vodka
  • Vodka Redbull - Redbull + Vodka
  • Whiskey & Coke - Cola + your favorite Whiskey
  • White Russian - Cream + Kahlua + Vodka

Have fun (and don’t drink and drive, please!)

Vampirism (Disease)

There is a distinction to be made, between those who have been made into vampires, and the transformative virus-venom which makes it. Not entirely dissimilar to that which creatures werewolves (the lycanthropic virus), vampirism also changes and remodels on a genetic level those it infects. It also is known to change the magic of those infected, making it function differently, and many vampires are unable to master their new magic until they have lived some several centuries in their new form. The exception to this rule are those very very rare few who are vampires born of vampires.

Vampirism itself is usually transmitted by an intentional bite, the vampire biting the one they wish to turn. On some occasions, to create a blood-bond between biter and bitee, the bitee is instead turned by being given envenomed blood from the biter, who bites themself, injecting a small about of their venom into their own system. When this is consumed with vampire blood it has a mildly soporific effect, calming the one to be turned to allow the vampire to bite them more easily and give them the necessary dose of venom to trigger the full transformation into a vampire.

While vampires do have heartbeats (albeit very slow ones) a key part of the vampiric transformation is the total cessation of bodily activities for an hour, while the magic of the virus maintains the body in perfect stasis while certain parts of the individual genetics and magics are altered. Usually the point at which the heart stops beating causes total unconsciousness in the bitee, though those who retain conciousness have often stated it to be an agonising experience.

The effects of Vampirism are assorted and numerous, and the virus-venom itself can change quickly, creating a swift evolution in the new generation of bitten vampires. Thus, while human blood is only mildly intoxicating to Old World vampires (about on a par with medieval Small Ale to humans) it is incredibly so to American vampires (on par with Vodka), due to the earliest vampires moving to the Americas being almost as puritan in their beliefs regarding blood, as the corresponding humans were in their faith. Thus the earliest American Vampires believed that to feed from humans was a sin, and only fed from animals. This led to a lower exposure to human blood, and thus they were more easily intoxicated by it, which affected their virus-venom and thus their bitten offspring.

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How to Have the Perfect 'Dracula Untold' Date Night at Home

As great as a movie-theater experience can be, sometimes, going out and jostling for a seat next to a bunch of teenagers does not make for the most romantic of evenings. Not that you can just snuggle on the couch, switch on the TV and call it a date, either. But if you put just a little bit of effort into atmosphere, menu and timing, you can make a night in with a good movie into an occasion.

Here’s how to plan a date around “Dracula Untold,” available to own Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD. It’s a nail-biting, emotionally wrought action film starring Luke Evans as the heroic Prince of Wallachia who makes a dangerous sacrifice to keep his people safe from the Turkish sultan.

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