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Favourite Danger Days lyrics // Pastel colours

AA we hit 1000 followers! thank you all so much! I made this little thing as i kind of thanks now, but over Christmas I’ll make something bigger in celebration. Thanks!

you:  Gerard: Well, are you ready, Ray?
Ray: Yeah…
Gerard: How about you, Frank?
Frank: Oh, I’m there, baby
Gerard: How about you, Mikey?
Mikey: Fucking ready…
Gerard: Well, I think I’m alright

me, an intellectual:  Are you ready Raymond? Yes. How about you frank? Oh, I have arrived infant. How about you Micheal? Intercourse equipped. Well I think I’m intent.

  • gerard: welajuradyraj?
  • ray: yoha!
  • gerard: howboutjufrank?
  • frank: oh, imtherbabe.
  • gerard: howboutju, miKEY?
  • mikey: imfuckING READEY.
  • gerard: ithin amallrei.. 1-2-3-4!