vampire knight chapter 90

Chapter 90 and my Wishes for this Bloodbath known as Vampire Knight . . .

Never did I think that such a scene where Zero, Yuuki, Takuma and Kaname would be sitting with each other drinking TEA. Calmly may I add. (Till the end of it of course where Kaname bit Yuuki to get him to recognise the smell of her blood) Okay, it might still kill me that Zero’s memories of Yuuki are completely WIPED OUT, but … it’s kind of nice to see Zero.. blank. Not in the completely emotionless way but in a way where we don’t have to go through another scene of him angsting it out because he wants blood (Yuuki’s specifically) and can’t have it or a scene where he goes to the graveyard to visit his family. I mean, an 18 year old teenage boy should be going HOME from college or something to see his parents, not going to their graves where they’re buried deep in the ground, to give them flowers. It’s .. It’s not right. Any of it. But like, this is Vampire Knight so yeah, this is the norm. I guess it’s even lucky they’re out dead because they wouldn’t have to suffer in this conflict/war/general lousiness of a society.

Anyway, I’ve gone off the point. I’m really interested to see how the next chapter will begin and end. The end of an arc in Vampire Knight is huge. And when I say huge, I mean like Violet in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory after she bloated up into a giant .. blueberry. An arc ending in Vampire Knight means Yuuki realizing her identity and blood as a Kuran, Zero watching her leave the academy . . like I said, it’s huge. And the last few arcs have had big build ups to them. 5-10 chapters max before the ultimate climax where everything blows up like a bomb and it splatters away leaving particles on the ground with our hearts right along with it. But this arc.. there’s hardly no build up and if this is what Matsuri Hino designed for her build up then mayeb this climax is maybe a little more anticlimatic than all the others.. but with Kaname’s suicide misssion, Yuuki’s “Save-Kaname-Mission” and Zero’s “Blank State”, chapter 91 could lead us anywhere.

I love the way Kaname lifts Yuuki up and drags her to face Zero. It only goes to show how petty jealousy was never an issue in Vampire Knight. This isn’t some high school drama where the biggest issues are the girl’s boy best friend or the guy’s ex girlfriend. This is a story about two vampire siblings who aren’t really siblings and how their blood is precious and the girl has a boy best friend who wants her blood because the girl’s own kind bit him and transformed him into a “beast”. See? Like I said, Vampire Knight has never focused on minor things, though they are undercurrents in the waves.                                                                          
Kaname knows how much Zero means to Yuuki. He knows exactly how much these two care for each other and how deep their bond go and much as he loves Yuuki as his own woman, he can’t just sit there and watch a person that means so much to her forget about her completely. It almost reminds me of a scenario where the match-making older brother tries to get his struggling-to-get-away-from-the-awkward-situation younger sister to meet her ex boyfriend who her older brother likes for her. Bizarre huh? Everything in Vampire Knight is bizarre once you minus all the “Vampire” stuff about it. But like, why choose the Alice when you can have the Mad Hatter right? Hehe.

Things that I want to happen in future upcoming VK chapters:

1. Zero gets his memory back one way or the other. SOON. ASAP. And once he does, I hope it’s all dramatic and it turns Zeki for like, 2 chapters. More if Hino will allow it. The point is, GET THOSE DAMN MEMOS BACK AND KISS YO GIRL!

2. Kaname . . doesn’t throw his heart into the furnace. Look, as much as he’s pissed me off silly in so many freaking chapters.. he’s not a bad guy. I’ve said that before and I will vouch for him again. Sure he’s done a shit load of things that deserve more than a parental spanking but for God’s sake, his thousand-old heart still actually gives a damn no matter how much he conceals it. I don’t know what will happen if he doesn’t go through with his plans or what will happen if he does. It seems impossible to go either direction because if he does do it, it’s like the end of the world for Yuuki (and Yume and Kaname fans) and it’s killing off an insanely necessary counterpart in the love-triangle that has become Vampire Knight’s trio. But if he doesn’t do it . . well.. what would happen to the world then? Both Vampire and Human? The war will intensify because it’s obvious that no matter how tired the old purebloods are of life, none of them actually want to “off” themselves.What will happen if he doesn’t? If he does?

3. To somehow hint which is cannon: Yume or Zeki. I know it could go either way or no way. Because I’ve realized that whenever Hino gives us Zeki fans 2 Zeki chapters, she just counters that after with 2 Yume chapters. Which levels up the field. It shouldn’t be this way but even up to now, both Yuuki and Zero’s bond is level with Kaname and Yuuki’s. And it shouldn’t. It really Goddamn shouldn’t. But where would the story go if the romance was decided huh? =_= So we’ll probably go through maybe 2-3 more years of torture before closure but seriously I want a tiny HINT that will show that this is it. Zeki is cannon. Or Yume. Whatever. It will break my heart for Zeki but even for Yume but.. I want closure on something that I’m not sure I ever want to end. If that makes sense.

4. For blood to remain inside bodies and for happiness to radiate around them. Yeah this is probably the most impossible of my wishes. Because 1, someone or a few or even a LOT, are scheduled to be killed soon in Matsuri Hino’s calendar and 2, happiness has never been a focal point in Vampire Knight. I can almost heartbreakingly guarantee that one of the main trio (Yuuki, Kaname, Zero) will be killed.. Probably Yuuki or Kaname. *sobs* It’s unimaginable but highly possible and likely. Even if this tragic love story has a tragic ending, I want even a FEW of them to have happiness. I want them all to have it but in VK, if someone wins, someone has to lose. Kaname wins, Zero loses. Zero wins, Kaname loses. Yuuki dies, Kaname and Zero “off” themselves right along with her. It’s a lose-lose situation almost and hoping for happiness can shoot you down further into the pit of despair when you’re proven wrong. But yes, if possible, one of my wishes is for the Vampire Knight characters to have decent, if not happy endings. I wish for them to be alive. Surviving alone in this bloodbath of a manga is already a happy ending. After survival, I pray for my cannon, Zeki, after all their hardships to be you know.. Mr and Mrs Zero Kiryuu.. If they even get married.

Hino said she created this manga backwards. She wrote the ending before ever creating the beginning and in-between. That means that all this time, she has been playing us, throwing Zeki and Yume moments in while all the while knowing the end game and end couple. I salute you Hino-sama… but THE TORTURE YOU PUT US THROUGH WOMAN!! >:O I don’t know how many times I’ve had emotional turmoil over Zeki. >_< ._.

Well that concludes my rant. Bless anyone who read this far! ^_^ I appreciate it more than you know!

And as always… ZEKI ALL THE WAY! <3