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something vaguely moboween

dunno if this is gonna grow into something else but pls just have this for now

Redesigning my old ocs Brandy Sinclaire and Grimly! Brandy name is changed to Carmilla now. I didn’t like the old name for her for a long time. The black coat with the claws doesn’t get rip it is part of her fur. She has two forms of vampire bat and fuse with Grimly to a big monster. (x) I’m going to design her vamp form some other time! And her mechanic outfit she normally work she build lots of machinery for her long sleeves that is hidden with many weapons and objects. 


i feel like i upload too many refs here >> OH WELL 8D
this is dans alpha vampire form <3
and also the reason why dan doesn’t grow a beard D8<

jewel belongs to @annoyingpotatonunutelia (i swear i tag you in 90% of my posts >>)

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“All the strength that I have, all the life that’s left in me. I will give every breath to be everything I can be, I’m undefeated. I came to fight for the love of the game, unstoppable. That’s why I’m undefeated” 

This song is the reason why I’ve got the idea for the picture. I imagined kind of the battle between Tsurugi and Mikuni and then…”My Fair Lady” happened. Oups(?) 

At first I thought about including Jeje in his human/vampire form but then I was like naaaah, Mikuni should be in the spotlight. I’ve always wondered who this woman is tho.. The first time I saw her I was like “dat u, Ophelia”. Of course it can’t be her, maybe it is his mother? Orhisvirtualgirlfriend

Anyway, hope you like it!!

Total time: 11 hours


Forgotten Hollow randomness <3 

I haven’t had the chance to play with this GP as much as I would have liked to, but so far I’m absolutely loving it *_____* the new world is stunning (why did they have to put only five lots in it, though? ;____;), for once in my life I find myself loving the new premades and the vampires themselves are just… well… everything I’ve always wanted and never dared to ask, lol. Seriously, they’ve really outdone themselves with this GP. Adding a “dark form” to vampires was a really neat idea (especially seeing how I’ve been considering about doing something similar for vampires in the Emergency Coven for a long time, although I have yet to come up with a final decision), the new skin details look pretty awesome (they even added a sort of scar! *O*) and those powers… gosh, the powers. Being the RPG sucker that I am (pun may or may not be intended), having the chance to choose both powers and weaknesses for vampires was something that made me ridiculously happy. I would have never expected EA to do something similar (although I do remember them adding that “fatal flaw” thing in Sims Medieval), so this was a really nice surprise. The new animations are pretty awesome too (sparring! bat transformation! blood drinking!) and I love how it now takes a while for humans to turn into vampires, à la Anne Rice :D 

Seriously, my only complaint so far is that, as with aliens, there’s no way to turn an already saved human sim into a vampire in CAS. Other than that, the GP is just perfect <3 

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I saw you did a draw for a 'werewolf mccree' but what think you of an undead/monster hunt AU where OW was made to hunt supernatural stuff? Like talon could be a band of vampires/ghosts/undead stuff. Like a ghost reaper, vampire widow, witch sombra, etc. also I think in this AU mercy would be evil because i like the idea of evil mercy >:3 like head of Talon vampire/devil/imp/witch mercy who turned Amelie and Gabe undead. Maybe the Shimadas could be hunters too, and she killed and raised Genji?

Sorry for the late answer but damn nonny! I loooove fantasy/supernatural AUs so you really hooked me here ♥

Widow in her real Vampire form, Sombra who maybe can summon little familiars to help her and … a floating Ghost Reaper :,) (I was too busy for Mercy but nonny, I loooove Mercy’s Imp skin tooooo ♥)

ok?? but i just, i really like the idea of vampires instinctually needing to nest. like, vampires who gather together in huge sleeping piles in order to keep warm and safe. bby vampires who form sleeping piles out of dirty clothes and towels. fledgling vampires who are always cold and need to be wrapped in sweaters and blankets in order to keep warm. older vampires helping keep the fledglings warm by putting tiny bat form vampires in their pockets

dumb vampire stuff