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The CW has renewed almost all of its current scripted series — 9 in total — only leaving midseason entries The Originals and iZombie for a May decision. I hear Rob Thomas’ iZombie is the hotter of the two as there are questions about the future of The Vampire Diaries spinoff The Originals with the mothership series gone, though I hear limited runs for both series are very much on the table.


just one thing

Request: Hey love can you do an imagine where reader is dating Klaus and she’s pregnant and she’s very snappy and sarcastic thanks love.💕

klaus mikealson x reader

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Petition to make it happen

The Other Side”, The Vampire Diaries spin-off starring:
- Bonnie Bennett as the supernatural kickass witch anchor, main character of course.
- Kol, the sassy original vampire.
- Silas, the sassy original vampire witch.
- Katherine, kickass amazing flawless vampire.
- Lexi, the cutest blonde vampire of the Other Side.
- Alaric, the incredible vampire hunter.
- Qetsiyah, the crazy vindictive stalker witch.

ps: and not written / produced by Julie Plec, please.

I like Joseph Morgan but there’s no Ian Somerhalder in the cast. This spinoff will flop.
—  From the comments section of the article that tells about DG being cast in the spinoff. Ian is talented, but he cannot and does not bring all the success that TVD has. He shares that honor with his many talented cast mates. He is not the be all and end all of the universe. DG will do the spinoff lots of good.
Isn't Radio Silence giving them what they want?

I have seen a good amount of people confused as to why the Klaroline fandom is going to be completely ignoring The Originals and Klaroline tonight.

To answer the question, yes, Radio Silence is giving them what they want. But keep in mind the expression, “be careful what you wish for.”

How does this work in our favor?

Currently, we are at a disadvantage. 

By acknowledging their claims that KC is over or dead, we lull them into a state of complacency.

At first, when they see not a single Klaroline tweet, they will think victory is theirs. 

This plays on a couple of tried and true war stratagems that have been used for thousands of years.

By giving them what they want, they will be pleased, yes, but also confused. 

This is how the upper hand becomes ours.

“Giving up Klaroline” is a distraction. We are not giving in, we are playing opossum. 

There will be no KC tweets, no TO tweets. There will be nothing.

We often make the mistake of hashtagging our tweets with #TheOriginals. While this gives our complaints a chance to be seen, it also acts to boost the ratings, so anything we have to say is pointless because they’re getting what they want.

And it is not fair, nor is it fun, to cater to such a twisted system going on at the CW.

But we can use twisted.

We can be excited about something again.

There has been a lot of shade thrown saying that KCers are the reason for the poor ratings TO has received, so let’s see if that’s the case. Our contribution will drindle like their viewers. Let them stand on their own and see how well they do without us.

We have better things to do tonight.

The show Supernatural is taking a cue from The Vampire Diaries and birthing a spinoff. Its backdoor pilot premieres tonight, and the show will be called Bloodlines.

A lot of us are Supernatural fans, but why does this matter?

Nathaniel Buzolic, or Kol Mikaelson, as a lot of us know him as, will be staring in that spinoff. His Original Vampire status has been degraded over the past year, and this is a chance for us to show our love for him and for the great opportunity he has been given.

By tweeting ’ Waiting For Bloodlines #supernaturalduring The Originals, and ’ Welcome Back Nate #supernatural ’, during Supernaturalwe will be giving the new show and a beloved actor a chance to show us just how a spinoff should be.

If you choose to participate, remember to avoid mentioning the following:

  • Klaroline or any variation
  • #TheOriginals or anything related to it.

Radio Silence isn’t about giving them what they want, it’s about showing them that we are a presence and we have the ability to make or break things. That we matter.

DURING TO we’ll trend:
Waiting for Bloodlines #supernatural

Welcome back Nate #supernatural

Let me point something out


The Arrow spin off counts until today with 8 episodes. In that short lapse of time: 

  • Barry, the main character of the spin off, came to Starling City in the pilot just to chat with Oliver about his insecurities. It wasn’t some big scene, it was a pretty short talk, but the fans really enjoyed it and it was addressed on both shows. 
  • Felicity, one of the main characters, went to Central City for a whole episode.
  • Team Arrow went to Central city, practically the whole Team Arrow, let me point out 
  • Team Flash went to Starling City, again, practically the whole Team Flash 
  • Making the two last points a two hour crossover split in an episode of The Flash and an episode of Arrow, showed the same week, in different days


The Vampire Diaries spinoff is already finishing the first half of season 2, making that 30 episodes. In that time: 

  • Tyler, a supporting character, made an appearance in one episode with no real contribution to the storyline nor a reason for being there himself, except for his revenge fantasies that he didn’t accomplish, just to be caught and later released
  • Rebekah and Klaus made a 5 minute (5 minutes for both of them, together) appearance in the TVD 100th episode
  • Nina Dobrev appeared in one episode of The Originals in flashback clips as Tatia, which doesn’t really counts like a crossover cause no character from TVD actually crossed over, they just borrowed Nina to play a character 

So, we see this happen and then Julie Plec wants us to believe that you need to wait until it organically fits to make a crossover. Well, organically my ass. You want to do a crossover, you just do it. Arrow/The Flash writers have waisted no time: they keep throwing their main characters, let me remark this, MAIN CHARACTERS, from one tv show to the other; they make references on both shows about the connections, instead of ignoring them or pretending like something never happened; they do small appearances or phone calls just because they know that the fans will like it. It took them a couple of episodes to create an organic moment to do a cross over and they did a hell of a good job.

That counting with the fact that Team Arrow and Team Flash didn’t have as much history together as do the TVD characters with the Mikaelsons. That counting with the fact that Arrow/The Flash writers didn’t count with the facilities that the TVD/TO writers had when the started the spinoff. That counting the fact of how many possibilities the TVD/TO writers had to make a crossover and didn’t use them, while Arrow/The Flash writers just created one because that’s how much they respect and appreciate their fans. Because that’s how much they value their promises. They said there would be crossovers and they fucking did it. 

So come on TVD writers, tell me again about how difficult it is to make cross overs. Tell me again about how difficult it is to make the stories fit. Tell me again how difficult it is to make it feel organic. Tell me whatever you tell yourself in your mind to justify how bad you are screwing over both tv shows and I will point you at the ones who are doing it right. And you know why Arrow/The Flash can do it and in a so short span of time? 

CW Orders 'Flash'

The CW has unveiled its lineup for the 2014-15 season, renewing Beauty and the Beast, Hart of Dixie and freshman The 100 and picking up to series its Arrow spinoff The Flash, Rob Thomas’ iZombie, Jane the Virgin and The Messengers. Bubble series The Carrie Diaries and rookies Star-Crossed and The Tomorrow People have been canceled. Remaining pilots Identity and Supernatural spinoff Bloodlines are not going forward.

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anonymous asked:

the whole spinoff episode was super cheesy if you ask me... i don't think i'll be able to watch it unless Sam and Dean show up or something. It just reminds me a little too much of the whole Vampire Diaries thing and their spinoff

YEP it had all the glitz, glam, drama, and oblivious-ish acting that the more-recent cw shows tend to have, and not the grit that we started off with in the beginning of spn. i’m definitely sticking to the cameo-only episodes, BUT NEXT WEEK’S SPN EP LOOKS GLORIOUS

and i’m definitely still excited for next season!!