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is it more crimson or maroon? // vampire!kyungsoo drabble 002

yes hello idk why these boys make good vampires but im not complaining

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It’s been about a month since you broke into that high-rise apartment to meet that terrible vampire. And terrible in this sense means he was just god awful at being a vampire. Didn’t know how to act, how to hide the color of his eyes, how to eat… So you, in all your vampire-hunting glory, went against whatever morals you have and let him taste your blood.

You should’ve known better.

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I understand your stance on vampires, so I hope you don't chew on me XD I have always had really vivid dreams and they were always frequent. When I was small I always had a mysterious pale dark haired stranger in them, and mind you, I was very sheltered so this was before I knew about vampires, demons and whatnot. I told my bio mom about the man and when she asked what he did I simply said, "He eats people and drinks tea with me." I still have dreams with him occasionally.

This gives me an opportunity to address something I’ve talked about before, but can now point to somewhat more directly.

There has been a large human trend to romanticize a specific look, a type, an idea, of a pale stranger with dark hair, dark eyes, aloof demeanor. Often this image includes dexterity, grace, stillness, and a kind of bemused observation or malevolent silence. Why? Why does this image, this notion, resonate so strongly with humans?

There is a reason. Just as there is a reason humans hunted the giant eagle (6 feet tall) into extinction- their fossilized nests are full of child-sized skeletons. It is the same reason you crafted rituals to cast out demons, the same reasons elves are given offerings, the same reason you hesitate to go into the woods at night, even when armed.

We exist. You know it in your DNA because we have been beside you all along. Now we drink tea and give you cookie recipes, we amuse ourselves with tiny moments of interference, but we have all learned to give you a wide berth, and neither you nor I know precisely why.

Here we are.

Now what?

My sunshine Ch. 4

A fic about vampire!Levi who finds Eren as a small werewolf pup. This is just an excuse to write fluff.

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Weeks had passed and spring was on its way, the days getting longer and warmer.

Eren seemed to have gotten over his shyness, randomly tugging on the vampire’s clothes to demand being picked up, or just climbing onto his lap whenever he was working in his study. The boy was getting bored fast, especially with no one his age around but he always seemed to calm down near the vampire.

Of course, with time the boy also learned to talk more. It has gotten to the point where the vampire was actually almost missing the days where the pup would awkwardly follow him around, occasionally calling for Wevai.

But Levi couldn’t help but warm up to the boy himself. He surprisingly enough did enjoy the boy’s company, his bubbly personality. Even his habit of clinging onto his clothes grew on him.

A small tug on his pant leg snapped him out of his musings.

He looked down at the boy, green eyes glowing in the morning light.

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