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‘ Introducing the king of Halloween himself and his brother, Terra and Xemnas. They are both beloved by the entire town, for all their work towards Halloween town and making each year better then the last.

. What Terra cannot handle, Xemnas takes the duty to handle for him, whilst  acting as aid to Ansem the mayor. On the other hand, Terra is busy with his duty’s in coming up with new ideas for each Halloween and perpetration’s.

Xemnas, due to being the oldest, was originally the one to become king of Halloween. However, the previous king instead bestowed the role to  Terra, believing  him to be the most fitting, due to his sprite, that this sprite of his would rub off of Xemnas before he became king.’

So, I have returned once again with updated character designs for the nightmare before Christmas AU. It was the case of it being that I felt like something was missing or off about their original designs, so fixing them was my plan of action. 


Happy Halloween! Here’s more vampire bats from the Mickey Shorts Halloween special! It’s your last chance to watch it on the Disney app or see it on the network. If you missed it you can always get it on iTunes or purchase the DVD! 


With only a little under two weeks left until Halloween I figured I would give you all plenty of spooky things to read in order to fully immerse yourself in the spirit of the season! There are many different fics listed here to scratch your itch; fantasy, witches, zombies, werewolves, ghosts, vampires and even just some good ol’ fashioned costume parties and pumpkin carving. Happy Haunting! 🎃 👻

To Let Go by anomalously
(werewolf!Mickey/witch!Ian. 36k)

Over My Dead Body by Mellow_Yellow
(zombies. 61k)

Amas Veritas by echo1317
(Milkovich witches. 20k)

O+ by armsoftheocean
(vampire!Mickey.  3.2k)

Another Taste of Divine Rush by kissteethstainred
(witch!Mickey/witch!Ian. 14k) 

Gotta Eat The Booty Like Groceries by AuntGinger27
(halloween party. 4.7k)

Jack O’ Lanterns by anothergallavichlove
(pumpkin carving. 2.1k)

Fade This One to Black by the_rat_wins
(fantasy. 18k.)

Not Another Jason Movie by Death_By_Gallavich
(horror movie marathon. 1.1k)

This Party Sucks by romanticalgirl 
(halloween party. 525)

Always Starting Over by Blodeuwedd
(fantasy. 16k)

Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff by whereareyoucas
(haunted house. 8.4k)

Halloween Party by balloonstand
(halloween party. 3k)

You’re My Mission by the_rat_wins
(halloween party/costumes. 5.2k)

King Sized Snickers by horror_business [some self promotion]
(trick or treating. 1.8k)


We are all searching for someone whose demons play well with ours.

My favorite characters... What's yours ?

Here’s my favorite characters ♥

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“Raphael’s hand tightened on the hilt of the knife. His knuckles were white. He spoke to Magnus. “I have no soul,” he said. “But I made you a promise on my mother’s doorstep, and she was sacred to me.”
“Santiago- ” Sebastian began.
“I was a child then. I am not now.” The knife fell to the floor. Raphael turned and looked at Sebastian, his wide dark eyes very clear. “I cannot,” he said. “I will not. I owe him a debt from many years ago.”  - Raphael Santiago

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“ What? Come out of the coffin? Do you have any idea how she’ll react? “ - Simon Lewis

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“Got some advice for you though. Man to man. If you think of staying just because of Emma, don’t bother. You see, she swore off romance ago when she got her heart broken. And she’s never gonna change her mind, so..” - Enoch O’Connor

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My version of events sounded perfectly rational until I was forced to say the words aloud, and then it sounded insane, particularly on the day I had to say them to the police oɽcer who came to our house. I told him everything that had happened, even about the creature, as he sat nodding across the kitchen table, writing nothing in his spiral notebook. When I ɹnished all he said was, “Great, thanks,” and then turned to my parents and asked if I’d “been to see anyone.” As if I wouldn’t know what that meant. I told him I had another statement to make and then held up my middle finger and walked out. - Jacob Portmann

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“Fuck you! Don’t worry about it! I’ve been staying at Ian’s since you’ve been in the can, bitch! Guess what we’ve been doing, daddy! We’ve been fucking! And I take it! He gives it to me good and hard, and I fucking like it.” - Mickey Milkovich

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“Bring it, bitch.” - Carl Gallagher

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“You know what, man? Don’t do me any favors, okay? I-I can fuck any guy here. I don’t need your cisgender ass.” - Trevor

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“ It’s okay. You don’t have to stop. “ - Theo Raeken

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“ All those years, I kept a secret from the world, a shred of faith. See, I never believed that life the universe, a higher power, whatever you want to call it, nothing would allow us to suffer so much without knowing true love. It’d just be too cruel and when I look at you, my faith is rewarded. Bonnie Bennett to me, you’re the whole damn world. “ - Lorenzo St. John

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"You don’t know shit about how this is going to end. I mean, we might get a nuclear bomb dropped on our heads tomorrow and… And… Then discussing this is just a waste of time, so I suggest that you just screw about talking about the future. And then the two of us will just take this thing completely chill. Let’s play a game. It goes like this.. It’s called Isak and Even : Minutt fo minutt. It.. It’s about that the only thing we need to worry about is the next minute. You up for it ?” - Isak Valtersen

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You’re a bit brainy. I like it.” - Christoffer Schistad

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“ What an awesome guy you are! What happened that made you have such an inferiority complex that you have to piss on the feelings of a first year girl to feel cool? Were you never validated as a child, or? Did mommy never compliment your drawings? Or did daddy never come to any of your graduations? You didn’t have hair on your dick in 7th grade and you were bullied for it? Anyway, you have to seriously get over it and start behaving like a human. Stop walking around like a fucking cliche. “ - Noora Saerte

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“I love you Lukas, please wake up.” - Philip Shea

Here’s my favorite characters…who’s yours?

10 characters meme

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These are in no particular order! I love all of them sm :)

10. Sebastian Symthe (Glee)

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9. Phillip Shea (Eyewitness)

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8. Eli Goldsworthy (Degrassi)

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7. Sana Bakkaoush (Skam, literally I love everyone on this show tho)

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6. Klaus Mikealson (The Vampire Diaries)

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5. Mickey Milkovich (Shameless)

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4.Jughead Jones (Riverdale)

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3.Justin Foley (13rw)

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2. Nathan Prescott (Life is Strange)

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1. Dustin Henderson (Stranger Things, and so many others from this show too)

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