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S: I left with the girls, but in the end, I just couldn’t leave Baz all by himself (especially after what happened last night).

B: There should be a law against Simon Snow wearing a grey suit.

Miracle Eve

Requested by Anon - Your blog is really great❤️❤️ Can I get an imagine where you and Elijah have a baby together (somehow) and they decided to throw her a first birthday party.

Word Count – 393

Characters – Elijah x reader, Daughter, Niklaus and mentions of family.

As you and Elijah sat next to each other you couldn’t be any happier. You were expecting your first baby, it was a miracle. Having meet with the witch, since you both wanted a kid. You made deals but still didn’t expect anything. But it had happened. A miracle.

It had been almost a year since the birth of Eve Mikaelson, your miracle. You sat with her on your lap, tickling her stomach, she giggled and stopped when she looked over your shoulder and raised hr arms. You knew it was Elijah, his hands came around your sides and lifted her, kissing her forehead.
‘Is everything set for tomorrow?’ you asked him, since he took over today giving you time with Eve.
‘Yeah.’ He said as he cradled Eve to his chest. You smiled.
‘Okay.’ You said as you looked at the clock.
‘It’s her bedtime now.’ You said as you gently ran you finger through her dark hair. You and Elijah walked to her bedroom where you settled her in her crib.
‘Night baby girl.’ You and Elijah said as you both paced kissing in her cheek.

‘Elijah, can you get Eve please?’ You asked as you were getting the food ready when you heard her through the baby monitor making noise knowing she had just woken up from the nap she took before everyone was arriving.
‘Yeah sure.’ He said and you heard him talking to her through the monitor. You smiled as you placed the food on the table, when the door got chapped. You walked over to it and opened it, greeting the large group of people with a large smile.
‘Hi, come in.’ You said opening the door wider for them all to file into the living room. You heard Elijah and Eve come down the stairs and turned to watch them.
‘Well if it isn’t the birthday girl. Niklaus said.
‘Unc Nik.’ She tried to say as she wriggled in Elijah’s arms. Klaus walked over and took her placing a kiss on her cheek.
‘Have you been good?’ he asked, she nodded her head. Klaus took her into the living room where she was passed around everyone and giving hugs and kisses. You and Elijah stood in the doorway embraced in each other’s arm, watching your little Eve laughing and smiling with all her family and friends.

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