vampire slayer kit

Other objects to bring when vampire slaying

Not part of the standard vampire slaying kit, but still things you should probably take with you.

  • First Aid Kit. Well duh. You are likely to get injured. Just make sure to keep it in a separate case, though, since it doesn’t do you much good if you accidently pull out some bandages to throw at the vampires.
  • Hand Sanitizer. Vampires are known to spread disease.
  • A Wet Rag. You’re going to want to clean off your equipment as soon as possible after slaying a vampire.
  • Phone. Something vampire hunters didn’t have for centuries, but clearly needed. You may need backup, or a trip to the emergency room. Also, make sure to have your loved ones in your contacts…just in case you think you may never see them again…
  • Bulletproof vest. Vampires now make use of modern technology, too.
  • Knife. You may run out of stakes and have to carve a new one to improvise. Knives are also considered the ultimate survival tool in most situations because it can be used to create other tools, defend yourself, among many other things. In my opinion, you should never go anywhere without a pocket knife, except in areas where they’re prohibited.
  • Gun. Silver bullets work on Vampires, too, and even if you have to use regular bullets, a gun can still slow them down. They also sometimes employ help from non-vampires you may have to shoot. Like the knife, I’d say keep one on you at all times except in areas where prohibited.
  • Notebook. You will learn as you slay, and it may be a good idea to record your knowledge for later reference and for future hunters/slayers.
  • Gloves. Preferably leather or rubber, contact with a vampire’s blood can be dangerous.
  • Regular Water. You don’t want to get dehydrated.
  • Food. Okay, fine, I just get really peckish when out on the field. That being said, I once got trapped inside a mausoleum, and it’s a darn good thing I had food with me.