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Naughty nurse look, red lips, selfie by Julia Panther
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Sapphic Holidays

(art by @fdevitart )

Happy holidays to all my lovelies! Here’s a little Christmas aesthetic for you sweet potatoes. 

- Snow glistens in her hair, kisses her rosy cheeks. You are not sure if it is the cold or her radiance that sends shivers across your skin.

- Holding her by the curve of her waist, steadying her as she adjusts the star on the tree.

- Gently turning her away from the array of sweets she is preparing, feeling her smile as you kiss her frosting covered lips.

- Watching her nimble fingers pull apart the silvery ribbon, peel back the crimson paper. You watch as her face lights up the room, her eyes sparkle with the reflected rainbow twinkles strung around the tree.

- Feeling the heat radiate from her body, as she snuggles closer, wrapping the blankets around you tighter still.

- The air smelling of cinnamon and pine, the room filled with a soft amber glow.

- Perhaps her parents pull you in for a warm hug, smiles all around. 

- Or perhaps it’s just you both, a first Christmas in only each other’s company. And that is all you could have wished for.


Smoking nun or vampires? selfie by Julia Panther

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Patrick Kane - [74/88]