vampire layton

Things Luke isn't allowed to tell his parents

That time they almost got run over by a ferris wheel

That time his consciousness almost got replaced by a dead girl’s

That time a guy dressed up as him and destroyed the city

The time Layton put him in a cage to test if it would be engulfed in flames or not

That time they all collectively tripped on hallucinogenic gas and thought they were being stalked by a vampire

That time when Layton opened up a box said to kill people with him in the room

The time he fell out of an airplane

The time Layton’s assistant held a knife to his neck

The time they all literally fucking died


Any requests for aesthetics or preferences? I’ve got no ideas right now, and I need a side project to put out whilst I work on this Chuck X Reader fic. Here’s a list of fandoms I make things for to get things going:

  • Vampire Knight
  • Fruits Basket
  • Black Butler
  • Fullmetal Alchemist (manga series/Brotherhood)
  • Avengers
  • X-Men (First Class through Apocalypse are my forte)
  • Gotham
  • Professor Layton
  • Supernatural

And if you throw a fandom at me and I know it, I’ll probably be willing to do it. So feel free to hit me up, babes <3

Accurate Professor Layton Titles

Professor Layton and the Holy Shit Robots and Puzzles.

Professor Layton and the Vampires on Drugs

Professor Layton and the UNWARRANTED MASS OF FEELS

Professor Layton and the– Is That a Dinosaur

Professor Layton and the Tragic Backstory

Professor Layton and the Okay This is Some Indiana Jones Bullshit Here

Professor Layton and the Opera Full of Feels

Professor Layton and the Time I Fought a Lawyer

Lady Layton Trailer

Does anyone else find it weird- and a little sad- that there weren’t any cutscenes from Miracle Mask included in the PL games flashback during the start of this trailer? 

We just get Emmy’s intro from Spectre’s Call and then it does that weird static-y TV effect and flicks to the Nest scene from Azran Legacy:

The static-y effect (sorry I don’t have the correct name) makes it look like something was cut out of this scene compilation purposely? Yeah, there aren’t any scenes from Eternal Diva, but that’s the movie that you don’t need to watch when you’re seeing the whole Azran arc unfold in the games. PLvsAA also doesn’t make an appearance, but that’s a crossover and you can argue whether or not that’s canon due to the timelines. 

Why wasn’t Miracle Mask included? Is it because MM wasn’t as popular as the other PL games? Unlikely, considering it was the only game that got an updated version released with MM+ and it had the whole Mysterious Flower music video. Also, it became ‘the best-selling game on the day of the 3DS’s launch with over 117,000 copies sold’ thanks Wikipedia 

Let’s look at the other scenes included: We’ve got Layton’s iconic ‘thinking pose’ and him hugging Flora after he saved her from Curious Village, Vampire Anton confronting Layton and Luke in the ballroom, the introduction of Future Luke, Claire hugging Layton before her goodbye BRB crying my eyes out, Emmy’s intro, Layton calling to Aurora, his fight with Descole from AL, and Layton’s farewell speech to Bronev. That’s a lot of AL scenes- makes sense it’s the last game… All of those moments are iconic, intense or emotional in some way and some are recognisable from previous trailers. And they’re not afraid of showing ending spoilers either. 

I at least expected the MM mask flashback of Randall throwing his arms around Angela and Layton, or maybe something from the ‘dark parade’ opening, or Layton trying to save Randall from falling?  

So… what gives, Level 5? Are you hiding something? Are you intentionally trying to draw attention away from Miracle Mask? Is Layton’s disappearance connected to MM’s plotline or characters in some way? Is this about the strange men who wanted to see him as a teenager? Are you finally going to bring up Angela’s brother again? Will we finally see the point of the friggin’ Infinite Vault of Akbadain? Is Randall or some other MM character going to pop up during Lady Layton?  

Am I looking too deeply into this? Probably.  

Professor Layton and the New Daughter
Professor Layton and The Vampire Strikes Back
Professor Layton and the Return of the Girlfriend
Professor Layton and the Spectre Menace
Professor Layton and the Attack of the Mask
Professor Layton and the Revenge of Targent
The Mystery Room Wars
Layton 7 as directed by J. J. Abrams

  • Me: *mentions a work of fiction exactly twice*
  • The entire world: UGH, why are you so OBSESSED with this thing, it isn't even REAL, why don't you go LIVE or something!!!!!!!