vampire rose

Dean Winchester was born in 1979

Hermione Granger was born in 1979

Harry Potter was born in 1980

Buffy Summers was born in 1981

Sam Winchester was born in 1983

Emma Swan was born in 1983

Oliver Queen was born in 1985

Rose Tyler was born in 1986

  • Family: So, do you have a boyfriend?
  • Me: Yes, I have many.
  • Family: Many boyfriends?
  • Me: Yes.
  • Family: And they don't know that you're cheating on them?
  • Me: Well, the thing is, they don't really know they're dating me.
  • Family: ...
  • Me: And some of them have other girlfriends.
  • Family: ...
  • Me: And most of them are dead...
  • Family: ...
  • Me: And a bunch of people keep telling me that they're fictional characters but they're just jealous.
  • Family: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Family: *slowly backs away*

Girls from book series + Song

I fall in love with fictional worlds; in movies and novels and tv shows. I fall in love with characters as if they were real- because they're real to me. I stay up at night reading through theories, creating my own, analysing every single bit of information I get my hands on. Every plot twist unravels me as if actual events that are of significance to me. I delve so deep in to these worlds I often separate myself from the real one. Inserting myself so deep inside them I find it hard to climb out. This is why on most days, I am antisocial. Because it reminds me that its a lie. That's its not real. And this, this is the reality. But it'll always be real to me.