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You had lost all support from your legs minutes ago, the only thing holding you up were Ji Yong’s arms tightly wrapped around your waist and back. He held you close to him as his head was buried into your neck. At first, you felt a sharp pain as he bit into your skin, but then the feeling slowly went away and you became increasingly tired.

“Jesus you’re so sweet,” Ji Yong said, his teeth leaving your neck. He looked at you, your eyes glossed over. “Sorry baby girl, I might’ve drunk too much. You’re so damn tasty though.”

Ji Yong adjusted his grip on your body and slowly he lifted you up, his arm underneath your knees and one underneath your back. He carried you bridal style to your bed, laying you down and placing a blanket over you. He cupped your cheek, pushing your head so that you’d stare him in the eyes. 

“You’re not gonna remember that I was here. When you wake up you’ll forget that I was here and carry on like you normally would.” You nodded your head, the trance like state making you susceptible to his words. He licked his bite mark one last time, lapping up any seeping blood. He bit into his wrist and brought it to your mouth.

“Drink baby girl, you’ll be healed by the time you wake up,” he said. He gently slid his hand behind your head and tilted it so you can easily drink his blood. After a few gulps, he removed his wrist from your mouth. He slowly placed your head back on your pillow and brushed your hair out of your face. 

“I love you baby girl,” he said sadly. “I’m sorry, but I don’t think you’re ready to know about me yet.” 

You silently groaned as you started to fall asleep, your wound slowly healing. Ji Yong had a light smile on his face as he watched you pout your lips. He kissed your forehead lightly before getting up and heading towards the door. He stopped as he heard you speak.

“Bye bye Ji, I hope you’ll tell me someday.

After Midnight

Uh, so, I was writing that one night stand story, right?  But then I saw the High & Low promo again and remembered how much I wanted a vampire Seungri story…and decided to write my own?  And then I started writing and couldn’t stop? So here’s chapter one?

A/N: Since this is inspired by that High & Low promo Seungri isn’t going to be his usual cute panda self for a while, which is kind of sad…but it’s also kind of fun writing him as a smug jerk.  And yes it’s set in Seoul but I’m going to be vague about details because I’d rather leave them out than get things wrong.  Plus who knows how different things would be if the city was ruled by gangs of vampires roaming the night? :-P

Warnings: a hint of vampiric violence?

Chapter One

It was another rainy night.  You sighed as you left the restaurant and realized that you’d forgotten your umbrella at home…again.  Well, it couldn’t be helped now.  You pulled the hood of your jacket tighter around your face and stepped out from under the awning, hurrying through the steady drizzle to the bus stop.

Not hurrying fast enough, though, as the last bus pulled away from the curb when you were still a full block away.  If you hadn’t been wearing heels you probably would have run for it, but as it was you knew you wouldn’t be able to catch up.  There wouldn’t be any cabs at this time of night, either, you knew from experience.  Sighing, shrugging your bag higher onto your shoulder, and wiping trickles of rain out of your eyes, you started the long walk home…again.

How had it come to this?  Less than six months before you’d been living in a sunny city you loved, working at a job you loved, engaged to a man you loved.  Then he’d been transferred to this perpetually gloomy place and asked you to come with him, sacrificing your career and friends.  Because you loved him, you agreed.  Unfortunately he’d met someone else in his new office and the two of you had broken up less than three months after moving here.

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BIGBANG turning you into a vampire

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T.O.P had asked you to come to the art gallery, the time he said was very late and the Art gallery was already closed when you arrived. You looked around and T.O.P was nowhere to be seen. You sighed and tried pushing the door, to your surprise the door was unlocked. You entered carefully… all the lights were turned off and the silence was uncomfortable. You spotted a weak source of light further in, you walked towards it and felt goosebumbs form all over your body. You called out for T.O.P but there was no reply. You found the source of light, a weak lamp giving away a purple-ish shine. You jumped as you felt a hand on your shoulder, turning you around. You sighed of relief. “Oppa you scared me…” He said nothing, he just looked deeply into your eyes while taking off his white gloves… He placed a hand on your cheek and came closer to your face, your noses almost touching… His other hand moved your hair behind your ear and pushed your top off your shoulder. He opened his mouth slightly and bent down to kiss the crook of your neck, before sinking his teeth in to your sweet flesh…


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He had planned this evening for so long. This could change everything… He asked her to come with him, they left the dance floor were beautiful ball gowns were glistening in the light. You walked up the stairs, down a long hallway and out on a balcony, the view being breathtakingly beautiful. The full moon was reflected in the lake and the beautiful garden surrounding it was covered by darkness, lit up here and there by small lanterns… She looked in to his eyes lovingly, could it be? was this the night? He took her hands in his. “You look beautiful tonight my love, as always.” She blushed and looked down, he released one of her hands to bring her face up to meet his eyes again. “I love you, I love your beauty, how you take care of me, how you love me so delicately. I wish to spend the rest of my life with you…” As he went down on one knee he spoke the magical words. With a yes he smiled and placed the ring on her finger, he stood up and embrassed her, lifting her up and spinning her around. “Forever?” he asked “Forever.” she answered. With that he brushed her hair off her shoulder and bit her throat gently…


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Tears streaming down his cheeks as the emotions and realisation took over his mind. She wasn’t going to survive… the doctors told him the news that all hope was lost. The memory flashed past in his head, the car, the scream, the sirens… What was supposed to be a calm walk back home from the movies, it took a different turn and ended up in the emergency room… There was only one thing he could do… He could save her… Daesung stood up from the chair and ran, he ran past the sign’s saying he wasn’t allowed to enter, he ran past the rooms with patients and at the end to left she was, laying peacefully on the bed… The sound of the heartmonitor being the only sound in the room, he quickly grabbed a hold of her arm and sank his teeth into it… the beep’s of the monitor became one long tune.. and her eyes flashed open to his relief…


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The music was filling up the room as the models entered the runway. You being seated next to your boyfriend watched the extraordinary clothing with big eyes. The amazing dresses to the advanced make up, it was the fashion of the year, and as a fashion icon your boyfriend was obviously invited and brought you along. The show ended with a huge round of applause as the designer entered the runway. After staying around waiting for your boyfriend to finish his conversation with the designer and everyone else atending, you headed back to the hotel. Jiyong opened a bottle of champagne for the both of you in your suit, you had a couple of hours before the after party and decided to spend it relaxing in the room. He gave you a glass and the two of your clinked your glasses gently together. The taste was delicious, but you could tell by the look on your boyfriend’s face that he was unsatisfied. He gave you a look from your toes up to your eyes and gestured you to come closer to him. The two of you placed the glasses on the table. He laced his fingers into your hair and pulled you closer to him, close enough to feel his warm breathe. Closing your eyes getting ready for a sweet kiss you felt his hand tilting your head to the side, placing his soft lips on your neck gently kissing it. Feeling the sharp pain of his teeth biting into your flesh you gave out a moan… 


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You smiled at him as he caressed your cheek. You and your boyfriend were celebrating your anniversary, you decided to do it in the comfort of your own home and just spend a cosy evening together. Taeyang walked in to the kitchen to finish the food as you fixed the dvd-player in the living room.
After a delicious meal and plenty of snuggles and make out sessions the night started to come to an end. You had lit some candles to make the enviroment cosier as the night covered the city with darkness.
You walked in to the kitchen to put the lighter back, walking back in to the living room you saw Taeyang looking out of the window, you walked up to him and hugged him from behind. He placed his hands on yours. “Babe… I need to tell you something…” He turned around too face you. “Go ahead, I won’t judge you” you smiled. He took a deep breathe “I’m not your average human… I’m not even sure I am human…” You looked at him with a confused look. He placed his hands on either side of your face. “I’m sorry…” He whispered and he tilted his head and bit your neck…

BIGBANG turning you into a vampire pt.2

Part 1


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TOP lit the end of his cigarette, watching his lady laying lifeless on the sofa. She looked so fragile as if she was made out of the finest porsline. Finally he had done what he had waited to do for so long. Finally they could live for an eternity, together. Her eyeslashes fluttered as she slowly started to wake up. When TOP realised she was waking up he put out his cigarette and and walked over to sit by her side. Her eyes opend slowly, revealing her intense red eyes. “Uh.. where am I?” she asked. “ You’re at home honey” Top answered. He brushed a few strands of her hair of her face. “How are you feeling?” “Awake… You bit me..”  Top caressed your cheek. “Yes I did.” “What am I?” she asked confused “You belong to me and the night now. You are my queen and a new born blood sucker.” She raised her hand and touched the side of neck, it made her flinch in pain. Top stood up and lifted her up bridal style, walking to the bedroom. Gently he put her down on the bed.”You’re going to be alright my dear, I’ll take care of you.” She placed a hand on his cheek “Thanks my love”. Top leaned down and kissed her gently on the forehead.


Her blood was sweet like sugar. A moan escaped her lips before she lifelessly colapsed on her fiancé. Seungri pulled away from her neck and lifted her up carrying her to their room. He laid her down on the bed and took off her dress. He hanged it up neatly on a coat hanger and placed a blanket over her.He satt down next to her on the bed and brushed her hair with his fingers. She looked so peaceful. Seungri folded away the blanket and grabbed her hand, bringing it up to his face. The stone on her ring glistened. He gently kissed the top of her hand and looked at her sleeping face. 

Her eyelashes began to flutter slightly, her eys lids opened and she sat up straight in bed. Her eyes glowing a vibrant red. “Good morning beautiful” Seungri smirked. She looked over at him, but didn’t say anything. She gently placed a hand on Seungri’s neck, pulling him towards her face as she licked her lips. She gently sucked on his bottom lip before kissing him passionately. Seungri took over and grabbed the back of her head by her hair gently and lowered himself on top of her, without breaking the kiss.


Alarms went off, machines started to give away loud noises and quick footsteps were heard from the corridor. Daesung was not a person with medical knowledge but he quickly yet carefully pulled all the things connecting her to various machines out of her and helped her up. He turned around and she climbed on to his back. He grabbed the back of her knees and ran over to the window in the room, he opened it and climbed out, carefully standing on the window ledge. “Hold on tight.” And he jumped.

He gently landed on his feet on the ground. “Are you ok?” he asked, he felt her nod as a reply. He ran to the hospital parking with her on his back. When arriving to his car he put her down, he took of his jacket and placed it around her and helped her in to the car, seconds later they were speeding home on the highway. When they arrived at their home in safety, they walked inside. She closed the door slowly behind her before feeling to strong hand turn her around, he placed one hand behind her hair and other around her waist and pulled her towards him. Giving her a tight hug. “I’m so glad you’re alive” he panted. “The thought of losing you, I never wanna feel that pain again.” I cried. Tears streaming down his face. “I love you. I love you so much” he said. She sniffed “I love you too Dae.” “Thanks for saving my life.” She cried. He petted her head and gave it a kiss before leaning back so see her in the eyes. “I would do anything to save your life, even if it meant giving up my own.” He places his hands on either side of her face and leaned in to kiss her passionately.


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Jiyong pulled away from your neck after leaving a sweet kiss on it. As the sharp pain faded away you felt your skin tingle and you shivered, a moment later you fell into Jiyong’s arms and everything turned black.

Jiyong looked at her, finally. He didn’t need to live in fear to hurt her anymore. He opened his arm ready to catch her as she would loose her conciousness. She shivered and suddenly her body collapsed on to him. He caught her, he put on arm underneath her legs to lift her up. He walked over to the bed and placed her on it. He satt down next to her side and left a sweet kiss on her lips. He walked over to the bathroom and freshened up for the after party. After a while spent there he walked in to the room to change his outfit. Opening the closet he took out the fancy suit out of it’s cover and placed it on the sofa. He took of his blazer and unbottoned his shirt. He took of his shirt and placed it on the sofa aswell. A pair of cold arm’s wrapped themselves around his waist. “You’re awake Jagi?” He was answered with silence and a pair of cold lips pressing against his shoulders. Jiyong turned around and placed his hand under her chin a kissed her lips softly. “You hungry?” He asked, she nodded a reply. He kissed her forehead. “Well both of us have a proper feast waiting for us tonight, stay close to me the entire night.” She smiled, her red eyes glistening, matching her beautiful dress.


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Moving back from your neck and licking his lips, he whispered “I’m a vampire.” He embraced you into a hug and sighed out all the tension of keeping his biggest secret from you and finally having it revealed to you. The fact that you were able to literally spend eternity with him made him so happy.”It hurt’s” she cried. “You’ll be alright sweetie, I promise, I’m here, I will take care of you forever. The pain will go away any minute now…” You hugged him back tighter before your muscles went weak and you fainted in his arms. The venom from his bite hat found it’s way to your heart. Taeyang supported your body and carried you to the sofa. He placed two fingers on your neck to feel your pulse. It was beating fast before it stopped completely. He moved away his fingers and brushed a few strands of hair from your face. You opened your bright red eyes and looked over to Taeyang satt on the floor next to the sofa. “Hello.” You said. “Hey sweetie.” He smiled before giving you a sweet kiss on the cheek. “It doesn’t hurt anymore” Taeyang smiled and helped you sit up in the sofa, he satt down next to you and pulled your legs over his. He leaned in and placed a hand on your cheek before kissing you deeply. “I love you.”