vampire layton

It’s over…the game was over. How could I been so ignorant? That child…no that apprentice. Why did I believe his lie? Tricking me to think he was but a victim in his cruel game and wasted the hour I needed to escape. Now it end with the exit right behind me. The moonlight making me only look more tantalizing to the undead gentleman. The young ward now a tiny bat hides his face not wishing to see the planned scene about to take place.

“It’s a shame that our game is over so soon,” I turn to face the monster, “but all good things must come to an end and the time has come to claim my prize,” as he slowly approaches my mind screamed to flee but his voice paralyzed my body and soul, “If I should just firmly grasp your shoulders and gently kiss your collar.” His breath and cold lips sends shivers down my spine, "It looks so delicious…how easy it will be to just… take a small…little…BITE.“

*** I would like to give a VERY BIG THANK YOU to Mr. Tuff for these are his words said by his sexy layton voice that I used for THIS ONE PURPOSE!! SO THANKS TO YOU MR. TUFF! Three down four to go and only a few more days till all hallows eve.
Accurate Professor Layton Titles

Professor Layton and the Holy Shit Robots and Puzzles.

Professor Layton and the Vampires on Drugs

Professor Layton and the UNWARRANTED MASS OF FEELS

Professor Layton and the– Is That a Dinosaur

Professor Layton and the Tragic Backstory

Professor Layton and the Okay This is Some Indiana Jones Bullshit Here

Professor Layton and the Opera Full of Feels

Professor Layton and the Time I Fought a Lawyer

  • Me: *mentions a work of fiction exactly twice*
  • The entire world: UGH, why are you so OBSESSED with this thing, it isn't even REAL, why don't you go LIVE or something!!!!!!!

One Hallow’s eve far from home I fight the elements to return home. My friends remained at the party I lost sight of long ago. The storms the forecaster told was roaring loud and clear and in short time my clothes are soaked. However this mattered not to me for I focused on returning to the sanity of my room. Until a rather large splash from an ongoing vehicle drowned me.

As I stood there on the sidewalk chilled and wet to the bone. I felt the rain had stop dripping on my head. A large black cloak shield me from the storm and to my surprise a dark man stood behind me. His face and hands was a moonlight white but his eyes pitch black as the night. He extends his hand to the horse drawn wagon drawing his cape closer to me.

“Come with me my dear, will get you warm and dry soon.” His voice like oil and honey.


Only 13 more days till Hallow’s eve and Vampire Layton is on the prowl. Six more short stories to come, Thank you Zillabean for Vampire Layton and inspiring me so~

I felt a little uncomfortable in the dress that he kindly gave me to change into. It isn’t something I’d normally wear due to my low confidence and self love. However they way he looked at me, the way his eyes seem to glimmer in the fire’s glow just made me feel so…special. Something that I had only experienced once before but hadn’t felt since. But at the same time…afraid.

He lays his silky glove hand on my lap making my skin jump, “Don’t be scare my dear,” He place another hand to my cringing cheek, “My you are a timid thing aren’t you. Perhaps that’s what I find you so…tempting.”