vampire the hamster

Pocket Vampires

So this post by fyeahdialovers about a pocket-sized vampire AU had me turned into a giggly mess all day. To my understanding, pocket!(whoever) is simply a very scaled-down version of themselves, but with the theme of a pet shop and my recent visit to one, my mind immediately conjured this:

I’ve been unable to un-imagine this and am dying of laughter. HAMSTER VAMPIRES.


Please send help.

But like also imagine exasperated squeaking noises instead of words.

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To be honest I felt pretty sorry for pocket!Laito being left in the cage with pocket!Ayato like that in my last post. So, here is some hamster love for my favorite Sakamaki. (At this rate I’m likely to do all of them tbh… I’m so in love with this au. “oTL)