vampire hunter

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The sketch was done on my way home from university…I actually really like this AU with Will as Vampire-Hunter. ^övö^ And I even had enough motivation to finish this digitally. -v- 

Even Vampires Want Attention - Vampire Hunter!Sakyu x Vampire!Shin

This took a long time and one arm is now asleep. I really liked that one VH!Sakyu and V!shin ask and decided to write for it. Kai-Chan no longer has feeling in her arm.

The day had come. Renowned Vampire Hunter, Sakyu Basu had arrived at the village of her grandparents birthplace. She was sent there due to a rising problem. A vampire had taken residence for over a hundred years at the castle at the edge of the town. The villagers in a pub explained he was powerful, dark and mysterious. His name was infamous around because of what he does, he would steal girl from the villages and feed on them, taking their blood and their life force. He was hundreds of years old but looked so young. Sakyu was only about 18, apparently he looked only about a year older than her. His name was Shin Higaku, and he was the worst nightmare for parents in the neighboring villages.

Sakyu took her white horse, Seeker, and rode up to the Higaku Castle. The castle was tall, very dark and brooding seemed unfitting for the bright and very casual daylight. It warmed the very insides of Sakyu as she inhaled a deep breath, dismounting from her steed and reaching into the side packs on the saddle. She reached in to grab Holy Water and a crossbow. Those were only some of the precautions she took to defend herself. She had two silver daggers strapped to her thighs and a few stakes held snugly to her belt. She forced the giant wooden doors open, shooing off Seeker, as she knew this would take a while.

The castle was even bigger on the inside, beautiful drapes covered the windows, a dark purple color hiding the daylight from the inside. The furniture a slightly more faded color than the drapes and beautiful tile floors fit for a ballroom. Everything was dusted clean as if someone was cleaning it every single day. A deep voice laughed and it echoed throughout the entire castle, almost sending the entire place into shock, feeling as if it was suddenly shifted to another side. Sakyu shivered, suddenly feeling cold under her own skin. She pulled out an arrow for the crossbow and called to the vampire. “Come out here you beast! I know of your intentions, I know what you have done.” She slowly made her way to the middle of the room, her defense rising with every passing second, gripping the bow tighter until her knuckles turned white.

The laugh echoed louder as she looked up to see the vampire. His face was dark along with his hair and eyes. They bore into her own as if it were a staring contest. The dark purple features were quick to be taken note of. A sly smile came from the beast as he dropped, his cloak floating gracefully with him. He landed on the ground in a kneeling position a few feet in front of the violet-haired hunter. His eyes seemed to glow as he looked up at her. The amethyst color paralyzing her for a second before regaining herself. She growled at the smirk he still had and shot an arrow. Hs body seemed to fade from existence as the arrow shot through him. She looked around quickly as he appeared in front of her. “Boo,” was all he said as her eyes widened and smacked away her crossbow with such force that no human could ever bring forth. She grabbed a stake and tried to stab him but disappeared again, reappearing behind her and holding her hands together. “You are being difficult, Vampire Hunter. Why not just let me take a bite, make you succumb to the darkness I am held in.”

Shin reared back his lips to show off pearly white fangs, taking both her wrists into one hand and craning her neck for it to be exposed. “I will never allow you to turn me into a cold-blooded demon like you,” she wiggled her wrist loose of his grip and elbowed him in his left cheek, a loud hiss coming from the Vampire. A bit of blood came from his mouth as he spit, a visible fang shining from the small mixture of blood and saliva. Shin licked gingerly at his fangs and felt a broken spot. His eyes shined brighter than before and began to leap toward Sakyu. Sakyu whipped out her cross necklace and began chanting a prayer. Shin began to shriek violently and cover his ears. “Please, please! Listen to my offer! Please stop!” Sakyu kept the cross out but listened intently to what he had to say. “I shall leave these people alone, but I have requests.”

“I don’t do trade deals with vampires,” She spat the words out like poison and began praying once more. The shrieking began again as he pleaded, her prayer dying down once more. “Do you want the daughter’s of the villagers to die?” she lowered the cross and tore her eyes from his. “What are your demands.”

Sakyu spoke in a flat tone as Shin rose from his position. “I will leave the children and daughter’s of the villagers alone,” Sakyu spoke the word deal too soon, Shin held up a finger to silence her. “And you must become my love in their place.” Sakyu took a step back from the beast. His demand was outrageous! No way would she ever say yes to that! As if my reading her mind he tilts his head in an adorable fashion and smirks. “Remember, they will die if you do not accept.” Sakyu mulled it over once more before looking into his eyes for any mistrust. There was no trickery behind his gaze. “If I accept, you will leave the children alone?” He nodded and smirked once more. Sakyu sighed, knowing her mother, father and little sister would be disappointed by her actions. Sakyu nodded to Shin, she would accept his deal in return for the children of the villages to be left alone. “As you wish,” Shin disappeared once again, his laugh echoing off the walls before reappearing behind her. A loud hiss came from him as he sunk his fang into her neck, her reaction too late to tell him no. she would forever be turned. She would never be able to leave Shin. They would be together forever.